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Instant Pot Cookbook 1000 - Instant Pot Recipes with Pictures - cover

Instant Pot Cookbook 1000 - Instant Pot Recipes with Pictures

Suzy Susson

Publisher: David Johnson

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How would you like to cook with your instant pot multicooker cookbook (pressure cooker) for 3 years in a row? This
This book is an instant pot bible filled with instant pot all time best recipes containing a variety of daily nutritious food that is delicious, economical & time efficient. You get a guided step towards cooking at least one meal a day on your instant pot for 3 years in a row with no day skipped. (Basically a cookbook how not to die manual to help you in the kitchen)
You also get
Breakfast recipes Such as;
Carrot oatmeal
Scotch eggs
Blackberries jam
Chia pudding
Poultry such as;
Crispy chicken
Turkey meatballs
Chicken wings
Instant Pot desserts such as;
Almond carrot cake
Pumpkin pie pudding
Chocolate cake
Seafood recipes such as;
Tasty tuna and noodles
Shrimp delight
Shrimp risotto
All of these to ensure a balanced diet. All these in one book.
These recipes are enjoyed by my family and friends and I would love you to be part of this great experience too.

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    Here are some of the benefits of investing in this healthy living guide
    A more clever way of thinking
    Knowledge of how your mind and bodywork
    Motivation to change yourself
    Healthy nutrition explained
    How to maximize your energy when choosing the right food sources
    Different types of diets that you could use to build muscle, lose weight and increase general well-being
    Proper exercise starting points
    How to decrease stress
    Short summary on how to achieve success in this area
    This healthy living guide is what everyone NEED to accomplish anything! No matter what line of work you are in or what passions you have, the number one key to be persistent, disciplined and keep it together through all the necessary tasks is to have a healthy way of living. Have you ever thought about that? Living healthy is not difficult once you automate the health habits and rituals needed. The reason why many people cannot withstand more than a week or a month of living healthy is because it is hard and extremely difficult at the beginning, however, your brain is built to adapt and once you have gone through the first stage then everything else is just as easy as 1, 2, 3. There is one thing you need to understand in life. Nothing is as important as your mind and body. Your mind and body are with you from birth to death. This means that you need to put in extra focus and be as healthy as you can. Think about yourself as a character in a game where you have a strength level, stamina level, resistance level and so on. Having these levels high in these games usually gives you a higher chance of survival against the other players. In real life, it is somehow similar. If you are staying healthy and increasing your levels, you are going to live a longer and more fulfilled life. A healthy living is not about having a good looking body. Obviously, the good looks are always a bonus of following a healthy living guide, however, it is more important to look at what is going on inside of you. What exactly that is going on inside of your body and mind is way too complex to understand it all. This book, however, gives you what you need to know to keep all parts of you healthy and strong.It is very sad to say that the majority of the population does not really care about how to attain a healthy living. Avoiding to live healthy won't do you any good. I seriously hope that you are not one of those who lives like that. You should be aware and take care of yourself as much as possible. You are the only one responsible to make that happen. I encourage you to invest in this low-cost book and begin your journey of living a healthy life.
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    Discover the easy way to imagine a seemingly endless variety of cakes—and if you can make one, you can make them all with this innovative recipe formula! 
    Want something decadent and fudgy? Darkest Chocolate Cake + Caramel Syrup + Malted Milk Chocolate Frosting + crushed candy bars = Candy Bar Cake. Or how about a nutty cake like the Elvis: Peanut Butter Cake + Bacon Syrup + Nutella Frosting, topped with candied bacon. Fit for the king, indeed. Just choose a batter, flavor with syrup, add a frosting—it’s magic! 
    This remarkably easy way to bake luscious, flavorful cakes is a formula for cake bliss. Cake Magic! is a full-color visual cookbook—photos in the front, recipes in the back—and the first step in every baker’s cake adventure. It includes valuable baking tips, vegan and gluten-free variations, plus tips on how to tweak the recipes to make sheet cakes, Bundt cakes, and cupcakes, too.
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