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We Need Him Part 1 + Part 2 - Missing Pieces - cover

We Need Him Part 1 + Part 2 - Missing Pieces

Sage L Mattison

Publisher: Sage L Mattison

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Update July 2015: We Need Him Part 1 and Part 2 are now bundled together!We Need Him Part 1:5*****: "I read it in one stretch, as the story captivated me and the book has a natural flow to it. "We Need Him" is much more than an erotic novel."Have you ever wondered what would happen to a long term relationship when a 3rd is invited into their bed? Find out in this steamy, panty-dropping hot serial story!After 5 years together, Jake (a business lawyer) and Jamie (a Creative Director for a children books publishing firm), are start to realizing that something is missing from their relationship. Jamie constantly wonders how she can be enough for her boyfriend, who has always liked both men and women, while Jake continues to ignore the problem. As the two pull away from each other, Jamie's go-getter attitude pushes her to formulate a drastic plan. A chance meeting with Brett the Brit reveals explosive chemistry - for all three of them - and forces Jamie's plan into action. Will their mutual attraction break Jake and Jamie's relationship apart or mend the rift and take them somewhere new? 4**** Review "This story hooked me in quickly with some intense boy-on-girl-on-boy action....If you would like to read something more interesting, and less repetitive, than 50 Shades of Grey - then this will keep you entertained." 5***** Review "Loved it! Very hot and exciting gets my imagination rolling." -----We Need Him Part 2:5***** “We Need Him Part 2 is as senSAGEional as Part 1. The content is hot - yet stylish. What really gets the mind-juices flowing though is the in-depth view into a three-people-relationship.”Jake and Jamie spent a mind blowing night with Brett the Brit, and then were left in the wake of his quick departure the next morning, wondering what had happened.Jake and Jamie are ready to start tackling their own relationship issues, seeking counseling and dedicating time to each other again. But that's not good enough. They want Brett, too. And they are getting desperate.Can the couple convince the wary Dom to come back to their bed or will Brett's scars be too much for this threesome to handle?5***** Review: “I cried when Brett finally came clean about his past and what he was put through. These two books have brought forth emotions in me and that means that these books are written fantastic.”4**** Review: “The three main characters have incredible chemistry. Seriously...lightning shot out of my Kindle. They have extremely hot sex...whether it's just Jake and Jamie, or when Brett joins in. It's not just sex for sex's sake, though.”5***** Review: “We Need Him Part 2 hit me with a surprise I did not see coming. The characters are far more developed than I imagined originally. I spent my entire night going from page to page, if I hadn't of finished I would have forgotten to eat!”Content warning: This book is intended for audiences over the age of 18 due to explicit material. This story includes an mmf (male-male-female) menage a trois, gay encounters, descriptive sex scenes as well as description of physical and mental abuse. We Need Him part 1 is an 11,000 word novella.We Need Him Part 2 is a 20,000 word novella.

