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A Better Brain at Any Age - The Holistic Way to Improve Your Memory Reduce Stress and Sharpen Your Wits - cover

A Better Brain at Any Age - The Holistic Way to Improve Your Memory Reduce Stress and Sharpen Your Wits

Sondra Kornblatt

Publisher: Conari Press

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“A friendly, wide-ranging tip sheet for understanding and maintaining the human brain, with exercises . . . that consciously incorporate all of the senses.” —Publishers Weekly 
Health and science writer Sondra Kornblatt, along with the numerous experts she’s interviewed in A Better Brain at Any Age, can help you put your head on straight through healthy activities for the body and stimulating exercises to boost brain power. Improving your exercise, consuming healthy food, and practicing simple movements can do wonders for your mental and physical health. 
In A Better Brain at Any Age, Kornblatt will teach you how to reduce stress and optimize mental agility. Learn how the brain interacts with the body, what habits impact the brain positively and negatively, and how to maximize learning. In this book, Kornblatt provides tips to strengthen memory, cognition, and creativity so you can function better in your active life. 
A Better Brain at Any Age offers a complete plan for improving brain health in an engaging and accessible way. In this book, you will find:More than one hundred extensively researched ideas to improve your memory and mental agility, boost your creativity and overall brain power, and avoid brain overloadLively and informative explanations on brain plasticity and how the mind and body work togetherQuick and helpful tips that you can dip into during short breaks or read through cover-to-cover 
“Delightfully written and chock full of fun, exercises, and bite-size chunks of wisdom that are easy to digest . . . [an] impressive jamboree of scientific research and breakthrough ideas from the major thought visionaries of today.” —Ragini Michaels, owner of Facticity Trainings, Inc.
Available since: 12/01/2008.
Print length: 204 pages.

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    Rewiring Our Brains for...

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    Graham points out that it is possible to train our brains, our bodies, and our hearts to access our intuitive wisdom, not only to get through the tough times but to grow and become more conscious in the process. This training is supported by research scientists who have found that combining mindfulness and neuroscience, which includes neuroplasticity, can lead us to more resilience and well-being. She describes the five intelligences of the body and mind and tells us, “We’re able to actually regulate the responses of our automatic nervous system so that we’re not too revved up [with] too much anxiety or fear and we’re not too shut down.” She also talks about not bypassing negative emotions and advises that we practice self-compassion saying, “True compassion and any of the positive emotions that we practice actually shift the functioning of the brain out of the negativity bias of the brain, out of contraction, out of reactivity into more openness, into more receptivity, into possibilities of learning and optimism. Any time we practice compassion, kindness, gratitude, joy, awe, delight, we’re shifting the functioning of the brain. So it’s important to cultivate positive emotions, not just to feel better, but so that we can actually do better. The direct, immediate, cause and effect outcome of these positive emotion practices is resilience.” She goes on to point out that when we feel safe, held, loved, and valued by other people, we are supported in our ability to be resilient. She recommends exercise, sleep, nutrition, learning something new, and hanging out with healthy brains as activities that support our brains to be more active and engaged. And when we are feeling overwhelmed it’s helpful to remember that we can’t solve everything, that our task is to mend the little patch where we are.
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  • Wonders of Antiquity - cover

    Wonders of Antiquity

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    Many of the sculptors and architects of the ancient world were initiates of the Mysteries, particularly the Eleusinian rites. Since the dawn of time, the truers of stone and the hewers of wood have constituted a divinely overshadowed caste. As civilization spread slowly over the earth, cities were built and deserted; monuments were erected to heroes at present unknown; temples were built to gods who lie broken in the dust of the nations they inspired. Research has proved not only that the builders of these cities and monuments and the sculptors who chiseled out the inscrutable faces of the gods were masters of their crafts, but that in the world today there are none to equal them. The profound knowledge of mathematics and astronomy embodied in ancient architecture, and the equally profound knowledge of anatomy revealed in Greek statuary, prove that the fashioners of both were master minds, deeply cultured in the wisdom which constituted the arcana of the Mysteries .Thus was established the Guild of the Builders, progenitors of modern Freemasons. When employed to build palaces, temples or combs, or to carve statues for the wealthy, those initiated architects and artists concealed in their works the secret doctrine, so that now, long after their bones have returned to dust, the world realizes that those first artisans were indeed duly initiated and worthy to receive the wages of Master Masons.
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  • Heaven is all about Him - cover

    Heaven is all about Him

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    Janet lives with her husband Philip, and son John, in Brisbane, Australia. They became Christians in 2010 at their home church The River of Life Centre in Brisbane. Janet has always been able to put together rhymes but when she became a Christian at the age of 52 her friend and mentor Christine Gear encouraged her to journal every morning.The verses and poems became a regular occurrence, words from God that would speak to what was occurring in her life. These words, that touched her own heart and spirit with unexpected messages from the pages of her journal, seemed to have an effect on others who read them too, and she would pass them to friends when she knew the word was for them.As a new Christian, Janet says she had no idea that God sometimes talks to us in these amazing ways.Her prayer for you is that somewhere in the words you find a connection in your spirit that speaks only to you, and that it will bring you something special.
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  • Self-esteem: The Lazy Person's Guide! - Quick and Simple Ways to Change How You Feel About Yourself - cover

    Self-esteem: The Lazy Person's...

