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Walking The Walk - cover

Walking The Walk

Steve Athawes

Publisher: Brown Dog Books

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Undaunted by a distinct lack of backpacking experience, an impending 60th birthday, and a recently replaced hip, Steve Athawes decides to quit his job and sets off to fulfil a 30-year ambition to walk the length and breadth of the UK in lone, unsupported single trips.
This is an account of his trek across England in 2015 and his 1,200-mile, life-enhancing and unforgettable journey from Land’s End to John o’Groats in 2017.
In an extraordinary year in which our enjoyment of the great outdoors, and particularly the great British pub, has been seriously curtailed, take comfort and hopefully inspiration from one man’s appreciation of our rich and fascinating history, and the awesome scenery and delicious beers of mainland Britain.

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