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Royalty annuities - How to create automatic annuities by turning your ideas and personal genius into royalty income - cover

Royalty annuities - How to create automatic annuities by turning your ideas and personal genius into royalty income

Stefano Calicchio

Publisher: Stefano Calicchio

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Would you like to find out how to turn your ideas into income? Would you like to create income that is not derived from working on an hourly basis? Do you know how to turn your creativity and talent into royalties? 
This guide is designed to answer questions like these. It is generally believed that earning money from creative work is only available to world-class professionals: brilliant inventors, musicians, artists or writers. Today, on the contrary, there is a real possibility for everyone to create royalty income. 
Creating income from digital content, art or simply from your ideas is therefore a path that requires knowledge, training and application. But the web has made the opportunity to turn your ideas into money more accessible. This guide takes you by the hand and explains step by step how to generate income from editorial, artistic, photographic, musical content and your ability to generate value for others through intelligence and creativity.
Available since: 01/21/2021.

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    Introduction to User Stories

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    Agile teams use Use Case and User Stories to define requirements, but what other… Wait a minute... What’s a User Story?Not everyone has heard of them but even those who have may benefit from complimentary tools that highlight patterns in the roles of stakeholders, putting a face on the users with personas.This 60 minute MP3 recording of a live webinar will provide an introduction to user stories, highlight what is a terribly-written user story, and how to fix it. Don’t do a perfect job of building the wrong thing; use these agile tools to ensure that you build the right thing.
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    Going Live Bundle, 2 in1 Bundle: The Basics of Live Streaming and How to Start PodcastingThere has never been a better time to start your own podcast. Sales of smartphones over recent years have fueled more interest in podcasts and now there are more podcast listeners than ever before. And the numbers are growing every year.A number of marketers have tried to create a successful podcast and failed. This is because they tried to use outdated methods to get their podcasts noticed, or because they just didn’t know what they were doing. But not to worry because this bundle will help you. If you’re also interested in live video streaming, this bundle will have tips as well. If you’re a complete newcomer to live video streaming and you’ve never streamed a video before in your life, then you might find it somewhat nerve wracking going in front of a camera. This can be a very scary feeling as you’re going to be exposed and live on the feed and the whole process is quite unlike any other form of marketing. This bundle will give you expert advice on how to create the best podcasts and build a significant following. You will have a step-by-step guide on how to create a successful podcast. It will also guide you in everything about live streaming, how it works, how to get started and what kind of content you can make in order to generate traffic and profits.This 2 in 1 bundle includes the following audiobooks:1. The Basics of Live Streaming: Discover Everything About Live Streaming Including Creating Content, Increasing the Quality of Your Video Streams and Making Money From Your Live Streaming2. How to Start Podcasting: Learn Everything About Podcasting, The Benefits, How to Start One and How to Make Significant Profits Through Your Own PodcastIf you want to learn more, download your copy of Going Live 2 in 1 Bundle today!
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  • Stop Phobias and Fears Sleep Hypnosis - Conquer Your Fears and Be Free - cover

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    Are you tired of living with irrational fears? Do your phobias hold you back from experiencing life to the fullest? What if you could conquer your fears and phobias while you sleep? Imagine the liberation of leading a life unshackled from those anxieties. 
    Welcome to a groundbreaking audiobook designed to reshape your subconscious mind. It employs proven sleep hypnosis techniques, guiding you to break free from the restrictive chains of your fears and phobias. From arachnophobia to claustrophobia, every fear has a solution.  
    With this audio guide, you can reprogram your thoughts during the peaceful state of sleep, the optimal time for our minds to process and heal. Narrated by expert hypnotherapists, the comforting voices and tranquil soundscapes will ease you into a deep slumber.  
    Embark on this journey to emancipate yourself from the confines of fear. Don't let phobias dictate your life anymore. Embrace the change tonight, and wake up to a world where anything is possible.
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  • Sierra Birds - A Hiker's Guide - cover

    Sierra Birds - A Hiker's Guide

    John Muir Laws

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    The beginner’s birding book that covers species found in the Sierra Nevada—from the author of The Law’s Guide to Nature Drawing and Journaling. 
    As a naturalist managing the field studies program at the California Academy of Sciences, John Muir Laws noticed that novice birders often distinguish birds by color and size rather than species. This inspired him to create Sierra Birds: A Hiker’s Guide, a unique book that assumes no prior birding knowledge on the part of the reader. Color-coded keys eliminate the time-consuming frustration of thumbing randomly through a guide, and a cross-index is also included for more advanced birders. All this in a format that is simply organized and perfect to read on a smartphone or tablet. A first-rate naturalist, Laws is also an accomplished artist. His illustrations are lively, colorful, and accurate, and drawn to represent species in the manner in which one generally sees them in the field. 
    Praise for John Muir Laws 
    “For those of us who live in California, there are few resources that top the books by John Muir Laws. His Field Guide to the Sierra Nevada and his Pocket Guide to the San Francisco Bay Area combine beautiful illustrations with exacting biological information on birds, beasts, and plants.” —Sierra Magazine
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  • Artificial Intelligence Class 5 - cover

