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Agorafabulous! - Dispatches from My Bedroom - cover

Agorafabulous! - Dispatches from My Bedroom

Sara Benincasa

Publisher: William Morrow

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“Sara Benincasa is one of the funniest writers I know—and I know a disturbing number of them. She is also one of the most honest.”—Sam Apple, author of American Parent and editor-in-chief of The Faster Times  
“Sara is extremely funny and should have many books out so we can all read them and laugh.” —Margaret Cho 
Comedian, writer, blogger, radio and podcast host, and YouTube sensation, Sara Benincasa bravely and outrageously brings us “Dispatches from My Bedroom” with Agorafabulous! One of the funniest and most poignant books ever written about a mental illness, Agorafabulous! is a hilarious, raw, and unforgettable account of how a terrified young woman, literally trapped by her own imagination, evolved into a (relatively) high-functioning professional smartass. Down to earth and seriously funny, Benincasa’s no-holds-barred revelations offer readers the politically incorrect hilarity they heartily crave, yet is so often missing from your typical, weepy, and redemptive personal memoir.

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    Are you looking for a way to bring more passion into your relationship? 
    Is there something you can do to help you and your partner find more intense pleasure as you explore each other’s desires? 
    If you’re in a rut sexually, it can cause your relationship to become strained. But there are many sexual positions you’ve probably never heard of! This e-book exposes the best beginner’s sex positions and beyond, drawn from the book that started it all – the Kama Sutra.  
    You and your partner will find new passion and learn more about each other than you’d ever think possible – all with incredible sex positions that lead you to ecstasy. 
    If you have spent less and less time pursuing sex with your partner, this e-book offers you lots of reasons to get back on the horse. With positions like Magic Mountain, Nirvana, Crouching Tiger and Superman, how can you go wrong? You can’t! 
    This e-book takes you by the virtual hand to show you just how to position yourself and your partner for maximum enjoyment. It’s like having an expert in the bedroom with you – assuming you’re in the bedroom. There are lots of other places to have sexual encounters! 
    I will offer you essential positions for every couple, and they provide both men and women with the insight to foster a loving and intimate relationship, whether you’re young or old.  
    In this book, I’ll teach you::How the Kama Sutra looks at sex – and lifeLots of the best techniques to satisfy your partnerHow Kama Sutra can help you live longerHow to use kissing and touching as intimate foreplay in a way you never have beforeHow to open yourself to new approaches to sexual encountersHow to bring your partner to explosive orgasms, and vice versaHow to feel closer to your partner than you ever have before 
    Do YOU want a more intimate, loving relationship? Make it happen now!
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  • Thought power - cover

    Thought power

    Sri Swami Sivananda

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    This instructive book carries in itself a life-transforming value. None who reads it, with the needed interest and attention, will ever feel inclined to remain unchanged in personal nature and untransformed in conduct and character. A good deal of careful judgment and confidence would assist us in asserting that no one who reads this work, will fail to resist the readiness to make of his own will a Power that alters and exalts his own life and destiny. The work is fraught with implicit guidance for turning our personalities into forces of compelling influence and charm, and for rendering our lives into so many grand stories of the epic unfoldment of the Divine Truth we enshrine, the Divine Light we bear, and the Divine perfection we hold in our inner being.
    This, then, is a simple, straightforward, inspiring book that holds out many methods for the culture and nurture of thought power. It is also a work that presents us with many useful suggestions which enable us to reach a region beyond the terrain of thought and its power, a realm of transcendental Experience and God-consciousness.
    Sivananda has attempted implicitly to present in this work, a dynamic knowledge of thought power at these three distinct fields:
    1. The field of higher applied psychology: Here Sivananda speaks of thoughts as forces that chisel countenance, fashion character, change destiny, and make of life an all-round success.
    2. The field of a full-fledged parapsychology: This field is covered by those widely scattered passages and chapters in this work, which throw illumination on the fact that human Mind is the seat and centre of a number of supernormal powers and factors. Sivananda urges the readers to tap these powers, and to make operative in their own outer life, the various higher faculties they command.
    3. The field of transcendental realization: Wherever Sivananda prescribes a method for, or speaks of thought-transcendence, he is attempting to lead us into the domains of Divine Realization in which thought ceases to be thought, and blazes into infinite Consciousness.
    This work, then, represents Sivananda to the readers, in a way, as a practical psychologist, a physicist and chemist in the world of the phenomena of thought, a parapsychologist, a Yogi, and thus helps them build their future, gain their success in life, and acquire the power to manipulate thought and wrest from it the extraordinary powers it holds. The book will also help them to attain refinement and culture by thought-discipline, use their capacity for releasing wholesome, constructive and inspiring thought-vibrations, obtain by accomplishing something great and grand, peace, happiness, and gain God-realization which is the meaning, aim, and ultimate destiny of all human life on earth.
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