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    Now her knight in shining armor needed help and she knew what to do.
    Delia had always been comfortable around her brother. Growing up in the heat and humidity of the Florida summer, Mom had raised them in the GatorTail Trailer Park with a casual attitude toward nudity. Sometimes they were nude or partly dressed in the mornings as they started the day and stripped down to near nude after coming home. She had seen her big brother’s cock and balls routinely while she was growing up.
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    In the haze of his dream, Greg watched his buddies zigzag forward in their desert BDUs, taking and returning fire toward the enemy positioned high on a rocky bluff. He fired his AR-15 to provide cover and ran after them, then threw himself down just as AK-47 fire blasted over him. Then long, tender arms wrapped around him.
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    That man was my daddy. He worked, he took care of the house and had a manly ass cock.
    The first time I saw a glance of it was when I was at the pool. He came out of the pool, swimming briefs snug against his cock. It was amazing.
    Ever since then, I've searched on the net for pics of a dick like daddy's. But there were none to be found. I was a young lady, I needed to finally give up that virginity of mine and fast.
    I've never been so determined to get daddy's cock like this before, but I've been having these urges and they are consuming me.
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    18 sex scenes, 16 lonely women, 5 commitment-phobic men, 1 big secret.  
    "A clever, dark drama" - Esquire 
    The story - four men are paid to seduce and abandon...but then one of them breaks the rules. 
    Eccentric English millionaire Dennison Carr invents a bizarre game in which he pays a group of handpicked men to seduce women he selects at random. 
    One of the seducers, named Erskine, is recovering from a trauma that has made him averse to relationships. Things begin to unravel when, against the rules of Dennison's game, he begins to develop feelings for one of the women he is paid to seduce - a commitment-phobic jazz singer called Natascha. 
    As they battle against their aversion to intimacy, neither is prepared for the shocking conclusion that Dennison has planned. 
    The novel is a British romantic suspense love story set in the summer of contemporary London. It's not your usual steamy summer romance read, but a dark, gripping erotic mystery that twists, turns and challenges our assumptions about the psychological reality of sex, love and relationships. 
    The story's suspense builds from the first page, as Dennison goes hunting for men to participate in his sex game. He offers Erskine £3,000 in cash to sleep with three random women. How will he persuade them to have sex with him? 
    Dennison Carr - a charismatic millionaire, bored with his life, gets his kicks from manipulating the men in his game of sex.
    Erskine - depressed and reeling from the death of his wife, he finds a strange new purpose in casual sex.
    Natascha - she distrusts all men, avoids commitment, and only has brief affairs to avoid getting hurt.
    Rossi - his mother was a French prostitute. As a child he saw men come and go. Now he too offers sex for money.
    Hof - a dirty-mouthed 'bad boy' sex addict who lives for the thrill of connecting with as many different women as possible.
    Richard - an out-of-work actor whose wife left him 'for someone better'. Sex is an antidote for his low self-esteem. 
    The sex is gripping, steamy, erotic and explicit. It will make you laugh, cry and gasp with shock. 
    In their summer of sex, the men seduce a diverse array of women - single, married, divorced, etc. Tensions emerge as the men navigate how to leave the women oncethe seduction is over. 
    Emotional issues abound - hearts are closed, things remain unsaid, lovers struggle to say how they feel - everyone is hiding something, everyone has a dark secret, mystery or personal taboo. Although their sexual misadventures link them all, it is love they secretly crave. 
    For every woman who has taken the bait, the men feel more confident. They are all happily tangled within their gripping sexual misadventures. All except Erskine. A dark secret troubles him. 
    Natascha hates herself for having feelings for Erskine. The dark, erotic charge of their sex has broken something within her, leaving her vulnerable. Does she love him now? Like Erskine, she too conceals a dark secret. 
    The suspense reaches a thrilling climax when Dennison unravels secrets that shake Erskine and Natascha to their core. The year's most original psychological fiction debut ends suddenly with a gripping twist you will not see until the final page. 
    A full-length standalone romantic suspense novel - 70,000 words. Available in print and digital. 
    Romantic suspense
    Contemporary urban fiction
    Contemporary women's fiction
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    This boxed set contains five paranormal erotica stories.
    	Her First Demon (3,300 words) 
    	Innocent Janet is just trying to work her way through life, playing by the rules but missing out on living life the meantime. When a group of lazy college guys decide to sacrifice her to a demon in exchange for an easy grade, Janet finds herself in a world where her soul is at stake. Her only chance at survival is to offer the demon a different kind of sacrifice, the kind she can only ever make once. Will the sacrifice of her body be enough to save her soul, or is it already lost to the dark-eyed demon?
    	Werewolf At Work (3,900 words) 
    	Late one weekend night, Betty comes to the office to collect some Human Resources files for a position she is hiring for. She discovers the top three internal candidates are competing against one another for sales in one of the conference rooms. What Betty doesn’t realize is that they aren’t just competing to be the top dog in the office, they’re werewolves looking to replace the pack Alpha. Betty has just become a central figure in the dominance struggle. She is about to learn who is going to come out on top.
    	Ogre Inside (3,200 words) 
    	Melissa and Jason are backpacking through Europe, looking for the most interesting places to engage in a little outdoor fun. Melissa really wants Jason to let loose and satisfy her ravenous sexual appetite, however his reserved nature always keeps him holding back. In England they discover a place called Ogre Hill. Local legend says it is haunted by the spirits of Ogres, known to inhabit and transform humans into the monsters they once were. When Jason uncontrollably shifts into an Ogre, will Melissa finally get the rough fun she's been secretly craving?
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    Gina pulled off of Kim and came around behind Captain Douglas. She reached her hands around his waist and unbuckled the leather belt easing it from the loops. Then she worked the hook of his dress pants and peeled the zipper down in a slow steady motion up against the chub that grew beneath. She ran her fingers up against his cock, tickling as she went……
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