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A Year in the Merde - cover

A Year in the Merde

Stephen Clarke

Publisher: Bloomsbury USA

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A Year in the Merde is the almost-true account of the author's  
adventures as an expat in Paris. Based on his own experiences and with  
names changed to "avoid embarrassment, possible legal action-and to  
prevent the author's legs being broken by someone in a Yves Saint  
Laurent suit", the book is narrated by Paul West, a  
twenty-seven-year-old Brit who is brought to Paris by a French company  
to open a chain of British "tea rooms." He must manage of a group of  
lazy, grumbling French employees, maneuver around a treacherous Parisian 
 boss, while lucking into a succession of lusty girlfriends (one of whom 
 happens to be the boss's morally challenged daughter). He soon becomes  
immersed in the contradictions of French culture: the French are not all 
 cheese-eating surrender monkeys, though they do eat a lot of smelly  
cheese, and they are still in shock at being stupid enough to sell  
Louisiana, thus losing the chance to make French the global language.  
The book will also tell you how to get the best out of the grumpiest  
Parisian waiter, how to survive a French business meeting, and how not  
to buy a house in the French countryside. 
The author originally  
wrote A Year in the Merde just for fun and self-published it in France  
in an English-language edition. Weeks later, it had become a  
word-of-mouth hit for expats and the French alike. With translation  
rights now sold in eleven countries and already a bestseller in the UK  
and France, Stephen Clarke is clearly a Bill Bryson (or a Peter  
Mayle...) for a whole new generation of readers who can never quite  
decide whether they love-or love to hate-the French.

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    Like the pleasurable tastes and textures of a fine meal, A Thousand Days in Tuscany is as satisfying as it is enticing. The author’s own recipes are included.
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    “In A Year Off married couple Alexandra and David Brown chronicle a trip around the world and provide advice for travelers who may want to follow in their footsteps. Filled with personal stories, useful takeaways, beautiful photos and great design, chapters like “Identity Crisis” and “Financial Freak-outs” make it clear that the Browns haven’t airbrushed their story.” —BookPage 
    “Have you ever dreamed of quitting the rat race and taking a year off—and then swiftly jolted back to reality? If so, A Year Off will give you the inspiration and the courage to make it happen in real life.” —The Independent
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