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Upcycling: 55 and More Ways to Reuse Household Items: Improve Your Living Space & Minimalist Living: Practical and Simple Guide to Spend Less Declutter And Rv Living: Complete Beginners Guide - cover

Upcycling: 55 and More Ways to Reuse Household Items: Improve Your Living Space & Minimalist Living: Practical and Simple Guide to Spend Less Declutter And Rv Living: Complete Beginners Guide

Stephen Collins, Reader's Choice Club, Ted Handyman

Publisher: Reader's Choice Club

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Upcycling: Over 55 Ways You Can Take Take Old and Unused Junk and Turn them into new, amazing, cool stuff! 
Are you tired of the same old, boring crafts? 
Do you want to decorate your beautiful home at a minimal expense? 
Or if the idea of receiving a full list of upcycling crafts appeals to you... 
Turning someone else’s trash into your own personal treasure is not a new concept.  People have been taking old pieces of one item, repurposing them and turning them into something new and beautiful since the beginning of time.  It has however found a new life in the form of upcycling. 
That's cool, but... turning your OWN trash into something awesome... if you're one of those people who has a lot of unused or old items, continue reading! 
This book provides you with a step-by-step guide to create upcycling craft items! 
We are going to explore upcycling and where it has taken repurposing to a whole new level.  We are going to look at some tools that you may find useful, techniques and hidden garden spots to find old pieces of junk and how to negotiate deals with people in exchange for their old unwanted material.  
You'll get a chance to Upcycle these projects 
Old Jeans 
Get Upcycling: 55 and more ways to Reuse Household Items: Improve your Living Space and Bring a New Look to your home! 
Minimalist living: Practical and simple guide to spend less, declutter home and simplify your life! 
What is the Minimalistic lifestyle? 
When most people hear about this new craze known as the minimalistic lifestyle the first thing that comes to their minds is “I have to throw away all of my cool stuff and live in a hut in the middle of nowhere!” 
If this is what you believe then you are totally off the mark and have been told misinformation.  When we talk about the minimalistic lifestyle we are talking about a lifestyle free of clutter both physical and mental. 
In today’s society, we take everything that we have for granted.  We purchase everything in a disposable container, we wear designer clothing, purchase the newest and greatest gadget when they hit the market and just fill our lives with junk. 
Who can call themselves a minimalist? 
Minimalism CAN be for everyone but requires massive discipline and an open mind. If you are struggling with being disciplined, this guide will help you with that as well and prepare you for the Minimalist journey. 
Before you start, ask yourself these questions 
Who are you and what do you want? 
Why do I want to be a minimalist? 
Possible reasons 
The traveler         
Outdoors man         
Setting Goals         
Releasing Mental Stress 
Saves Money         
Easier to Clean         
People who enjoy freedom in their lives         
People who love the environment         
Become more productive      

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