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GCSE Biology Revision - Cheeky Revision Shortcuts - cover

GCSE Biology Revision - Cheeky Revision Shortcuts

Scool Revision

Publisher: S-cool Youth Marketing Ltd

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Turn your hard work into the GCSE results with the Cheeky Shortcut Guide to the most common topics within the Biology GCSE subject. This workbook features key exam topics for biology with precise and clear points to help you achieve top marks.






	Heart and Circulation 


	Nerves and Hormones 

	Defence Against Disease 



	Genes and Genetics 

	Genetic Crosses 




	Plant Growth 

	Environmental Problems

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    “Tiberghien is a writer … Looking for Gold tells a gripping tale that will inspire anyone who hears soul’s subtle invitation and sets out.” - Kathleen Packard, Contemporary Contributions to Jungian Psychology 
    “Looking for Gold is a clear, important message for men and women of all ages and all cultures – look into and to thyself for a sense of wholeness.” - Annette Lyons, Director, Counseling Center, American Cathedral, Paris 
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    The essence of this poem is marked by the wisdom of nature, the truth of all religious teachings, and the core of quintessential philosophical questions about indivisible identity of nature, man and Creator.
    This book is a poetic discourse on the crucial keys of man's spirituality, about the inevitability of searching in the spirit, as a pilgrimage that perpetually transform into the Path to Oneself.
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    About three decades he has explored traditional Eastern and Western ways of self-knowledge as well as the practice of Vedanta and Zen meditation in comparison with the modern teachings of Jungian psychology.
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    Challenging the conception of empowerment associated with the Black Power Movement and its political and intellectual legacies in the present, Darieck Scott contends that power can be found not only in martial resistance, but, surprisingly, where the black body has been inflicted with harm or humiliation.Theorizing the relation between blackness and abjection by foregrounding often neglected depictions of the sexual exploitation and humiliation of men in works by James Weldon Johnson, Toni Morrison, Amiri Baraka, and Samuel R. Delany, Extravagant Abjection asks: If we’re racialized through domination and abjection, what is the political, personal, and psychological potential in racialization-through-abjection? Using the figure of male rape as a lens through which to examine this question, Scott argues that blackness in relation to abjection endows its inheritors with a form of counter-intuitive power—indeed, what can be thought of as a revised notion of black power. This power is found at the point at which ego, identity, body, race, and nation seem to reveal themselves as utterly penetrated and compromised, without defensible boundary. Yet in Extravagant Abjection, “power” assumes an unexpected and paradoxical form.In arguing that blackness endows its inheritors with a surprising form of counter–intuitive power—as a resource for the political present—found at the very point of violation, Extravagant Abjection enriches our understanding of the construction of black male identity.
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    Control, Conquer, and Prevail! Everybody's biased. The truth is, we all harbor unconscious assumptions that can get in the way of our good intentions and keep us from building authentic relationships with people different from ourselves. Tiffany Jana and Matthew Freeman use vivid stories and fun (yes, fun!) exercises and activities to help us reflect on our personal experiences and uncover how our hidden biases are formed. By becoming more self-aware, we can control knee-jerk reactions, conquer fears of the unknown, and prevail over closed-mindedness. In the end, Jana and Freeman's central message is that you are not the problem—but you can be the solution.
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