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Power of Lightning - cover

Power of Lightning

Susan McKenzie

Publisher: Susan McKenzie

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Could denying her feelings be fatal? 
Against the odds, Lennina managed to save Daniel from a tunnel collapse on Kronos. But recovering from their injuries is just the start of their problems. In revealing her ability to communicate telepathically with Daniel, Lennina has drawn the attention of The Company. They want to know all about this Talent, and to use it for their own ends.
Trapped within Katoa Labs for an Assessment and Training program, Lennina must endure the ‘lessons’ of her sadistic new mentor, Xander, while trying to avoid her abusive ex. And all the while, she’s being kept apart from the one person she really wants to see – Daniel.
But even thinking about Daniel is fraught with difficulty. Coming so close to losing him in the mines has left Lennina terrified to open her heart to him. She needs him if she’s ever going to escape the clutches of the company, but is it possible to escape with her body and her heart in one piece?
**Grab your copy today and discover the mysteries of Perseus Station and the planet, Kronos** 
POWER OF LIGHTNING is an exciting second (and final) book in the Lightning Touch Series that will transport sci-fi and paranormal fans to a mining colony aboard a distant space station, filled with suspense, danger, and romance.
Binge the COMPLETE Lightning Touch Series! Touch of Lightning Power of Lightning
Check out the COMPLETE Tamisan Series! Tamisan Enigma A Tamisan Novella: Shakiran: Larissa’s Story
 “The passion and electricity. It is beautiful.” 
- Kimberly Rodighiero
Available since: 03/31/2020.
Print length: 264 pages.

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