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Bent Over By My Professor #2 - cover

Bent Over By My Professor #2

Samantha Summers

Publisher: 25 Eagles Romance

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"You've been a bad girl...." "There's one way to raise your grade.... But it's our little secret." What do you do when your professor keeps you behind after class with one thing on his mind?

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    Jennifer is like many wives and mothers – a life filled with raising the kids, hubby off working all the time, hot passionate nights a fading memory. The difference for Jennifer? She lives at Ocean City, New Jersey, with a steady stream of hot, desirable guys around to fuel her fantasies.
    Of course, that's all they are: fantasies, sensual dreams that come to her in the still of the night when everyone else is asleep, longings she knows will never be fulfilled.
    Until Tony comes along.
    Six-foot-four, hard and lean and gorgeous – not to mention 15 years younger – Tony dominates her thoughts, especially since he and some friends are living in the vacation rental next to Jennifer's home.
    One evening she finds herself alone with Tony, in a beach shower no less, and before she knows what's happen he is kissing her, hands playing along her body, teasing her before pulling back, sending her on her way, with the promise that her fantasies will be fulfilled if she'll just meet him back here, in the shower, at midnight.
    Jennifer's hubby has something to say about that first, though, and soon she finds herself between the man she's been with for 15 years and the young, passionate lover that represents what she misses so badly in her life -- even if he is a harsh, dominate lover -- and Jennifer must decide which path to take in this tale of hot salacious tale of scintillating passion, love and desire
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    2. Teasing My Daddy’s Best Friend:
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    It was Valentines Day and their anniversary, but as usual, Tommy wasn’t prepared. He didn’t even deliver in bed that night. Finally, Ariana had had enough, and when the chance came to experience a real man, she took it with both hands. And mouth. 
    Would Tommy realize the error of his ways? Would he stand to be cuckolded in his own home? Or would he walk away… 
    “Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top,” I said, trying desperately to get her attention. 
    My wife Ariana was completely uninterested. She had a very dazed look on her face, like something was telling me that she was just done with my antics. 
    It was Valentine’s Day night and what had happened here? I was late. Of course I was late. I prevaricated and procrastinated and postponed my way out after work, stealing back long enough to say hi to the cute new girl at reception, only to remember, dammit, it was a double whammy: our anniversary dinner on Valentine’s Day - and I had no present for her. 
    I decided to take the tack of, “Oh, you should just wait until we get home. I have gift for you there.” Not that I had one but I’d figure that problem out later. 
    She looked absolutely ravishing tonight: She had put on a new dress, and she had her hair done in a bun that made her look at once far more beautiful while also being much younger. 
    “New dress?” I asked. “It’s really nice.” 
    She rolled her eyes at me. 
    I shrugged and said, “What?” 
    “You gave it to me as last year’s anniversary present, you idiot.” 
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    Melanie is in need of a bit of rest and relaxation after dealing with the daily demands of her high stress job as a customer service phone representative.  
    When she finally takes a chance on trying something new—a full-body massage at a newly opened spa—she discovers more than she could have ever bargained for in the hot masseur, Evan.  
    Though Melanie finds herself falling hard for the sexy man with expert fingers, she knows he’s way out of her league. 
    But when Melanie decides to act on an impulse to get his attention, will she find that he’s much more within her reach than she’d expected? 
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    Job for a Cowboy (BBW Romance)
    	What’s more fun and hotter than a juicy BBW heroine taking a big bite out of life? The answer: four large and in charge women with an appetite for pleasure—both in and out of the bedroom.
    	Meet Claudine, Bree, Delia, and Kathy-- who are curvy, sexy, and discovering life on their own. All four encounter eagerly excited cowboys and their different personalities make a huge impact on the experience. 
    	*A Montana snowstorm traps big girl Claudine in the home of Biggs, where her foul mouth and huge heart will teach him how to love again. 
    	*Bree has no problem resisting Jesse as she watches the handsome cowboy burn his way through the rest of the female staff of the summer camp. She can resist anything but chocolate. But Jesse finds her irresistible.
    	*Delia has just launched her successful career as a professional dominatrix, and she puts her skills to use when she discovers a drunken cowboy jerking off.
    	*Her cousin Kathy has inherited a dude ranch which includes broke-ass cowboy Derek and golden boy Franco who can't get enough of her.
    	This is an anthology of Bred by the Cowboy, Cowboy Sin-dependence Day, Peg A Cowboy, Brokedown Cowboy, and Golden Boy Franco. (An adults only collection of over 28,000 words featuring four lusty busty ladies who are confident and competent and have no problem with taking things (and various body parts) into their own hands. Discover graphically explicit sexual content, with an emphasis on Delia's BDSM skills of pegging and Femdom humiliation. Warning—this is hot enough to melt your E-Reader.
    	She laughed with a sound as full-bodied as she was and grasped his cock with her soft hands. Franco sighed. Every inch of her was soft, and he wanted every inch of her. It seemed as if she was interested in his inches as well. “Do you have any condoms?” he asked.
    	“Oh, Darlin',” she laughed again, “I'm past the point where I need birth control protection. I have a daughter just a little younger than you, and there won't be a second one, no matter how many times we do this. But there's a bottle of lube in my nightstand—right next to my Intensity Vibrator.” She pulled out the drawer and when he saw it was called “Tangerine Dream,” he actually giggled.
    	This was a new experience for him—he had never had sex without a condom before. It was like having sex for the first time, and he finally understood why some gay guys did barebacking, and why older guys were always trying to get prostitutes to accept a bare dick if they were paid extra.
    	He was sure it wasn’t the Tangerine Dream that was driving him crazy.  It was Bonny. He kissed her, his tongue matching hers while he began to penetrate her. They were both too excited to ease into things, so he immediately began thrusting with all the power and ability he used at the rodeo.
    	He rode her with joy and she responded with joy. They were both at a primal stage and it was raw and exciting—he never knew how much a condom had dulled the experience.  When he came, he collapsed on his side, still holding her.  She kissed him, and after a few minutes of him holding her, they started again, this time more slowly, but with as much enthusiasm.
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  • Bent Over And Spanked By My Boss - cover

    Bent Over And Spanked By My Boss

    Daniella Fetish

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    Bent Over And Spanked By My Boss
    Kristy wants a promotion, and is willing to do anything to get it. Joey, her boss, knows this and uses it to his advantage, offering her a simple proposition – allow him to spank and have his way with her once, in return for a 20k a year raise. It’s a good offer but even someone like Kristy will find herself pushed to the limit as she is spanked raw... especially when she gets a shocking suprise halfway through!
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