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Bad daddy cage fighter - cover

Bad daddy cage fighter

Scarlett Delage

Publisher: Taboo Erotica

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Dave is a bad ass cage fighter. The ultimate male. But he is a scoundrel of a man. A man who will stop at nothing to take what he wants when he wants. He will take advantage of naïve clients, he will spy on unsuspecting women in the changing rooms, and when his own stepdaughter visits the gym it is time for his little girl to enter the cage!
This is a pseudo-incest tale, all characters eighteen or over.

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    Lisa Klepas shows us how true love will always win in a romance about one stubborn lady—and the persistent suitor who opens her heart. 
    So come join the celebration and experience Three Weddings and a Kiss. 
    Love for now...and always.
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    Kiona Willoughby

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    Both endearingly cute and shamelessly hot, this fantasy novella can be described as something like a shifter romance—but with a fun, furry twist!
    When feline black market dealer Catra begins her heat cycle for the first time, she quickly finds herself overwhelmed by her instincts. Just when it seems like her misery will eclipse her desire, one of her clients offers to help her out.
    Prince Leon knows how to avoid trouble when scouting the black markets of his father's kingdom, but he doesn't expect Catra. Instinctively and irresistibly drawn to her, he offers to help ease her heat symptoms, and she is quick to agree.
    At first, the deal is a simple one: Leon helps Catra, and Catra pleases Leon in return. But each heated liaison brings them closer and closer together until they are ultimately forced to acknowledge their illicit feelings for one another.
    Noblesse Oblige is a deliciously hot fantasy romance of 20,000 words. It does not contain cheating or abuse, and the story ends with a HFN. If you're a fan of shifter fiction, paranormal romance, or cartoons in general, this book is for you!
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