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Everything But Money - A Life of Riches - cover

Everything But Money - A Life of Riches

Sam Levenson

Publisher: Open Road Distribution

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In this timeless classic that topped the New York Times bestseller list in 1966 and 1967, Sam Levenson recalls his childhood with the warmth and affectionate humor that endeared the author and humorist to millions of Americans. He describes the cramped New York tenement which he shared with his parents, his six older brothers, and his sister as a “a life of plenty”—plenty of relatives, neighbors, boarders, janitors, hugs, slaps, books, music, weddings, illnesses, cats, dogs, cockroaches, and the like. He recalls how his parents bestowed upon him a “life of plenty”—plenty of hope, ambition, and faith in education, all of which became the hallmarks of his life and career. As he remembers his parents with overwhelming love, and cherishes the ethical values they instilled in him, he shows how those values are timeless and have helped him as he became a parent. His vivid recollections of a big family, rich in everything but money, are interspersed with a deep concern for the social and moral dilemmas facing today’s young people, dilemmas which carry on to this day. Sam Levenson’s blend of sweetness, hilarity and wisdom shines through Everything But Money and offers lessons that we can all learn from, lessons that are timeless and as relevant now as they were 50 years after Everything But Money was first released . . .  
Available since: 08/30/2016.
Print length: 285 pages.

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    For her whole life, Souad Mekhennet, a reporter for the Washington Post who was born and educated in Germany, has had to balance the two sides of her upbringing—Muslim and Western. She has also sought to provide a mediating voice between these cultures, which too often misunderstand each other. 
    In this compelling and evocative memoir, we accompany Mekhennet as she journeys behind the lines of jihad, starting in the German neighborhoods where the 9/11 plotters were radicalized and the Iraqi neighborhoods where Sunnis and Shia turned against one another, and culminating on the Turkish/Syrian border region where ISIS is a daily presence. In her travels across the Middle East and North Africa, she documents her chilling run-ins with various intelligence services and shows why the Arab Spring never lived up to its promise. She then returns to Europe, first in London, where she uncovers the identity of the notorious ISIS executioner "Jihadi John," and then in France, Belgium, and her native Germany, where terror has come to the heart of Western civilization. 
    Souad Mekhennet is an ideal guide to introduce us to the human beings behind the ominous headlines, as she shares her transformative journey with us. Hers is a story you will not soon forget.
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    John Murray’s Diary 1914-1918 is available in other formats, including audiobook and deluxe collectible diary. The collectible diary contains special inclusions such as maps, postcards, newspaper clippings and other authentic documents, as well as numerous Memory Pennies. The pennies are contemporary reproductions of vintage copper pennies, featuring memorable moments from the diary. 
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    In thirty-two personal essays, more than half of which are published here for the first time, authors describe how they were seduced by Paris—and then began to see things differently. They came to write, to cook, to find love, to study, to raise children, to escape, or to live the way it’s done in French movies; they came from the United States, Canada, and England; from Iran, Iraq, and Cuba; and—a few—from other parts of France. And they stayed, not as tourists, but as Parisians; some are still living there. 
    In Paris Was Ours, these outsiders-turned-insiders share their observations and revelations about the City of Light. The collection includes entries from celebrated literary expats, such as Diane Johnson, David Sedaris, Judith Thurman, Joe Queenan, and Edmund White. 
    Together, their reflections form an unusually perceptive and multifaceted portrait of a city that is entrancing, at times exasperating, but always fascinating. They remind us that Paris belongs to everyone it has touched, and to each in a different way. 
    “[A] wonderful collection . . . The essays capture the mood of the city in all of its dark and light shades, evoking the spirit of Eugene Atget and Marcel Proust.” —Chicago Tribune
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    A farmer in old Japan prays to the gods for a wife, someone who is kind, beautiful, and hardworking. What would be even better is if she didn’t eat at all, saving him both money and food. Imagine his surprise when just such a woman shows up at his house one night. But all is not perfect. The gods have quite the sense of humor, and the farmer soon learns what kind of monster he is living with. But is it too late?“The Wife Who Didn’t Eat” is author Thersa Matsuura’s retelling of a classic horror-tinged Japanese folktale, “Kwazu Nyobo”. Here she reads her version of the story followed by a short commentary with some of her research notes and thoughts on the tale. Both the short story and commentary come in at just under one hour. Thersa Matsuura is a published author of two short story collections, one nominated for a Bram Stoker Award. You can also find her on her podcast, Uncanny Japan, where she talks more about the more obscure parts of Japanese culture. Reviews: “Very soothing, educational and entertaining. Love this deep dive into Japanese culture. Not to mention just the right amount of Spooky.”            By Spooks76“High production value and haunting storytelling helps shed light onto Japanese folklore. Teresa is clear, concise and highlights stories that might otherwise never be heard by Western ears. Highly recommend!”         By Jameswhojamesyu
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    Murder & Mayhem in Jefferson County

