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His Sweet Fix - Love at the Beach #3 - cover

His Sweet Fix - Love at the Beach #3

Sofia Grey

Publisher: Acelette Press

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"I love when Sofia gives me one of her feel good warm fuzzy reads." ~Amazon reviewer 
My ex-fiancé wants me to cater his wedding, to the woman he left me for. Fine. Not only will I make sure they have the best freakin' cake this side of Wellington, but I'm going to show him what he left behind. I just need to drop a couple of pounds... or a couple dozen, first. 
Enter Jasper. Sexy, sweeter than my custom cakes, and a personal trainer. Sure, he derails my diet, but some of the workouts he's got in mind for us... let's just say clothing is optional. Even better, he doesn't want to get attached, which leaves me free to pursue my goal of winning back my ex, with my soon-to-be-thin me. 
But each new personal session with Jasper leaves me wanting more from the guy who thinks I'm sexy in the skin I'm in. 
And I can't afford to fall for a man who adores my body, but isn't willing to commit to me. 
"Love this author and her way of blending a good story with heat and passion. Her characters make you feel like part of the story." ~Tranquility Book Reviews 
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    Sophia is falling for Alistair more and more, but the journey is becoming darker and a bit scary, while also exciting. She doesn’t know what to think of his new sex games—or even worse, her reaction to them. Meanwhile, she’s even more scared of her past misdeeds coming to light, and if she decides she still wants to be with Alistair, knowing what he’s into sexually, would he even want her anymore if he found out about her terrible past deeds?
     A sizzling suspenseful romance for fans of Fifty Shades of Grey and Steel Brothers! If you like authors Sylvia Day, Maya Banks, Nora Roberts, and Danielle Steel, you’ll love DARK OBSESSION, the third installment of the TRUST Series!
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