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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - cover

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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Stephen R. Covey

Publisher: Mango Media

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Stephen R. Covey's the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People explains through infographics, and text the teachings that have revolutionized life management. For 25 years, Stephen R. Covey’s step-by-step lessons have helped millions from all walks of life lead successful and satisfying lives.
Available since: 05/22/2015.

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  • Neuromarketing - Understanding the Buy Buttons in Your Customer's Brain - cover

    Neuromarketing - Understanding...

    Patrick Renvoise, Christophe Morin

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    The latest brain research is changing the way we think about sales. How can this help you increase your business? 
    With people being inundated with thousands of daily sales messages, selling is now tougher than ever. That's why you need to learn what neuroscience has uncovered that will immediately increase your selling and influencing effectiveness. 
    Unveiling the latest brain research and revolutionary marketing practices, authors Patrick Renvoisé and Christophe Morin teach highly effective techniques to help you deliver powerful, unique, and memorable presentations that will have a major, lasting impact on potential buyers. 
    In Neuromarketing, Renvoisé and Morin will help you learn:The six stimuli that always trigger a responseThe four steps to align content and delivery of your messageThe six message building blocks to address the "old brain"The seven powerful impact boosters to set your delivery apart from the rest 
    Once you know how the decision-making part of the brain works, you'll quickly begin to deliver more convincing sales presentations, close more deals, create more effective marketing strategies, and radically improve your ability to influence others. 
    Accompanying figures and charts are available in the audiobook companion PDF download.
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  • Six Sigma - Step-by-Step Guide to Six Sigma (Six Sigma Tools DMAIC Value Stream Mapping Launching a Project and Implementing Six Sigma) - cover

    Six Sigma - Step-by-Step Guide...

    Jennifer Bowen Jason Bennett

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    Six Sigma: Step-by-Step Guide to Six Sigma (Six Sigma Tools, DMAIC, Value Stream Mapping, Launching a Project and Implementing Six Sigma) 
    Do you want to improve your business processes and reduce wastage, cut costs, improve quality, and enhance service delivery? 
    Do you want to use Six Sigma to increase productivity in your organization? 
    Do you want to cut costs and boost your bottom line? 
    Are you interested in meeting your customer’s needs? 
    Six Sigma is a product of the best practices that have been used to improve the way businesses operate. If you are interested in learning how to use Six Sigma tools to improve quality and service delivery, satisfy your customers, increase profits, and change the culture in your organization, then this book is for you! 
    This book will teach you how to define and implement relevant Six Sigma projects that focus on stakeholder needs and requirements. This comprehensive resource walks you through DMAIC, Value Stream Mapping, and other statistical tools that can help you solve problems within your organization.  
    In this book, “Six Sigma,” you will learn:The philosophy behind Six SigmaThe tools used when implementing Six SigmaHow to identify and launch a Six Sigma initiativeWhat DMAIC is and how to apply itHow to gain upper management buy-in for your projectThe do’s and don’ts of Six Sigma implementationAnd much more! 
    Learning Six Sigma doesn’t have to be complicated. This book covers everything that you need to know using a simple format and clear language. It caters for beginners as well as advanced readers. Just pick whatever chapter you want and start there. 
    This book will help you successfully implement Six Sigma as an improvement strategy in your organization.
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  • User Tested - How the World's Top Companies Use Human Insight to Create Great Experiences - cover

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    Janelle Estes, Andy MacMillan

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    Learn what "customer-centric" really means in this groundbreaking book User Tested delivers an eye-opening and compelling treatment of putting customers back at the center of your business model. In this book, you'll discover why the company that offers the best customer experience always wins, and that real, three-dimensional people can't be reduced to data points on a graph.  You'll learn about how dashboards and metrics might look pretty in a report or proposal, but that they're a poor substitute for a solid grounding in how real customers really feel. You'll also find out:  ● How to apply the customer's perspective at scale throughout your company, driven by your board or executives and filtering up through the grassroots ● Applying the customer experience playbook, from sales and marketing to product development and customer engagement● How to connect with customers, gain meaningful feedback, and take action on real human insightPerfect for founders, managers, executives, and business leaders in industries of all kinds, User Tested provides a powerful new perspective on how to bring the true voice of the customer back into decision making.
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  • Sport Business - cover

    Sport Business

    Introbooks Team

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    This e-book is to analyze the sports features such as product and business. The sports assume new positions and face new challenges in the context of the sports entertainment industry. Issues such as the current sports market economy and the values ​​of sports product become a priority in management and sports marketing process. Thus, making it essential to modernization and professionalization of the sport, the point of view of business. 
    Sport at different times has proven to be very distinct from any other entertainment activity and has moved billions of dollars annually worldwide. The steady growth of sports marketing in recent years has grown given the marketing actions for the game coming from the fact that this promote a product and service implicitly to the consumer, making it part of the environment and not stealing the show from the main focus which is the sporting event itself. It is a characteristic of product placement that is only possible because the sport involves a range of procedures that allow the use of different strategies and tactics, which are considered the site of the competition. The uniforms of the athletes, the positioning of the equipment, the location for the public and other supporting characters who participate in that sporting event. For companies, the sport promotes rejuvenation, dynamism, and friendliness, managing to offer a quick and direct communication with your target audience, as it facilitates market segmentation and regionalization of the media.
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  • Agile Product Management: Product Backlog & Minimum Viable Product with Scrum - cover

    Agile Product Management:...

