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As a Lady Would Say Revised and Expanded - Responses to Life's Important (and Sometimes Awkward) Situations - cover

As a Lady Would Say Revised and Expanded - Responses to Life's Important (and Sometimes Awkward) Situations

Sheryl Shade

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

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Have you ever been in a situation in which you were caught off guard, left speechless, or, worse yet, put your foot in your mouth? 
So much depends on being a lady. A true one knows that the question, “How are you today?” isn’t an invitation for her to unload the day’s ordeals. She knows that her unsolicited opinion of a friend’s fuzzy lime green sweater dress isn’t necessary, and she certainly knows better than to nag or spout gender clichés when the man in her life refuses to stop and ask for directions. 
As a Lady Would Say is every  woman’s guide to being delicate in an indelicate world of awkward situations, difficult people, and thorny social dynamics. Sheryl Shade’s clever cataloging of real-world scenarios is a humorous look at how a lady should respond in any number of life’s irksome situations, along with a guide to which words should never leave her mouth. Get ready to question your own feminine sensibilities, and examine the way you interact with the world around you.

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    A Book to Transform Your Life!
    <pThis journey we call life is all about each of us finding our truth. If you are ready to discover your own truth, to feel inner peace and experience a deep connection with God, then meditation is for you.
    Through meditation, we learn to contact our inner wisdom by quieting our bodies, feelings and thoughts. It is only when we quiet these activities of our personality that our real authentic self, our soul, can surface. Then we receive clarity and truth and know how to proceed in a more loving and compassionate way.
     Meditation is a personal experience where each person has their own visions and wisdom that arise from their meditation. Meditation is a technique that has been used through the ages to assist one to connect deeply with our spiritual self. Only you will able to interrupt what you feel and receive during a meditation.
     Our world is moving so quickly. Technology is changing so rapidly that electronics are almost obsolete by the time they reach the store shelves. The need for us to be able to find our way through life with a minimum stress starts with inner peace and harmonious relating with others. Meditation assists us to experience our inner peace within and then we can share it with others.
     Each time you meditate you are experiencing a sacred soul journey. Meditation is where your body, mind and soul meet the sacred. It is a journey of letting go your fears and anxieties and allowing yourself to discover, in silence, the peaceful silence within. It is in this peaceful silence that you begin to feel peace and tranquility and to experience the oneness of all life.
    What will you discover about yourself today that you never realized before your meditation today?
     Learn how to meditate, create inner peace and experience  the life you desire.  In Silence will show you the way. Take the step to make the changes you need to transform and evolve into all you can be!  Order today.
    An insight occurred upon a mountain top in China that changed Jane's life for ever.  She discovered the power of meditation to transform my life instantly. That is why she is so passionate about sharing its power.  How does this transformation happen? It happens when you receive a new inspiration or shift of perception about a situation or problem during meditation or shortly after meditation. You begin to discover a new person, the real you. 
    Open your Creative Consciousness
    You are a reflection of your creative Self.  What does that mean?  IN SILENCE reveals the inner power that you have to create the life you desire.  Allow your creative expression to flow in endless forms and something very mystical and spiritual begins to occur.
    The Peaceful Path
    You can have peace in your life despite the chaos you may see in the world.  The world is full of millions of peacemakers who are opening to a new way.  Meditation provides a place to experience true inner peace and the strength to say Yes to peace in your life.  
    Table of Contents
    Part 1 
    Discovering Self through Meditation - How to find your true, authentic self
    Messages of Love - Find inspiration and guidance in these message's from Rashna, Jane's spirit guide.
    Part 2 
    A Daily Guide to Meditation and Self-Reflection - Discover easy steps for meditation that will assist your to meditate, relax and receive the inner guide to change your life!
    Messages from the Garden Within  - We all need assistance each day and Jane provides insightful messages that will give you new perceptions and guidance to be creative and innovative each day.
    Part 3 
    Natures Guide to Spiritual Awareness - In the silence of nature we tap into deep wisdom.  Animals and plants assist our spiritual growth.  Discover how they can guide you to a place of peace and well-being.
    Messages of Wisdom from Nature's Teachers - listen...and learn from them. 
    Part 4
    Creative Consciousness, Creating your Life
    Become a co-creator with our Spiritual Source
    A Time for Peace 
    Ten Steps for Peaceful Living - Steps that really work!  You can create the life you want.  Take time from "doing" in your life and start 'being" who you really are!  Meditation is the key you've been looking for.
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  • The Physiological Essentials of Yogic Relaxation - Body Mind Breath & Stress - cover

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    Dr. Umesh Pal Singh

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    This book lays special emphasis on the fact that the application of natural physical factors is most expedient. Written in a simple, direct, but adept manner, it is a beautiful introductory book. The focus is really to help the reader learn the basic concepts and understandings behind how the yogic relaxation techniques work and then to get them into practice.
    In conclusion, I wish to note with great satisfaction that this book, which is compiled and edited by a mainstream health professional and a seasoned yoga practitioner, is expected to reveal the physiological essentials of yogic relaxation from contemporary viewpoint. The author has integrated in a beautiful fashion a bewildering and diverse scientific literature into an organized and a compelling presentation.
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  • How to be a Yogi - cover

    How to be a Yogi

    Swâmi Abhedânanda

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    Swami Abhedananda (1866-1939) was a disciple of Ramakrishna Paramahansa. He was one of the firsts to spread the message of Vedanta Philosophy into the western world.
    "How to Be a Yogi" is one of the most influential spiritual books of all time, a must-read for anyone interested in the art of meditation and self-realization.
    First published in 1902, it is a suggestive journey into the philosophy and the practice of Yoga.
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