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The Ascent of Market Efficiency - Finance That Cannot Be Proven - cover

The Ascent of Market Efficiency - Finance That Cannot Be Proven

Simone Polillo

Publisher: Cornell University Press

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The Ascent of Market Efficiency weaves together historical narrative and quantitative bibliometric data to detail the path financial economists took in order to form one of the central theories of financial economics—the influential efficient-market hypothesis—which states that the behavior of financial markets is unpredictable.As the notorious quip goes, a blindfolded monkey would do better than a group of experts in selecting a portfolio of securities, simply by throwing darts at the financial pages of a newspaper. How did such a hypothesis come to be so influential in the field of financial economics? How did financial economists turn a lack of evidence about systematic patterns in the behavior of financial markets into a foundational approach to the study of finance?Each chapter in Simone Polillo's fascinating meld of economics, science, and sociology focuses on these questions, as well as on collaborative academic networks, and on the values and affects that kept the networks together as they struggled to define what the new field of financial economics should be about. In doing so, he introduces a new dimension—data analysis—to our understanding of the ways knowledge advances.There are patterns in the ways knowledge is produced, and The Ascent of Market Efficiency helps us make sense of these patterns by providing a general framework that can be applied equally to other social and human sciences.

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    Democracy and Prosperity -...

    Torben Iversen, David Soskice

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    A groundbreaking new historical analysis of how global capitalism and advanced democracies mutually support each other 
    It is a widespread view that democracy and the advanced nation-state are in crisis, weakened by globalization and undermined by global capitalism, in turn explaining rising inequality and mounting populism. This book, written by two of the world’s leading political economists, argues this view is wrong: advanced democracies are resilient, and their enduring historical relationship with capitalism has been mutually beneficial. 
    For all the chaos and upheaval over the past century—major wars, economic crises, massive social change, and technological revolutions—Torben Iversen and David Soskice show how democratic states continuously reinvent their economies through massive public investment in research and education, by imposing competitive product markets and cooperation in the workplace, and by securing macroeconomic discipline as the preconditions for innovation and the promotion of the advanced sectors of the economy. Critically, this investment has generated vast numbers of well-paying jobs for the middle classes and their children, focusing the aims of aspirational families, and in turn providing electoral support for parties. Gains at the top have also been shared with the middle (though not the bottom) through a large welfare state. 
    Contrary to the prevailing wisdom on globalization, advanced capitalism is neither footloose nor unconstrained: it thrives under democracy precisely because it cannot subvert it. Populism, inequality, and poverty are indeed great scourges of our time, but these are failures of democracy and must be solved by democracy.
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  • Investing QuickStart Guide - The Simplified Beginner's Guide to Successfully Navigating the Stock Market Growing Your Wealth & Creating a Secure Financial Future - cover

    Investing QuickStart Guide - The...

    MBA Snow CFP

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    "An excellent investment book for beginners!""Don’t waste your time with other titles - this is the investing book you want!" "Ted Snow really knows his stuff!"
    Do you want to learn how to create real wealth in the stock market?
    Then you NEED this book. Buy now and start reading today!
    Do you want to learn how to create passive income and retire early?
    Then you NEED this book. Buy now and start reading today!
    Do you want to learn how to day trade stocks and avoid costly mistakes that beginners make?
    Then you NEED this book. Buy now and start reading today!
    Do you want to learn how to create financial freedom and live the life you deserve??
    Then you NEED this book. Buy now and start reading today!The ONLY investing book that is written by a CFP® practitioner with 30+ years of investment experience helping others to invest wisely to achieve all of their financial goals.Best-selling author Ted D. Snow, CFP®, MBA has a knack for making complex ideas clear while endowing his readers with a wealth of powerful new knowledge. Whether you are a newcomer to investing or a veteran looking for a fresh perspective, you will enjoy the unique and practical vision for investing success offered in theInvesting QuickStart Guide.Bringing the wisdom of 30+ years in the finance industry to bear-much to the benefit of novice learners and experienced investors alike. Snow’s intrepid but practical asset-allocation investment philosophy is masterfully communicated and highly appropriate for market newcomers.The key insights of Warren Buffet, Peter Lynch, Burton Malkiel, and James Altucher all play important roles in this seminal investment resource. But unlike most of today’s books on investing, the Investing QuickStart Guide is as simple as it is comprehensive.
    Investing QuickStart Guide Is Perfect For:
    - Companion to The Intelligent Investor!
    - Stock Market Education for Teen & Kids!
    - Beginners with Zero Prior Experience!
    - Experienced Investors who Want to Go to the Next Level!
    - Discover The Secrets to Successfully Investing In:
    - Stocks! (Including Dividend Paying Stocks!)
    - Mutual Funds!
    - ETFS!
    - Bonds!
    - Index Funds!
    - REITS
    - Commodities!
    Investing QuickStart Guide Covers:
    - Everything You Need to Know Before You Make Your First Trade!
    - How To Take Advantage Of Opportunities In The Market Without Relying On Guesswork!
    - How to Evaluate and Compare Stocks and Other Securities!
    - How Disciplined Approaches to Investing Can Lead to Early Retirement and Financial Freedom!
    - How National And Global Economic And Geopolitical Factors Can Influence Investment Prospects!
    This book has been reviewed by The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).
    Each book comes with lifetime access to tons of exclusive online resources to help you become a better investor such as workbooks, cheat sheets and reference guides. You also receive lifetime access to our online coaching community to help you achieve all of your financial goals!
    ClydeBank Media proudly supports the non-profit AdoptAClassroom whose mission is to advance equity in K-12 education by supplementing dwindling school funding for vital classroom materials and resources.
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    In this compelling history of the United Fruit Company, Financial Times writer Peter Chapman weaves a dramatic tale of big business, deceit, and violence, exploring the origins of arguably one of the most controversial global corporations ever, and the ways in which their pioneering example set the precedent for the institutionalized greed of today’s multinational companies. The story has its source in United Fruit’s nineteenth-century beginnings in the jungles of Costa Rica. What follows is a damning examination of the company’s policies: from the marketing of the banana as the first fast food, to the company’s involvement in an invasion of Honduras, a massacre in Colombia, and a bloody coup in Guatemala. Along the way the company fostered covert links with U.S. power brokers such as Richard Nixon and CIA operative Howard Hunt, manipulated the press in new, and stoked the revolutionary ire of Che Guevara and Fidel Castro. From the exploited banana republics of Central America to the concrete jungle of New York City, Peter Chapman’s Bananas is a lively and insightful cultural history of the coveted yellow fruit, as well as a gripping narrative about the infamous rise and fall of the United Fruit Company.
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  • Prince Not So Charming - Cinderella’s Guide to Financial Independence - cover

