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İyi Geceler Canım! Goodnight My Love! - Turkish English Bilingual Collection - cover

İyi Geceler Canım! Goodnight My Love! - Turkish English Bilingual Collection

Shelley Admont, KidKiddos Books

Publisher: KidKiddos Books Ltd.

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Turkish English Bilingual children's book. Perfect for kids studying English or Turkish as their second language. 
"Goodnight, My Love!" by Shelley Admont won the Gold Medal in 2019 Readers' Favorite annual international book award  in the Children - General category 
Alex finds it hard to go to sleep, so he starts making up excuses. After reading a bedtime story, his father suggests planning a dream that he would like to see when he falls asleep. Find out where their imagination takes them as they plan his dream together.This bedtime story will help kids feel loved and relaxed, preparing them for a peaceful, sleep-filled night.

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