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The Lost Diaries of Adrian Mole - 1999–2001 - cover

The Lost Diaries of Adrian Mole - 1999–2001

Sue Townsend

Publisher: Open Road Media

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“The trouble with trying to read passages from the Adrian Mole diaries aloud is that you find yourself laughing so hard you can’t go on” (Kansas City Star).  I wish that I could relate that I have found happiness and contentment . . . but, alas, I cannot—but that is another story . . .   “Probably the most successful comic literary creation of the past two decades” vents his justified rage in these journals once confiscated by authorities—only to be hijacked yet again by a fraudster named Sue Townsend (TheObserver). Though Adrian has finally found the courage to confront her, the literary parasite refuses to put down her Stolichnaya and come to the door.   Now a professional turkey-plucker with his dreams of becoming a serious novelist more elusive than ever, and his teenage passions for Pandora all but faded, Adrian Mole has settled with his new wife in a rural pigsty that’s spitting distance from his appalling mother and her (fourth, is it?) husband. There are two consolations: He has a son who fears gym class (poor little bird legs!), and he’s readying his serial-killer comedy for production. But really, there’s little about the twenty-first century that makes Adrian feel secure.   Adrian Mole’s continuing chronicle of angst has sold more than twenty million copies worldwide, and been adapted for television and staged as a musical—truly “a phenomenon” (The Washington Post).

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    Beastly Bestiary-A tender treat of soft chewy poems guaranteed not to create intellectual indigestion or starve one's funny bone.
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    ‘Benjamin Law manages to be scatagogical, hilarious and heartbreaking all at the same time. Every sentence fizzes like an exploding fireball of energy.’ —Alice Pung
    ‘Law is a writer of great wit and warmth who combines apparently artless and effortless comedian’s patter with a high level of technical skill.’ —Sydney Morning Herald
    ‘An addictive read.’ —Courier-Mail
    ‘Very may find yourself at times almost barking with laughter’ —the Monthly
    ‘An engaging read.’ —West Weekend Magazine, West Australian
    ‘Wonderful. Everyone should run to their nearest bookshop and buy a copy.’ —Defamer
    ‘Simultaneously weird and instantly recognisable, the Laws are an Australian family it’s well worth getting to know’ —the Enthusiast
    ‘Enjoyable, easy reading ... Law is a considerable talent with a long future ahead of him.’ —Literary Minded
    ‘The eccentric, clever and beautifully resonant The Family Law. It’s sharply written, brilliantly observed and infused with an authenticity that makes it compelling.’ —Saturday Age
    Benjamin Law is the author of The Family Law and Gaysia, and a frequent contributor to the Monthly, frankie and Good Weekend. Benjamin writes for publications, businesses and agencies worldwide, and co-wrote the TV adaptation of The Family Law for SBS and Matchbox Pictures.
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