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Winnebagos on Wednesdays - How Visionary Leadership Can Transform Higher Education - cover

Winnebagos on Wednesdays - How Visionary Leadership Can Transform Higher Education

Scott Cowen

Publisher: Princeton University Press

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Why a strong mission and inspired leadership are vital to the success of America’s  colleges and universities 
In 1998, soon after assuming the presidency of Tulane University, Scott Cowen was confronted with a setback. Despite an undefeated football season and putting the best financial deal on the table, Cowen was unable to retain the school's football coach. The coach wanted something the president didn't have--a football program so popular, as the coach put it, that fans would line up their Winnebagos on Wednesdays in anticipation of Saturday games. In that moment, Cowen improbably found himself in the entertainment business—and his university was deemed wanting. 
At a time when schools seem overrun by sports programs, spiraling costs, and absurd ranking systems, Winnebagos on Wednesdays argues that colleges and universities of all stripes and sizes can achieve their educational aims if they possess two things: visionary leadership and a strong mission. Cowen, named one of the nation's top university presidents by Time magazine in 2009, gives a behind-the-scenes look at the critical demands faced by many education leaders. He profiles a range of situations, from how Diana Natalicio of the University of Texas at El Paso expanded a school serving a specific demographic into an academic powerhouse to how Michael Sorrell shifted Paul Quinn College's mission to urban entrepreneurship in order to save the institution. Cowen also draws from his own hard-won experiences, including the rebuilding of Tulane and New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and the decision to maintain Tulane's football program. He shows how crucial choices in tough situations shape organizations, for better or ill. 
A sweeping overview of the higher education landscape, Winnebagos on Wednesdays demonstrates that the courage of transformative leadership is essential for colleges and universities to remain vital.

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    Great Books & Coffee

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    Thinking about getting Noam Chomsky's book Who Rules the World? You definitely should! But first, take 15 minutes to read this review and make up your mind! This book summary is value-packed: 
    -- A book overview to start with the BIG IDEAS. 
    -- The main themes, questions and conclusions in bullet points to GET TO THE CORE IN NO TIME. 
    -- The main arguments and ideas as developed in the book, so you can UNDERSTAND WHAT THE BOOK IS REALLY ABOUT. 
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    GreatBooks&Coffee is the literary blog of a thirty-something academic who loves books (and coffee) and reviews books that give readers great insights on a variety of topics, including politics, economics, innovation, society developments, but also business and personal development or culture. 
    The aim is simple: give you access to books that will teach you something new, give you some background knowledge to help you grow your profile and gain in confidence when it comes to discussing those topics, whether at work or while having a smart drink. 
    Are you looking for great books to learn something new?  
    Are you looking for great books to think smarter and be smarter? 
    Are you looking for great books on innovation, technology, business, and politics? 
    These book summaries are made for you! 
    The 15’ Book Summaries Series: 
    Did you know that most people never finish the books they begin? 
    Knowledge is key and the books written by thought leaders are the best way to learn about a variety of very specific topics. Having said this, we all need more time and reading a complete book may be complicated. In reality, most people never finish the books they begin. 
    The ebooks of The 15’ Book Summaries Series aim at facilitating your knowledge-acquisition process. Each ebook in the series contains a short book review AND a book summary aimed at helping you pick great books to read, save time (30 minutes instead of hours of reading) whilst making the most of the best thought leadership books on the market. 
    The ebooks aim at giving you a general overview of a book and, to some extent, a set of arguments that can be easily relied upon and reused should you need to talk about it. But they are also written to guide you throughout the book by explaining the context behind the original book, with a step by step description of the various arguments developed by the author, with a summary of his main questions and conclusions. 
    Note: The review and book summary should be used as an introduction to the book but will never replace the author's original work, which we invite you to acquire legally after reading this summary! 
    Happy reading, Happy thinking! 
    Book Summary | Who Rules the World? - Book Review & Summary of Noam Chomsky's "Who Rules the World?" in 15 Minutes!
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