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Summary: Escaping from Eden: Does Genesis Teach that the Human Race was Created by God or Engineered by ETs? (Annotated Study Aid by Scott Campbell) - cover

Summary: Escaping from Eden: Does Genesis Teach that the Human Race was Created by God or Engineered by ETs? (Annotated Study Aid by Scott Campbell)

Scott Campbell

Publisher: Scott Campbell

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Rather than the original text, this is a summary, illustrated study aid, and expansion book--a form of efficiency that expands on Paul's topics. It is not meant to replace Paul's popular and mind-blowing book.

Current Christian theologists turn to Genesis to tell the Faithful that a single all-powerful God, although judgmental, temperamental, and sometimes ruthless, created the universe. They lecture us about the sins of Adam and Eve and the origins of Humans.
Paul Wallis, an experienced clergyman, lecturer, and author, took a close look at the book of Genesis when he was laid flat on his back from an injury and could not preach for a while.
He came across such anomalies and contradictions that he concluded that was not reading the original versions of the famous stories.
His first task: Find the original narratives and clarify their suggestions about where we came from, who we came from, and who we are.
Ancient stories of human origins were nearly eliminated from the Hebrew Scriptures in the 6th century BC. In the Christian writings in the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD, many creation myths found themselves denied access. Why? What were the new authors and editors hiding?
As we take the same red pills that Neo took in the Matrix and join Alice in going down the rabbit hole, we find ourselves roaming through ancient Greece, Africa, India, Mesoamerica, and above all, Sumeria. We are not in a search for a traditional monotheistic figurehead, but, according to the myths, for evidence of a Sky Council—a heavenly council of extraterrestrials. In regard to Genesis, we will have to discard the illusions of a monotheistic god from the past to embrace new possibilities of Human projects orchestrated by advanced aliens, including wars. To milk a planet properly, a variety of alien species would compete for easy access to resources.
History is clear in the thousands of cuneiform tablets in Sumeria. Early Human civilizations constructed impressive buildings, mined resources, and fought wars. They did not, however, construct images depicting only one god or one humanoid form.
Playing explorer, researcher, clergyman, and detective, Paul Wallis in Escaping from Eden undercovers mindboggling secrets about Biblical texts. Their implications demand a rethinking of the Abrahamic religions and a new openness to alien contact, influence, and even creation. His conclusions will be as controversial as they are informative and as broad-scoped as the challenge to entire belief systems. It turns out that DNA likely originated off-planet by advanced alien genetic engineers and came here through space over four billion years ago. That civilization may be our “makers” and might have paid us a few, or many, visits to tweak us in the direction that they wanted. It looks like they encountered some competition along the way.
With such a book by Wallis, the entire universe and the origins of Humans come into an improved—but unsettling-- scientific and spiritual focus.

Note: The material overlaps with a small portion of Alien Secrets, also by Scott Campbell.

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