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Alphabet Phonics Flashcards: Preschool and Kindergarten Letter-Picture Recognition Word-Picture Recognition Ages 3-6 - cover

Alphabet Phonics Flashcards: Preschool and Kindergarten Letter-Picture Recognition Word-Picture Recognition Ages 3-6

Sheba Blake

Publisher: Sheba Blake Publishing Corp.

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Make learning fun and introduce early readers to flashcard exercises that engage minds and boost reading comprehension. Help children succeed in school with flashcards that teach them to recognize words and the alphabet.

Card Features:

• Colorful and bright illustrations
• Big easy-to-read letters and corresponding picture names
• Flashcards are a time-tested way to learn essential skills

EXCELLENT - Flash cards for preschoolers and kindergartners bring skills such as memory, listening, and beginning sounds. Children will get to know phonics and learn to connect letter sounds with objects: K is for Kite, for example. Flash cards help teach ABCs and letter-picture associations to build essential pre-reading skills as part of the preschool curriculum.

As part of our mission to publish creative and inspiring works, Sheba Blake Publishing Corp. is extremely dedicated to bringing to the forefront educational books for kids.
Available since: 10/12/2021.

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