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The Ocean Of Blockchain - cover

The Ocean Of Blockchain

Sandeep Nain

Publisher: Publishdrive

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This book (THE OCEAN OF BLOCKCHAIN VOL 1.0) was started in August 2020 and kept on moving slowly and steadily write through 2021 and 2022. This book contains revolutionary practical knowledge of Blockchain Technology. The unique features of this book are the very easy and native language and also contains practical knowledge through QR code scanning. Everything which you read can be visualized by scanning the code. This book keeps you away from many frauds in this new and emerging technology. This book not only just focuses on cryptocurrency but also covers every use-case of Blockchain Technology in every field of life. We want to spread revolution across the world through our in-depth research, and the content gives you a glimpse of future technology, we can see a massive middle-class revolution across the borders. You can visualize the future of the upcoming revolution in finance, banking, supply chain, agriculture, security, privacy, and every field related to our life we give you knowledge from scratch to advance levels through our upcoming volumes.
Available since: 11/15/2022.
Print length: 163 pages.

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    Cleanse Your Body and Mind, and Lose Weight with Autophagy and Intermittent Fasting! 
    Losing weight, or preventing weight gain are two things the majority of people on the planet have had trouble with, at some point in their lives. We work hard and live fast, and finding time to eat properly and exercise can be challenging. 
    But what if losing weight and improving your physical health doesn’t have to be a time-consuming, tedious process? 
    What if your body already possesses the ability to prolong your life, make you look younger and lose weight? 
    This ability is called Autophagy, and it might sound like magic, but it relies on undisputable science and biology. Our bodies are made of cells that are constantly regenerating. As we get older, the regenerating process is gradually slowing down. That’s why it’s harder to lose weight when we hit a certain age, and our skin starts to lose its flexibility and wrinkles. Autophagy is a biological process of cleaning damaged cells and generates healthy ones. 
    You already have the power to trigger it, and this book will show you exactly how to do it! 
    Here’s what you’ll learn: 
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    ●	And much, much, more!
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