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Beyond: Technology - cover

Beyond: Technology

Scott Overton

Publisher: No Walls Publishing

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Three tricky tangles with technology:

Upon A Midnight

A woman whose job at a bio-weapons lab is
to calculate the destructiveness of the world’s most deadly organisms is
overwhelmed by a personal calamity. And the results could be catastrophic.
(First published in In Poe’s Shadow, Dark Opus Press, 2011 and Tesseracts 16:
Parnassus Unbound, Hades Publications, Inc., 2012.)


A small tropical island claims to have
perfect democracy thanks to technology enabling every citizen to vote on every
issue of governance. When cynical reporter Jayne Connor investigates, the truth
is stranger than anything she could have imagined.


A top gaming competitor seems like the
perfect choice to pilot a virus-sized submersible through the bloodstream by
virtual reality. But can the human mind exist in two realities at one time?
(First published in Canadian Tales of the Fantastic, Red Tuque Books, 2011.)

for Scott Overton:

“A storyteller of boundless skill…a writer
to watch.”

“A gifted wordsmith.”

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