    Theresa Francis-Cheung

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    Change how you think and feel about yourself – and change your life.
    You've had a glance at the vast array of self-esteem books on the shelves and been thoroughly daunted. It all seems so complicated. You don't have time to wade through pages and pages of technical jargon, therapeutic approaches, discussions, case studies or quizzes. You don't want to have to take up yoga or tai chi, let alone swim with dolphins or nurture your inner child. You just want to feel better about yourself – and fast!
    Enter The Lazy Person's Guide! In no time at all this little guide will help you understand and improve the way you think and feel about yourself. It will give you all the essential information and advice you need and will help you change your life for the better, right now.
    The Lazy Person's Guide! is a series of popular, cheerful yet thoroughly grounded, practical and authoritative books on various health issues and conditions. Other titles in the series include Beating Overeating, Detox, Exercise, Improving Your Memory, Midlife, Quitting Smoking  and Stress.
    Self-esteem: The Lazy Person's Guide!: Table of Contents
    PART ONE: Self-Esteem
    - Self-esteem
    - Do you have it?
    - Why haven't you got it?
    - How can you get it?
    PART TWO: Eight Secrets to Better Self-Esteem
    - Get to know yourself
    - Don't believe it because you think it
    - Manage your emotions
    - Improve your communication skills
    - Make decisions
    - Take care of yourself
    - Manage stress
    - Enjoy yourself
    PART THREE: Extra Help
    - Extra help, if you need it
    - Confidence-boosting tipsAfterword
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  • Quit Smoking with Vaping - The Easier Way to Stop Smoking - cover

    Quit Smoking with Vaping - The...

    Adam Fury

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    Have you tried to stop smoking multiple times using conventional quit smoking methods like going cold turkey, behavioral therapy, NRTs, or medication with no success? 
    Perhaps it's time to try the easier way to stop smoking. 
    In recent years vaping has become the preferred quitting method for smokers all over the globe. 
    Unlike other self-help audiobooks like Alan Carr's ‘The Easy Way To Stop Smoking’, this audiobook will help you manage both your mental and physical addiction to cigarettes by vaping. 
    But isn't vaping just as bad as smoking? No, it's actually 95% less harmful than smoking and it's also one of the most effective ways to quit smoking (43% success rate). 
    I personally enjoyed the rituals and social aspects of smoking. And I think this is true for many other smokers out there. Vaping allows you to continue this whilst also giving up smoking. 
    This audiobook details everything there is to know about vaping and why it's the only way to stop smoking permanently. 
    This includes:#1 Why Is Quitting So Hard? (Physical Addiction, Mental Addiction, Health Problems Caused By Smoking, Why Smoking Cessation Products Don't Work, and Why Quit With Vaping)#2 What Is A Vape? (What Vape Is Best For Smokers, Where You Can Buy One, How To Use A Vape, How Much Vaping Costs, and Common Side Effects)#3 What Is Vape Juice? (Is It Safe To Inhale, What Is Nicotine, Different Types Of Nicotine, and How To Choose The Right Strength)#4 Quit Smoking Plan (Why You Want To Quit, How To Prepare, and Where To Get Support)#5 What To Expect (The First Week, One Month In, How To Manage Withdrawals, How To Deal With Triggers, and What To Do If You Relapse) 
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  • Empath - The Ultimate Guide for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People to Develop Empath Abilities and Improve Emotional Intelligence - cover

    Empath - The Ultimate Guide for...

    Serena Miles

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    The Ultimate Guide for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People to Develop Empath Abilities and Improve Emotional Intelligence. 
    Have you ever felt the weight of the world on your shoulders? 
    Do you live through your every day feeling waves of others’ emotions crashing into you? 
    Empaths are usually overwhelmed by other people’s emotions, they feel what others feel and are able to profoundly understand their mind. As a result, empaths care for everyone else but themselves. They become “magnets” for negative people that want to take advantage of the empaths’ ability to understand the opinions and emotions of others. 
    Being an Empath isn’t easy, but once you understand your strengths and use them accordingly, life will be much more fulfilling and meaningful for you. If you're able to learn how to control your emotions and use them in a way that benefits you and not just the other person, you can really use this to your advantage in life. 
    What are you waiting for? SCROLL UP and BUY NOW!
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