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Mom Son Sex Ritual - The Family Kamasutra No1 - cover

Mom Son Sex Ritual - The Family Kamasutra No1

Sheila Raghunathan

Publisher: Lot's Cave, Inc.

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An Indian author writes about this Indian family who gets together on thier vacations. Mom, Son, Dad, Sister, Aunt and Uncle; all partake in a family incest sex ritual called, "The Family Kamasutra". In a culture where mother son  and father daughter sex is the norm, what sexual boundaries will this family based couple explore?

Mom grabbed the body soap and rubbed it in her hands and gave me some. I rubbed the soap in my hands. And we were touching each other. I rubbed the soap in her slithery skin, turned the water off, and subbed the soap in her neck, breasts, and nipples, circling my fingers, pulling both soft and hard and rough. I slid my hands to her belly, soaped her stomach. Ran my hands to make her clean, my hands all over her. One was washing her boobs, and the other was washing her navel. I bent down, and she raised her leg. I slid my hand on her leg and washed her, slowly and firmly. With every wash, and with every stroke of the soap, she felt great. She grabbed my hair and wanted to kiss me. As I looked at her, she gave me a gesture to kiss me. But we had to wait. I washed her another leg the same way, making her more aroused and horny. Then she turned back, I got to face her back, her smooth slithery skin washed her legs, and then came towards her ass.
I took the soap in my hand, rubbed it, and smacked the soap all over her ass. I kept fondling it, pressed her body in the wall, her nipples touching the bathroom's cold walls, and smacked, spanked, and massaged and washed her ass. Then her back and shoulders. I opened the tap water, and she stood beneath the shower to wash off the soap.
I looked at dad and Stephanie, they were doing the same. Dad washed her, and she was more than aroused, her one hand was playing with her pussy, and another wanted to grab dad's cock. But dad waited for the action to begin. Now it was our chance to get bathed in soap.
Mom rubbed her hands with the soap and then applied it to my body. I turned the water off, and I looked like dad had the same fun as me. Stephanie bent down, looked at his dick, and closed her mouth in front of it, taking her to feel it, she rubbed his feet, legs and washed his body off.
I stood and tried to calm myself. Mom rubbed the soap off my chest and neck and came close, my boner touched her navel, and he slid it down to her pussy  opening. She felt it for a second, but then stood aside. Then she ran and rubbed me on my stomach and legs, then my back and shoulders. All the while, she brought her hands together in the middle of my legs, just beneath my balls, and just above my dick, she teased it. Then she switched on the tap and washed me away with the soap. We both were done bathing. And dad was done with the same. Now the real ritual beings.
"what next, Ashley?" Dad asked in the shower playing with Stephanie's nipple.
"oh, we dress up, and meditate, and start the ritual," she said.
We grabbed the towels, I wiped her body off the water, and she did the same, then she grabbed another towel to dry her hair. She covered her towel from chest to thighs. And I removed it, I stripped it off, "don't have to cover yourself now, mom," I said. She smiled and wrapped the same towel around my waist, but raised my dick with her soft hands and tied the towel.
Dad was wrapped around with the towel on the waist, and Step

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