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Lafayette--the novel--Courtier to Crown Fugitive - cover

Lafayette--the novel--Courtier to Crown Fugitive

S. P. Grogan

Publisher: Addison & Highsmith Publishers

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Lafayette—the novel 
Courtier to Crown Fugitive 
TheStory of Adventure, Romance & Revolution 
Breathing life into the mythology.  The world knows the Hero of Two Worlds, Gilbert du Motier de La Fayette, best known today as Lafayette.  But author S.P. Grogan wants us to delve into Lafayette's early days of those major events of France in the 1760's -1770's which forged into the future major general's character the impassioned drive toward his ultimate goal: to be a victorious soldier bathed in glory. 
Follow how he seeks to deal with women in his life: his cousin, those of the street, his future wife Adrienne, and his quest to be like others, and gain an influential mistress. 
This period of  Lafayette's life, always vague with little historic facts, has been fleshed out beginning with Gilbert's rural birth in the Auvergne hills to his 19th birthday as an active player in Queen Marie Antoinette's dissolute clique. 
Lafayette – Courtier to Crown Fugitive is an 'action' story of highway robbers, spies, and court intrigues. The reader can see the developing psychological make-up of Lafayette; his search for a father-figure, his need for supportive love, and his blind passion for glory and fame.  What is revealed is a young boy in the throes of transformation under the influences of Queen Marie Antoinette's life style of spoiled privilege, his attitude towards his young wife in a forced marriage, the secrets within the Masonic fraternity, the writings of Voltaire, the Encyclopédistes, and the voice of the anti-slavery Abbot Raynal.  All come together to transform his mind-set as Gilbert, blinded by class liberté idealism, seeks to run away to join the American revolutionary army.  In doing so, he becomes a fugitive from the King's edicts, and his ensuing flight and pursuit climax in a showdown on the beaches of Spain. 
Author S.P. Grogan is a best-selling author specializing in historical fiction. 
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Atomic Dreams at the Red Tiki Lounge—the goddess Pele and Atomic Bomb in post World War 2

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