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Born to FREAK: A Salty Primer for Irrepressible Humans - cover

Born to FREAK: A Salty Primer for Irrepressible Humans

Sarah Bamford Seidelmann Md

Publisher: Sarah Seidelmann LLC

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Praise for Born to FREAK:  

I have never ever EVER seen a book create such genuine FUN and combine it with meaty, juicy, deep content. The author makes it look easy. I love the writing, the graphic, the design, the loose easy feel, and how each little nugget of the substance is so interesting and helpful.
Here's the thing: This book will make you remember that you are in love with yourself. And THAT will make you make our world an even lovelier place. That's why I'm buying copies for EVERYBODY. ~A Born to FREAK reader via Amazon

I am a huge fan of Sarah's work. The thing is, I read the book thinking it would be helpful in working with my coaching clients who like to live life "outside the fray." Unlike the hipster freaks in my life, I've often considered myself boringly unfreakish, unbrave, and uncool.
However, this unbelievably funny, poignant and insightful book opened my eyes to the fact that we are ALL FREAKS. Learning to identify, embrace, celebrate and broadcast our unique gifts and experiences is how we heal ourselves and heal the world.
I will no longer hide my "muchness."
This book is full extremely powerful, life-changing stuff... all couched in fascinating and highly entertaining stories from Sarah's fabulously interesting life. I bought a copy for myself, and after I read it, ordered several more to share with others. ~Coach Jill Farmer, Author of There is Not Enough Time and Other Lies We Tell Ourselves

If you are a parent or a grandparent of a youngster or young adult who alternately delights and drives you a bit crazy, this is an excellent resource. If that child or adult is ADD, this is a both entertaining and absolutely honest book about those particular joys and frustrations. The ABC format is attractive, the author has a great sense of humor, and she does not shirk being vulnerable about her own life and experience as a person with ADD, not discovered until she was a mother of several children. This book offers hope, affirmation, and encouragement to those who feel "out of place" - and to those who know and love them. Most of us who have raised children and watched a generation or two grow up know that the kids who don't feel they fit in are often the most interesting and go on to offer the world the sort of gifts we didn't even know we needed.....Lest we forget, Ms Seidelmann has a wonderful list of these in her book. ~Family Therapist via Amazon

It's funny. You know SARK? An author I  found years ago who wrote these very inspiring books on creativity. I was thinking to myself recently,  I need a new book that makes me feel like her books made me feel and wa la.......I'm on page 51 and I'm just drinking it in! I'm so excited! 
It’s my new favorite book, it's like candy for my monkey brain, fly monkey fly....
~A Born to FREAK reader via Facebook

I love the part about choosing the most beautiful doors - because, of course, there are so, so many. And the chapter on Fail. Brilliant. My rubber band has been pulled way back - look out when it lets go... and when it does, I have all your incredible words to help me fly. To say nothing of Alice and all her wisdom.

Thank you. This will help unleash so much good in the world. ~A Born to FREAK reader via Amazon

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