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Apple Watch 6 User Guide - A Step-by-Step Guide to the New Apple Watch Series 6 with Hidden Features - cover

Apple Watch 6 User Guide - A Step-by-Step Guide to the New Apple Watch Series 6 with Hidden Features

Scott Edward

Publisher: Scott Edward

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Do you want to be a pro in operating your new apple watch 6? Then you need to startup now

The new Watch series 6 is an amazing product from Apple that brings different variety of changes to your daily activities. It is capable of performing different functions, and it gives its users ease while operating this device. This book contains a step-by-step approach on how to operate the new WatchOS7 for your Apple watch. With this book, all your worries and concerns about the hidden features of the new Watch 6 is solved.

Here is a preview:

	Step-by-step installation instructions on a smartwatch
	How to setup School time and Family member's health and activity report on your Watch 6
	Steps to create an emergency Medical ID on Watch 6
	How to organize app shortcuts on the Apple Watch
	How to Add Audiobooks on Watch 6
	How to measure Blood Oxygen on watch 6
	How to measure breathe on Watch 6
	How to use Watch 6 as a Remote Camera
	How to measure Heart Rate on the Watch 6 Using the ECG App and lots more.

Wait no more, get this book and become a master of your device.
Available since: 11/02/2020.

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    Do you ever dream about having a passive income? Would you like to find out the strategies to make that dream come true? Do you want to know which are the tools used to earn in the stock market?Then you have to keep reading! Trading Day is the time span that a particular stock exchange is open. A stock exchange is a facility where people can buy and sell financial instruments. If you want to take part in a Day trading you will need a strategy or more! There are a lot of strategies on the market and you will have to know most of them. But how can you find information on these strategies? The answer is in this book! A full guide about Day Trading! Here it is what you will find inside:    • What is Day Trading and how does it work    • Which are the best markets for Day Trading    • THE budget of money to become a day trader    • Which are the best strategies    • What is the risk-reward...and so on!Who are the target ones?It is the perfect book for beginners, but also for people that want just more information about day trading, and people that already take part in Day trading, but want to find out more. Everyone that wants to start participates in Day trading! Are you afraid that the economy is not your thing? I assure you that with a professional guide you will become a good seller in just a few steps! Don't
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