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Delayed Love - A Hell Hound MC Series #1 - cover

Delayed Love - A Hell Hound MC Series #1

Sandra Richmond

Publisher: Sandra Richmond

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This is not your starry eyed, love struck romance. There are no singing birds or riding off into the sunset. There is no happily ever after. This is the type of story that tears your heart out, stomps it into the dirt, and very slowly sews it back together. Never to be the same again. 
Harley left Branchwood, Colorado, at eighteen in hopes of never returning. But at thirty-six she’s forced to return to her hometown to bury her father. Can she come back home and not be touched by the painful secrets she left behind?  
Ford devoted his life to the Hell Hounds MC, even when doing so cost him the girl he loved. He survived that loss though, and put it firmly in his past. But sometimes the past comes running back into town to knocks you right on your ass.  
He wants the truth.  
She wants to forget.  
When the truth comes to light will they be able to work together and fix everything that went wrong? 

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    Photographer CJ Parker is a woman who has literally not gone outside for the past six months. She’s been hiding from the world, and from life, ever since an unimaginable tragedy forced her into seclusion.  
    On the one day where she decides to finally venture outside, she meets the mysterious billionaire, Asher Sloane. Dark-headed, magnetic, and gorgeous, Asher drips sex and animal magnetism. He draws CJ out of her shell and into the world, while showing her things that she never knew existed.  
    What CJ doesn’t know is that Asher has a dangerous past. Behind his beautiful blue eyes and confident demeanor lies dark secrets that, if they are brought to light, could mean the end of CJ and Asher’s relationship.  
    Will the exposure of Asher’s past destroy them? 
    CJ Parker has been abducted by Albanian gangsters for reasons unknown. What is known is that, if Asher cannot find her in time, she will disappear forever. 
    Desperate to find her, Asher makes a sacrifice to gain the information that is needed to locate CJ. When this sacrifice comes to light, however, it could very well spell the end to his relationship with her.  
    Will Asher find CJ in time? And, if he does, can they survive the devastating secret sacrifice he made to find her? 
    CJ and Asher are back together, but face many more obstacles. Sophie is, by far, their biggest obstacle, for she will still stop at nothing to make sure that she and Asher are together in the end. Her obsession means that CJ’s life continues to be in danger, and there is only one way that Asher can protect her. His father must give his blessing to their union. If he does not, then CJ might be doomed or Asher might have to marry the devious, yet beautiful, Sophie.  
    As CJ struggles with recovering memories of her relationship with Asher and of her previous life, there is a sense of foreboding constantly hanging in the air. She desperately wants to be with Asher, yet the prospect of actually marrying him seems always out of reach. She also gets a close-up of Asher's previous life, which allows her to find out devastating information about him that could destroy her trust in him. He's much more dangerous than he had ever let on before, as CJ soon finds out.  
    The two hatch a plan that hopefully will cause Asher's father to accept CJ and give her protection. Will that plan be enough? Will Sergei Pushkin give the two lovers his blessing? Or will he force Asher to marry Sophie? And can CJ ever trust a man with such a dangerous and violent past?  
    Asher and CJ have come through fire and survived. But that doesn’t mean that their troubles are over. Far from it. They face new challenges in their new lives, including media intrusion and an exposure of Asher’s violent background. Meanwhile, Sophie is still in the background, and Asher must prepare for the birth of her child. 
    Will CJ and Asher’s hard-fought happiness last forever? Can CJ finally get some perspective on her life, and accept it the way that it is? Or will they finally decide that the hurdles are just too difficult to overcome?
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    "Nunnery Tales" was written by a young nobleman and translated from his French manuscript into
    "Nunnery Tales" is a classic Victorian erotic novel, published in 1866. It contains graphic sexual descriptions and themes.
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    	This paranormal erotic short story is about 3,800 words.
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    Clarice Whet

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    My mom’s ass was just amazing. Big, fat and round. Any normal guy would love to tap that ass, including me – her own son.
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