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Strangers On A Train - Schoolgirls Daddies And A Whole Lot More - cover

Strangers On A Train - Schoolgirls Daddies And A Whole Lot More

Scarlett Delage

Publisher: Taboo Erotica

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A step-father and step-daughter are about to embark on a never to be 
forgotten train journey, and they want to share their love with all the 

All characters in this book are eighteen or over.This is a pseudo-incest story.

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    She takes in a shuddering breath. "I want you to be my first."
    They grow up so fast, don't they? But when these little brats find themselves with the princes of the house, that's not the only thing that starts growing! Now they're wondering if their first time is going to be happening soon, and whether they're going to do it hard and without protection…
    What are you waiting for?
    ~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~
    It's a Saturday night. Edward and his 18-year old stepsister Faith are watching a movie together.
    Edward's sitting down on the couch, already on his third beer of the night.
    Faith's mind keeps wandering as she watches the movie. Her hand is up and she's tracing just the tips of her fingers up and down along her neck. It's sending dirty little shivers down her spine, and she knows that she shouldn't do this right next to her stepbrother, but she just can't help herself.
    Edward keeps thinking about sex. But not just sex…dirty, naughty sex. Bits and pieces of what he likes have been dipping their heads in and out. Taboo thoughts. Sex with people he knows and trusts, people he would never consider having sex with before. He's been thinking about being naughty…and he knows just who he wants to be naughty with.
    "Whoops," Faith says, dropping some of their snack onto the floor.
    She and Edward get up and search for the food, but it's underneath the couch.
    "Damn it," Faith says when they both stand up. "Should we move the couch and get it?"
    "Nah," Edward says with a shrug. "We can clean it up tomorrow."
    Faith smiles up at her stepbrother, and he smiles back down at her.
    Edward feels disappointed in himself. Looking at his stepsister just now, thinking about her…he can't sexualize her like how he's been doing. It's wrong. It's insulting to her. She's not like that -- at least, he's pretty sure she's not. And she probably wouldn't appreciate knowing that her stepbrother has had to jerk off to the thought of her before.
    Yep, it's got to stop here, and that's all there is to that.
    "Hey Edward," Faith says to her stepbrother. "I want to tell you something."
    "What's that, kiddo?" Edward says.
    Faith takes a breath and lets it out.
    "I want to have a baby," she says, and Edward blinks down at his stepsister. "I've been thinking about it for a long time and I want to have a baby."
    "Wow," Edward says. "That's quite a decision."
    "I know," Faith says, looking up at him. "And now all I need is for someone to be the father."
    Faith licks her lips. Edward's eyes drop for a second to watch this before returning back to her. Faith takes in a breath and is surprised to feel it shudder in her mouth.
    "Do you want to kiss me?" she asks, her voice barely above a whisper. Edward is slow with his response, and he licks his own lips as well before parting them, speaking his reply:
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    But there is a dark side to the Shay Sloan success story. Not fit for media consumtpion. Although he promotes health and fitness - Shay Sloan is fueled by steroids, drugs, Chivas Regal, and his uncontrollable need for kinky sex. 
    He rates his Women according to their "grade" of kinkyness. 
    There are 50 Grades of Shay.
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