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The Giants of Russian Literature: The Greatest Russian Novels Stories Plays Folk Tales & Legends - 110+ Titles in One Volume: Crime and Punishment War and Peace Uncle Vanya… - cover

The Giants of Russian Literature: The Greatest Russian Novels Stories Plays Folk Tales & Legends - 110+ Titles in One Volume: Crime and Punishment War and Peace Uncle Vanya…

FYODOR DOSTOEVSKY, Leo Tolstoy, Nikolai Gogol, Alexander Pushkin, Anton Chekhov, Ivan Turgenev, MAXIM GORKY, M.Y. Saltykov, V.G. Korolenko, V.N. Garshin, F.K. Sologub, I. N. Potapenko, S.T. Semyonov, Leonid Andreyev, M.P. Artzybashev, A. I. Kuprin, Ivan Goncharov, Saki Saki, H. H. Munro, Herman Bernstein

Translator Aylmer Maude, Constance Garnett, Louise Maude, Thomas Seltzer, C.J. Hogarth, Julius West, Claud Field

Publisher: Musaicum Books

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This unique collection of the greatest novesl, short stories & plays in Russian literature has been designed and formatted to the highest digital standards:
The Rise of the Russian Empire
Novels & Novellas:
Dead Souls
Fathers and Sons
Fyodor Dostoevsky:
Crime and Punishment
The Idiot
The Brothers Karamazov
Leo Tolstoy:
War and Peace
Anna Karenina
The Death of Ivan Ilych
The Kreutzer Sonata
Anton Chekhov:
The Steppe: The Story of a Journey
Ward No. 6
Mother (Maxim Gorky)
Satan's Diary (Leonid Andreyev)
The Inspector General; or, The Government Inspector (Nikolai Gogol)
Anton Chekhov:
On the High Road
Swan Song, A Play in one Act
The Anniversary; or, the Festivities
The Three Sisters
The Cherry Orchard…
Leo Tolstoy:
The Power of Darkness
The First Distiller
Fruits of Culture
The Live Corpse
The Cause of it All
The Light Shines in Darkness
Leonid Andreyev:
The Life of Man
Short Stories:
The Queen of Spades
The Cloak
The District Doctor
The Christmas Tree and the Wedding
God Sees the Truth, but Waits
How A Muzhik Fed Two Officials
The Shades, a Phantasy
The Heavenly Christmas Tree
The Peasant Marey
The Crocodile
The Dream of a Ridiculous Man
The Viy
Knock, Knock, Knock
The Inn
Lieutenant Yergunov's Story
The Dog
The Watch…
Russian Folk Tales & Legends:
The Fiend
The Dead Mother
The Dead Witch
The Treasure
The Cross-Surety
The Awful Drunkard
The Bad Wife
The Golovikha
The Three Copecks
The Miser
The Fool and the Birch-Tree
The Mizgir
The Smith and the Demon
Ivan Popyalof
The Norka
Marya Morevna
Koshchei the Deathless
The Water Snake
The Water King and Vasilissa the Wise
The Baba Yaga
Vasilissa the Fair
The Witch
The Witch and the Sun's Sister
One-Eyed Likho
On Russian Novelists
Lectures on Russian Novelists
Available since: 12/18/2019.

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