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The Golden Dream - Suburbia in the 1970s - cover

The Golden Dream - Suburbia in the 1970s

Stephen Birmingham

Publisher: Open Road Distribution

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Charming, gossipy and endlessly entertaining, The Golden Dream is a critical glimpse inside 1970s America’s most exclusive suburbs.  

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    Welcome to Course Two of your sissy maid training academy. By now you should be incorporating some of your sissy maid duties that you learned from Course One into practice throughout your daily life. So far you have learned the proper way a sissy maid dresses, how to properly curtsey to your Mistress/ Master, and the proper way a sissy maid cleans her dishes. You are well on your way to making your dreams of becoming a proper little sissy maid a reality. 
    In Course Two you are going to be learning how to have a tea service, the proper way to dust your house, cleaning the bathroom like a real sissy maid, how to properly set a table for dinner and much more. After this course you will have plenty of daily, weekly and monthly sissy maid tasks to work on. Course Two should not only help you become more effeminate but it should also serve as a reference guide during your entire sissy transformation.
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    Dominating Her a Lesbian Bdsm Love Story
    This story Contains one of the steamiest  BDSM story. read it and weep.
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    From the bestselling author of Day of Infamy: In the bloodiest island combat of WWII, one group of men kept watch from behind Japanese lines.  The Solomon Islands was where the Allied war machine finally broke the Japanese empire. As pilots, marines, and sailors fought for supremacy in Guadalcanal, Bougainville, and the Slot, a lonely group of radio operators occupied the Solomon Islands’ highest points. Sometimes encamped in comfort, sometimes exposed to the elements, these coastwatchers kept lookout for squadrons of Japanese bombers headed for Allied positions, holding their own positions even when enemy troops swarmed all around. They were Australian-born but Solomon-raised, and adept at survival in the unforgiving jungle environment. Through daring and insight, they stayed one step ahead of the Japanese, often sacrificing themselves to give advance warning of an attack. In Lonely Vigil, Walter Lord, the #1 New York Times–bestselling author of A Night to Remember and The Miracle of Dunkirk, tells of the survivors of the campaign and what they risked to win the war in the Pacific.  
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    Real Submissives is a must read for any women considering exploring their submissive side. This book goes places that will surprise some and possibly shock others—as it is never anything less than candid. 
    	As a record of the experiences of lifestyle submissive females, it certainly isn’t some 50 Shades fantasy-fest! These women ‘walk the talk’; whether it be extreme role-play, slave training, pony girl, enforced servitude and prostitution, abduction and kidnapping. As this is the REAL THING, some of the experiences related can be extremely shocking and disturbing. It’s DEFINITELY not one for the faint hearted! 
    	For many interviewees, the need for domination had its roots, not surprisingly, in childhood. An authoritarian, even brutal, father started a trend which they sought to recreate in future relationships. In many fantasies, it will be noted, the division between controlled and controller becomes blurred. In other words, the so-called submissive is actually directing the scenario. By far the most popular and powerful scenario for most women was the idea of being used by two or more men. For all those who fantasise about it only those with a co-operative male partner willing to organise it ever do anything about it. 
    	A submissive is rarely passive, but invariably an active participant in the action, often directing the scenario ‘from below’ and letting the dominant man or woman know exactly what she wants. Many a master has learned to his cost the penalty of not providing the submissive woman with what she craves. She will up and leave. As one slave-girl put it: “A woman will follow where she wants to be led”. I sincerely hope you enjoy where this book leads you.
    	“Submissives are the sky divers of the sexual universe” 
    	Catherine Wolfe
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  • The X-Files and Philosophy - The Truth Is in Here - cover

    The X-Files and Philosophy - The...

    Robert Arp

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    The ratings for the revival series were good, ranging from 21 million to 11 million viewers.
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