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Submissive to Her Master Box Set 1 - Books One to Four - cover

Submissive to Her Master Box Set 1 - Books One to Four

Simone Leigh

Publisher: Coffee Break Erotica

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Bored to Death
What has she to live for?
Martha is jaded with life to the point of suicide. About to end it all, she encounters a stranger who takes her on a wild ride of passion, convincing her that she has something to live for.
This is a story of Master and Slave, BDSM erotica in which a submissive woman travels a path of obedience, ménage, MFM and FFM sex. 
Adult content. For mature readers only.

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    - Raping My Hucow Mom & Sis
    - Raping My Struggling, Fertile Daughter
    - Don’t Rape Me Daddy, I’ll Get Pregnant!
    - Forced to Carry Daddy's Baby
    - Raping My Daughter's Swollen Pussy
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