    Paul VII

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    Agile product management just got easier. Product Management: 21 Tips to Create and Manage the Product Backlog In this class, you will be given a multitude of proven tips to manage your product backlog as part of an agile scrum team. I know you will get value from this class as it gives you a full introduction to the concept of the product backlog. I then walk you step by step through the steps involved in managing a backlog. Following this, I give you tips for improving product backlog management in your team or business from the ground up. Along the way, I give you plenty of examples and give you best practices for product backlog management within agile scrum. In this class, you will learn: A brief recap of agile and scrum principles What is a product backlog and how is it different from traditional requirements documents How to create a product backlog from a product vision What user stories are and how they are simpler for managing requirements Concise techniques for improving your product backlog management So let's get started and let me teach you how to improve product backlog management Minimum Viable Product: 21 Tips for Getting an MVP, Early Learning and Return on Investment for Your Product In this class, you will be given a complete set of tips for developing a minimum viable product. This will in turn boost the productivity of your development team and your business when developing new products. In this class I give you a concise overview of the MVP planning and development process. I then give best practices to use when you build an MVP. Following this I teach you about common issues that arise in MVP development process and how to avoid them.
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  • Vocal Leadership - 7 Minutes a Day to Communication Mastery with a foreword by Roger Goodell - cover

    Vocal Leadership - 7 Minutes a...

    Arthur Samuel Joseph

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    Communicate like a LEADER 
    Research proves that the greatest impact speakers have in any conversation comes not only from the words they say but from the sound of their voices. In other words, it is not just the message but the messenger that matters. 
    No one has a better grasp of this fact--and how to leverage it to your benefit--than Arthur Samuel Joseph, one of the world's leading communication strategists and the creator of the Vocal Awareness Method. Joseph's client list is a who's who of world-famous celebrities--including Sean Connery, Angelina Jolie, Pierce Brosnan, Earvin "Magic" Johnson, Emmitt Smith, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. He has trained broadcasters and executives at the NFL Network, NBA, MLB, ESPN, Fox, and NBC, as well as business leaders at Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Disney, Toyota, Ritz-Carlton, and the Federal Reserve Bank, among others. 
    In Vocal Leadership, Joseph shares all his secrets to Communication Mastery with you. 
    Vocal Leadership provides proven techniques and daily exercises to help you develop a commanding voice and presence, and improve vocal quality, mental acuity, body language, and self-esteem to dramatically increase your influence. Joseph takes you step-by-step through the process of becoming an effective and powerful speaker by providing insight into: Breathing techniquesVocal warm-upsVocal projectionAppropriate tempoBody languageVerbal and nonverbal expressionEffective storytelling 
    You'll learn how to be in mastery in every conversation, public address, and personal encounter--and how to be tactical and strategic when necessary, earnest and caring when appropriate, and, above all, authentic in every communication. 
    Whether you're delivering a sales presentation to a group of five or giving a shareholders speech to an audience of hundreds, the way you communicate is the difference between success and failure as a leader. 
    "When we own our Voice, we own our power," Joseph writes. Vocal Leadership gives you the tools to discover your unique voice and use it strategically to empower yourself and others to success. 
     "The Vocal Awareness Method is a powerful tool that will ensure your voice as a leader, innovator, or captain of industry is resounding." -- HERVE HUMLER, President and COO, Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company 
    "There are numerous books on what to say and how to speak, but only gifted teacher Arthur Joseph can teach us how to connect with others through the extra dimension of our voice." -- DANIEL YUN, CEO, Belstar Group 
    "Arthur Joseph enables individuals to unleash their unique, inner strength and achieve empowerment through voice!" -- CHERITA MCINTYE, PhD, Director of Executive Learning, ESPN 
    "Arthur Joseph is without peer in developing communication and presentation skills. His use of technique, coupled with passion and belief, combine for a spiritual approach to mastering communication skills." -- JOHN BRANCA, entertainment attorney and coexecutor of the Michael Jackson Estate 
    "What I love most about Arthur is that his guidance is about so much more than just work, it is about life. It is about being the greatest YOU possible and bring
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