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The Complete Lightning Touch Series Box Set - cover

The Complete Lightning Touch Series Box Set

Susan McKenzie

Publisher: Susan McKenzie

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Experience the full Lightning Touch story with this complete boxed set.
Can you be in love with someone you’ve never met?
On the mining colony, Perseus Station, Navigational Computer Operators like Lennina are supposed to be cool and collected, guiding their Diggers through the difficult and dangerous task of mining in Kronos’s toxic atmosphere. Emotions only put the Diggers in more danger.
But Lennina’s emotions have been a bit of a problem lately. She cares more for her Digger, Javolo, than she should. When an earthquake hits Kronos, burying the miners under rock and rubble, everyone assumes Javolo is dead. Lennina knows he isn’t. She can feel him in her mind, a telepathic connection that she can’t begin to explain.
But if Lennina reveals this newfound Talent, she’ll have more than just earthquakes to contend with. The Company have a sinister agenda, and if Lennina isn’t careful, she and Javolo will both end up in their crosshairs. She can save him, but will she be landing them both in a situation far worse?
Mysterious powers. Daring escapes. Enemies on all sides. If you love Sci-Fi adventure stories with a romantic twist, then dive in to the Lightning Touch series today.
Boxed set contains Touch of Lightning (Book 1) and Power of Lightning (Book 2).
Binge the COMPLETE Lightning Touch Series!Touch of LightningPower of Lightning(This boxed set)
Check out the COMPLETE Tamisan Series!TamisanEnigma
Another story in the Tamisan universe!A Tamisan Novella: Shakiran: Larissa’s Story
“Quite literally I feel like Lennina must feel, so that is good because I am in the story, I am the character.” – Lynn Smith
“Touch of Lightning absolutely captivated me from start to finish. The characters are fabulously crafted and the story was exciting and the author has done a fantastic job with the world building. This is one of those books that will sweep you away to another world and take you on a journey that will leave you wanting more.”
– Annie555 (Amazon review)
“It had me sitting in angst on the edge of my seat, to up in the clouds and everywhere in between. It is very different from her last books which I think is good. I can't wait to read the next one to see where she goes with it.”
– Kimberly Rose (Amazon review)
Available since: 04/03/2020.
Print length: 548 pages.

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    Climb aboard. The flight of the Kingfisher is about to begin.
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