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Practical Arnis Stick Fighting: Vortex Control Stick Fighting for Self-Defense - Self-Defense #9 - cover

Practical Arnis Stick Fighting: Vortex Control Stick Fighting for Self-Defense - Self-Defense #9

Sam Fury

Publisher: Survival Fitness Plan

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Teach Yourself Stick Fighting for Self Defense! 
Discover a stick fighting method that actually works in the streets of today. 
This training manual focuses on the most practical stick fighting techniques for self defense. 
It combines stick fighting techniques from a variety of Kali Arnis grandmasters. Although highly effective, the training and techniques are easy to learn. 
Now you can learn stick-fighting adapted for the streets of today, because this training manual has all the exercises you need! 
Get it now. 
Learn Street-Effective Stick FightingThe single best strike which will end 99% of street-based confrontations!Strike drills covering all angles of attackProper stance and movement to get the most power from your strikesLittle known but very effective snatch techniques to take your opponent's weapon 
... and much more! 
Versatile, Modern, and Practical 
The Arnis stick is one of the most versatile martial arts weapons. 
You can apply the techniques in this stick fighting book to a wide range of common items such as:Half a pool cueUmbrellaWooden stakeStick on the ground, etc. 
This flexibility makes it very practical for self defense. 
Suitable for Women, Men, Young, and Old 
Learn everything you need to train in this practical method of modern Arnis.Clear and simple instructionsEasy to follow diagramsFlow drills to make the techniques instinctive. 
Includes 4 Bonuses! 
Get your copy of Practical Arnis Stick Fighting today and you will also receive:A never-ending Vortex Control Self Defense training scheduleA critical first aid guide including an emergency first aid cheat sheet.Special report: How to swim 50+ meters underwater.A 15-minute yoga stretch routine for increased flexibility, strength, and balance 
This publication has the approval of Peter Sunbye, creator of Vortex Control Self Defense. 
Teach yourself Practical Arnis Stick Fighting today, because the traditional stuff doesn't work on the streets! 
Get it now.

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