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Otherwise Occupied - Evan Arden #2 - cover

Otherwise Occupied - Evan Arden #2

Shay Savage

Publisher: Shay Savage

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Evan Arden is a hit man for a Chicago mob boss and moves through life with darkness in his soul and a gun in his hand.  Those who know him for what he is fear him, and those who find out the hard way never get a chance to tell anyone else.  The few people who get a glimpse inside his head wish they never had.  A merciless killer, his only loyalty resides with his employer, the man who calls the shots that rain from Evan’s weapon. 
As a POW of the Gulf War, Evan spent months in captivity, and the memories of his confinement combine with thoughts of the woman he left in Arizona.  He lives his life day-to-day with little more than the company of his dog, Odin.  As insomnia overtakes him, he seeks comfort from an unlikely source, but will confiding in her be his undoing? 
He’s struggling to forget his past and to keep himself Otherwise Occupied.

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    Crown Butte is waiting for him. 
    The town has arranged a red carpet welcome and wants him to stay.  
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