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Adventures of a Dark Duke - The Pin - cover

Adventures of a Dark Duke - The Pin

Russell C. Brennan

Publisher: December Books UK

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Adventures of a Dark Duke:The Pin is a contemporary story of a British indie pop star who lives a secret life as an adventurer.

Looking for material for new songs and hooked on adventure, Duke sticks a pin in a map and follows it religiously for a month to have the adventure of a life time, with Florida, Cuba and Mexico making up the colourful backdrop.

From danger with a stranger to a poignant love story, to a hidden Hollywood A-list sect, the stories and characters keep on coming and so does he, for he likes to live a very erotic lifestyle and living life on the edge is what it's all about.

The book is like a Russian doll with stories within stories that have many twists and turns. It's full of sharply drawn characters who often have a unique way with words.

It is often told in the first person narrative making it like virtual reality for books.

So, if the title name conjures up a ‘Mills and Boon’ romantic royal character, sorry to disappoint - this is a novel for those who don't shy away from erotic content and like something a bit more cutting edge and contemporary.

Rumour has it that it may also be based on a true story.

This is the first in the ‘Adventures of a Dark Duke’ series of fiction books from author and multi platform artist Russell C. Brennan.

Finally, it's not often you can  music from just reading a book but with this book you can. 

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    ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~
    Adrian sits on the living room couch, pretending to read. But what he's actually doing is glancing over, at his 18-year old stepsister Kendall.
    Kendall's sitting at the table, studying for a test she has coming up in her Engineering class. This is a big one, and she's been pretty stressed lately.
    What Kendall really wants to do, if you were to ask her, is grab her stepbrother Adrian, rip his clothes off, and bang the daylights out of him. She longs to feel him inside of her, and she would give anything for him to fill her fertile womb.
    Adrian feels restless. He's been trying to get his mind off of something, but it keeps coming back to him. Last week he heard Kendall…masturbating. He overheard her—he's certain she had no idea how loud she was being!—through her bedroom door. She was moaning, crying out, telling the invisible person in there to take her, to give her a baby.
    And Adrian couldn't help but imagine himself doing just that.
    "Hey kiddo?" Adrian calls out to his stepsister. "Would you mind if I picked your brain?"
    Kendall looks up from her school work and then gets up, comes over to where her stepbrother is. He gets up. He wants to ask her opinion about a recent client he's picked up. But when she approaches him all thought of that goes out of his head.
    "Yeah?" she asks. She's looking up at him with those soft eyes, speaking with that tasty mouth. Kendall's 18 and Adrian knows she's a virgin. But that doesn't stop him from getting hard.
    "Um, I was wondering," he says, but what's on his mind must be plain in his face. When he looks at his little sister he sees her give him a strange look, and then bite down softly on her lower lip. She steps forward, shortening the distance between them. He's breathless, and he sees her breasts rising and falling with her own heavy breath.
    As Adrian and Kendall look at one another Adrian feels his heart beat fast and hard in his chest.
    Kendall looks sweet, vulnerable. But more than that, she looks hot. Hotter than anyone Adrian's ever known.
    Adrian's mind races. Should he do this? He doesn't know. On the one hand it's absolutely morally reprehensible. But on the other hand, the heart wants what the heart wants.
    "I think I've figured something out," Kendall says to her stepbrother. Adrian raises an eyebrow.
    "Oh yeah? What's that?" he asks.
    "I think…I think I want to become a mommy," she says to him, and now both of Adrian's eyebrows raise.
    "A mommy?" he repeats.
    "Yeah," Kendall says. "I want to become pregnant, and have a baby, and be a mommy." She looks up into her stepbrother's eyes. "What do you think? Could I do it?"
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