    Artificial Intelligence Class 5

    Geeta Zunjani

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    Touchpad Artificial Intelligence series has some salient features such as AI Reboot, AI Deep Thinking, 
    AI in Life, AI Lab and AI Ready which ensures that NEP 2020 guidelines are followed. 
    - National Education Policy 2020 
    - AI Game: It contains an interesting game or activity for the students to try on their own or with their classmates to learn how the game mechanics work while having fun. 
    - Brainy Fact: It presents an interesting fact relevant to the topic or the chapters. 
    - AI in Life: It presents questions that promotes the moral growth and experiential learning. 
    - AI Deep Thinking: It presents a question/scenario in which the students are required to think deeply and apply their knowledge. 
    - Digital Solutions 
    Artificial Intelligence is the most talked about subject and we all understand that the future lies in knowing it well. The Touchpad AI series is written for classes I to VII keeping in mind about the future and scope that lies in AI. Classes VIII to XII are strictly based on CBSE curriculum. They have competency-based questions to ensure that students are capable of applying their learning to solve some real-life challenges. The knowledge is spread in a phased manner so that at no age the kid finds it difficult to understand the theory. 
    Each lesson begins with a short conversation between human characters and one humanoid which tries to explain in simple words about the topics related to Artificial Intelligence. The story is built up in such a way that the curiosity of the reader compels to read the entire lesson. The idea behind introducing humanoid is to touch the hearts of our kids with the existence of friendly robots in the form of humanoids. 
    Touchpad Artificial Intelligence series has some salient features such as AI Reboot, AI Deep Thinking, AI in Life, AI Lab and AI Ready which ensures that NEP 2020 guidelines are followed. 
    There are plenty of Video Sessions for students and teachers to go beyond the syllabus and enrich their knowledge. There are some brainstorming questions in the form of AI Task in between the topics to ensure that students give pause to their learning and use their skills to reach to some creative ideas in solving given problems. 
    I would like to humbly acknowledge the support provided by my family, friends and Orange Education Pvt Ltd team to accomplish this noble task. I am sure that this book will prove to be a tool in making the students future ready for Artificial Intelligence. Wishing learners great success in future endeavours. Enjoy the journey of happy learning!! All your feedbacks and suggestions will always be wholeheartedly welcomed to improve and grow. 
    You will learn about: 
    - Human-Machine Interaction 
    - Introduction to AI 
    - AI in Apps 
    - Types of Robots 
    - Myths and Facts of AI 
    Grade 5 
    1. Evolution of AI 
    a) Developments in A 
    2. AI-Terminologies 
    a) Artificial Intelligence 
    b) Aims of AI 
    c) AI-Terminologies 
    3. AI in Popular Apps 
    a) Siri 
    b) Cortana 
    c) Google Assistant 
    d) Alexa 
    e) Practo 
    f) Google Maps 
    g) Swiggy 
    h) YouTube 
    i) Netflix 
    Test Sheet 1 
    4. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 
    a) What are Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? 
    b) Role of AI to Achieve SDGs 
    5. Parts of Robots 
    a) Difference Between Humans and Robots 
    b) Essential Parts of Robots 
    Test Sheet 2
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  • UAPs and the Nuclear Puzzle - Visitations National Security and the Need for Transparency - cover

    UAPs and the Nuclear Puzzle -...

    Robert Salas, Leslie Kean,...

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    In 1969 the US Air Force issued a statement that read‚ "No UFO reported, investigated, and evaluated by the Air Force was ever an indication of threat to our national security." This statement has been proven untrue by the testimony of many military officers and airmen and documentation of incidents involving UFOs and nuclear weapons, testimonies of which the US Air Force was fully aware. UAPs and the Nuclear Puzzle details many of these testimonies, some for the first time.As partial justification for its position, the Air Force cites a University of Colorado study that was contracted and paid for by federal funds. UAPs and the Nuclear Puzzle reveals how this study was actually just another part of the plan to cover up the reality of the UFO phenomenon. This book reveals evidence that the investigators for the Colorado study knew about the UFO-related missile shutdown incidents but did not investigate them or include them in their final report. As stated by Robert Salas: "To date, many former or retired US Air Force personnel—once trusted to operate or guard weapons of mass destruction—have come forward and revealed ongoing UFO surveillance of, and occasional interference with, our nuclear weapons. The entire body of these factual accounts alters the historical perspective on the nuclear arms race."
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