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The Mind Portal - History Beckons - cover

The Mind Portal - History Beckons

Siva G

Publisher: Siva G

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LUCAS SIMMONS, a usually easy going happy person is feeling dejected recently due to the loss of his wife, KATE SIMMONS in a traffic accident. Lucas conveys his plans of bringing Kate back to life to his sister OLIVIA BENNET. He plans to achieve this by a process of mind travel to a parallel universe. Once the mind travels to the other universe, it will occupy the body of another being who will then try to prevent Kate’s death. If they can prevent Kate’s death in three parallel universes, Kate will automatically be saved in their home universe. The travel will be facilitated by a medium - Mme MARISSA through a séance. The parallel universe will be in another point of time in history or the future. The travelers are Mme Marissa, Lucas, Olivia, her husband VICTOR BENNETT and two of their colleagues SAMUEL and RILEY.
In their first journey to a parallel universe, they travel to Africa where Victor and Lucas are slave traders, Kate is the ugly captain of the slave ship. Unfortunately, during their adventure, someone blows up the slave ship killing Kate resulting in their first journey being unsuccessful
In their second journey, they travel to Russia during the time of the Russian Revolution when the Tsar of Russia, Nicholas II is housed at Yekaterinburg along with his family. Kate is the cook in the royal household. Olivia is Kate’s niece. The mission will be accomplished successfully and will be their first victory
In their third journey, they travel to the Aztec empire, during the time of Cortes. Olivia and Victor are Aztec warriors. Kate will finally be felled by a bullet from a captain of the Spanish Army. The third venture will also be unsuccessful.
Back in their home universe, they find that their world would has changed, and Aztec civilization has taken over entire south America. Despite this, our heroes will resolve with going ahead with further seances.
In their fourth journey, they travel to Poland during World War II. Victor is an SS general, Olivia, his wife. Kate is a prisoner at a concentration camp. In this adventure, Kate escapes safely. This will be their second successful journey.
Back home after their fourth journey, they realize that Mme Marissa has another objective - bringing her brother back who was lost during one of her previous seances. After securing him, they decide to complete the final journey.
In their last and final journey, they travel into the future - back in Africa. They find that the Nazis have occupied the land and their weaponry, far advanced. The human civilization will be dying due to excess of Aryan inbreeding. Kate will be a lioness and Lucas, a scientist, will willingly be transformed into a lion. Victor will be the head of security at a medical facility, Mme. Marissa will be a scientist and Olivia will be a Masai lion hunter. In the middle of their journey, Lucas and Marissa are pulled back to their home universe to find that the planet is being ripped apart by a series of nuclear explosions. Apparently, something that they had done in the other universes has triggered the events in their home universe. Recognizing that their further missions must fail for the world to return to normal, they return to the future, try to set things right and come back to the home universe without saving Kate.
As their attempts are unsuccessful 3 out of 5 times, they assume that Kate would not have been saved in their home universe. A distressed Lucas goes back to New York expecting to find an empty apartment, but finds that Kate is alive and well! Initially jubilant, his happiness turns to dismay when he finds that his television shows an event where Hitler is also alive and well.
Finally, in the parallel world of the Aztec empire, the Aztec king after the victorious battle with the Spanish troops will be inspecting the scene of the battle and will find one soldier with a strange inscription on his arm - A NAZI SWASTIKA

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