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The Secret Life of Money - Enduring Tales of Debt Wealth Happiness Greed and Charity - cover

The Secret Life of Money - Enduring Tales of Debt Wealth Happiness Greed and Charity

Tad Crawford

Publisher: Allworth Press

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This “illuminating and captivating book” examines our relationship to money through myths and symbols—from King Midas and Scrooge to the Wall Street Bull (Minneapolis Star Tribune). 
Tad Crawford leads readers on a fascinating journey to uncover the sources of our monetary desires and anxieties. By understanding why money has the power to obsess us, we gain the power to end destructive patterns and discover riches of the soul. Midas who can turn all to gold, fishermen who will not share their catch, Dorothy and her companions on the golden road to the Emerald City, the all-seeing eye on the back of the dollar bill—all these and many other stories and myths from around the world are given delightful retellings and searching analyses in The Secret Life of Money. 
“Indebted in equal measures to Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell and sundry classic tales (e.g., The Wizard of Oz) . . . the book should enlighten those who tend to view money only in the most literal terms.” —Publishers Weekly
Available since: 01/18/2022.
Print length: 312 pages.

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    Do you know what the energy centers of our body are not? 
    Do you know what they do? 
    The most important are7to each of them is associated with a point of the body and a specific color.And each of them, in addition to having particular characteristics, is associated with specific emotions, sensations, mental, and spiritual functions. 
    As a result of strong emotions, stress, physical impacts, and more, the chakras can have an energy variation that can cause them to close temporarily or be too stimulated. 
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    Alternative medicine and in particular, the techniques of the chakras find increasingly convinced supporters even among doctors. 
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    ·      The health benefits of energy healing 
    ·      How to achieve the stimulation of chakra 
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    ·      Somatic nutrition 
    ·      Meditation; a key to anxiety control 
    ·      Advanced Pranic healing 
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    In this work, you will find the principles and techniques for favoring the healing of your body. 
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    DMSO—dimethyl sulfoxide—is a simple by-product of wood and has been called a "miracle" drug, capable of relieving pain, diminishing swelling, reducing inflammation, encouraging healing, and restoring normal function. In this groundbreaking work, award-winning health science writer Dr. Morton Walker examines the powerful and compelling case for the use of DMSO in the treatment of many debilitating disease and health-related problems. In DMSO: Nature's Healer, Dr. Walker cites documented cases of its astounding use in healing and prevention of a host of health disorders, including arthritis, stroke, cancer, mental retardation, and sports and auto injuries. He also recounts the dramatic story of the long struggle to gain FDA approval of DMSO.
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    In some parts of South Africa, more than one in three people are HIV positive. Love in the Time of AIDS explores transformations in notions of gender and intimacy to try to understand the roots of this virulent epidemic. By living in an informal settlement and collecting love letters, cell phone text messages, oral histories, and archival materials, Mark Hunter details the everyday social inequalities that have resulted in untimely deaths. Hunter shows how first apartheid and then chronic unemployment have become entangled with ideas about femininity, masculinity, love, and sex and have created an economy of exchange that perpetuates the transmission of HIV/AIDS. This sobering ethnography challenges conventional understandings of HIV/AIDS in South Africa.
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    Do you constantly seek approval and feel hurt whenever your efforts are not recognized? Will you do anything and everything to preserve a relationship? Are you afraid of being alone and unloved? Then you need to keep reading.. 
    Here's a short preview of what you'll discover:The EXACT formula for recognizing if you are in a codependent relationship (even if you're still in a state of denial).Why it's possible to love a person too much and risk losing yourself in a relationship.The expert-backed methods for increasing self-awareness and building your self-esteem.How to effectively overcome unnecessary guilt and intense jealousy without having to consult a professional.The tried and tested ways to set clear, healthy boundaries that work to your advantage.Why personal space, self-care, and healthy detachment are non-negotiables in any relationship.The little-known destructive habits that you need to quit NOW for your mental health and physical safety.How to BREAK FREE from persistent and damaging relationships once and for all (even if you think you can't live without that person). 
    And much, much more... 
    Even if you feel trapped in a seemingly endless cycle of abuse and powerlessness, the research behind this guide will help you define your identity on your terms, eliminate self-sabotaging habits, and exponentially boost your personal growth. 
    By relying on the step-by-step plan in this book, you can heal from harmful relationships, achieve lasting self-respect, and replace codependency with life-affirming relationships. 
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