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    The author of Wicked Northern New York delivers the most chilling historic true crime stories from the state’s northern tier.    Jefferson County, located in New York’s beautiful North Country, has a dark and violent past. During the long winter months, it was not the cold that was feared, but the killers. In 1828, Henry Evans committed a crime so brutal that the location in Brownsville is still called Slaughter Hill. A real-life Little Red Riding Hood, eleven-year-old Sarah Conklin met someone far worse than a wolf on her way home from school in 1875. And in 1908, Mary Farmer, a beautiful young mother hacked her neighbor to death and was sent to the electric chair. Author Cheri L. Farnsworth has compiled the stories of the most notorious criminal minds of Jefferson County’s early history.   Includes photos!
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  • Russian Short Story The - Volume 5 - Anton Chekhov to Alexander Kuprin - cover

    Russian Short Story The - Volume...

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    The Russian novel has a reputation that is immense, both in narrative and in length.  Unquestionably though the ideas, themes and characters make many novels rightly revered as world class, as icons of literature. 
    Perhaps an easier way to enjoy a wider selection of the Russian heritage, with its varied and glorious literary talents, is with the short story.  These gems sparkle and beguile the mind with their characters and narrative, exploring facets of society and the human condition that more Western authors somehow find more difficult to navigate, or to explore, explain and relate to.   
    The Russian short story is, in many respects, in a genre of its own.  It is at its captivating best whether it’s an exploration of real-life experiences, through fantasy and fables and on to total absurdity. 
    In a land so vast it is unsurprising that it is a world almost unto itself. Cultures and landscapes of differing hues are packed together bound only by the wilful bonds and force of Empire. 
    The stories in this collection traverse the decades where one might be a serf under an absolute monarch, and the reality of that was pretty near to slavery, into an emancipation of sorts in the fields, or towns under the despotic will of landowners and the rich into the upheavals of Empire and then the overthrow of the ruling class and its replacement by the communists, who promised equality for all and delivered a society where the down-trodden remained the lowest yet vital cog of the state machine and its will.  
    Whilst Tolstoy, Gogol, Dostoevsky, Pushkin and Chekhov are a given in any Russian collection we also explore and include Andreyev, Korolenko, Turgenev, Blavatsky and many others to create a world rich and dense across a sprawling landscape of diverse people, riddled with the class and unfairness in perhaps some of the most turbulent times that Russia has ever experienced. 
    01 - The Russian Short Story - Volume 5 - An Introduction 
    02 - About Love by Anton Chekhov 
    03 - Vanka by Anton Chekhov 
    04 - Hide And Seek or Pliatki by Fyodor Sologub 
    05 - In The Steppe by Maxim Gorky 
    06 - Chelkash - Part 1 by Maxim Gorky 
    07 - Chelkash - Part 2 by Maxim Gorky 
    08 - Chelkash - Part 3 by Maxim Gorky 
    09 - Twenty-Six Men and a Girl by Maxim Gorky 
    10 - One Autumn Night by Maxim Gorky 
    11 - Her Lover by Maxim Gorky 
    12 - The Servant by S T Semyonov 
    13 - Son by Ivan Bunin 
    14 - Kasimir Stanislavovitch by Ivan Bunin 
    15 - Gentle Breathing by Ivan Bunin 
    16 - The Outrage by Alexander Kuprin 
    17 - The Park of Kings by Alexander Kuprin
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