    Prince Not So Charming -...

    Kathleen Grace

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    In "Prince Not So Charming," you will take a riveting journey with Cinderella as she navigates romance, emotional upheaval, and near-financial-death experiences--all of which lead her to find inner strength despite seemingly insurmountable setbacks.  
    Nine out of ten women will be solely responsible for their finances at some point in their lives. "Prince Not So Charming," is a call to action that will inspire and empower you to take control of your finances regardless of the obstacles you face, plus you’ll learn:  
    Strategies for women to regain power and avoid financial ruin 
    The importance of and how to maintain financial independence--whether you're married, single, or contemplating divorce 
    Financial strategies to help you safeguard yourself and those you love 
    Ideas to reduce the financial and emotional burdens of divorce 
    Whether you're a high-powered executive or a single mom struggling to make ends meet, "Prince Not So Charming" will encourage you to claim your power to create and protect your financial future.
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  • Shortchanged - Life and Debt in the Fringe Economy - cover

    Shortchanged - Life and Debt in...

    Howard Jacob Karger

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    Drive through just about any low-income neighborhood and you're sure to see streets lined with pawnshops, check cashers, rent-to-own stores, payday and tax refund lenders, auto title pawns, and buy-here-pay-here used car lots. We're awash in "alternative financial services" directed at the poor and those with credit problems. Howard Karger describes this world as an economic Wild West, where just about any financial scheme that's not patently illegal is tolerated.
    Taking a hard look at this fringe economy, Karger shows that what seem to be small, independent storefront operations are actually part of a fully-formed parallel economy dominated by a handful of well-financed corporations, subject to little or no oversight, with increasingly strong ties to mainstream financial institutions. "It is a hidden world," Karger writes, "where a customer's economic fate is sealed with a handshake, a smile, and a stack of fine print documents that would befuddle many attorneys."
    Filled with heartbreaking stories of real people trapped in perpetual debt, Shortchanged exposes the deceptive practices that allow these businesses to prey on people when they are most vulnerable. Karger reveals the many ways this industry has run amok, ruining countless people's lives, and shows that it's not just the poor but, more and more, maxed-out middle class consumers who fall prey to these devious schemes.
    Balancing compassion with a realistic awareness of the risks any business faces in working with an economically distressed clientele, Karger details hard headed, practical recommendations for reforming this predatory industry.
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  • Confessions of a Serial Entrepeneur - Why I Can't Stop Starting over - cover

    Confessions of a Serial...

    Stuart Skorman, Catherine Guthrie

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    Entrepreneur Stuart Skorman--the founder of Elephant Pharmacy,,, and Empire Video--grew up in a retailing family in Ohio. He worked every kind of job, from cab driver to professional poker player to CEO. In this entertaining, personal account of his coming-of- age in the business world, Skorman gives an insider's view of what it takes to start a business from the ground up. Stuart Skorman offers his hard-won lessons in business for any entrepreneur or small businessperson who wants to create a company that has a heart and soul. He reveals what he learned about marketing while working a stint as a rock band manager and bares his soul about his failure during the dot-com bubble. He describes in vivid terms the roller coaster ride of the entrepreneur in good times and bad and explains how to survive in today's uncertain business environment.
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