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Mind of her Own A - cover

Mind of her Own A

Rosie Harris

Publisher: Severn House

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Widowed after fifty years of marriage, Betty has put all thought of romance behind her. Or has she …?

Newly widowed after fifty years of marriage, Betty Wilson is determined to remain in the home she has lived in the whole of her married life and retain her independence. Deciding she doesn’t need anyone to look after her, she won’t even accept help from loyal family friend Peter Brown. 

But it’s not always easy to cope when one is growing older. From errant hedge trimmers to unscrupulous conmen and a car which seems to have a mind of its own, modern life offers  unexpected hazards for the unwitting septuagenarian.  Will Betty accept the devoted Peter’s help and come to realize what he means to her, before it’s all too late…?

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    Omnibus version of the first three volumes in the Ghostspeaker Chronicles. 
    Johanna is a daughter of a merchant and she has Notions: that she will take over her father's business and that she will not get married. And, she will get the church to accept that some people are born with magic and that this is not their choice. 
    Fate has different ideas. An invasion of fire demons burns down her prosperous town. Johanna is forced to flee with a witch, a follower of the church and the tiny nation's mentally unstable crown prince. 
    The journey brings them closer to the source of the evil magic that threatens all of the lowland countries. Unless someone stands up and fights for freedom.
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    In the bowels of London lies the Engine Ward, where one man rules with a heart of iron. 
    Now that the Sunken have been defeated, Isambard Kingdom Brunel can begin the task of making the British Empire great once more. All that stands in his way are the French forces closing in on the country, and rival engineer Robert Stephenson, who seeks to undermine Brunel's power by disobeying his orders at every turn.  
    Nicholas Thorne once again finds himself caught in the middle of a war he does not believe in. Only now, Nicholas is assailed every waking hour by terrible voices – animals in excruciating pain pound against his skull, begging for release. Can Nicholas fight through the pain and retain control of his mind to protect the people he loves?  
    Not content to lay idle while his empire is attacked and civil war looms, Brunel has one last great innovation to unveil. This new machine could be the salvation of England, or the destruction of them all.  
    The Gauge War is the second book in S C Green's Engine Ward series, exploring the clash of science and religion in an alternatee history London where dinosaurs still survive.
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  • The Place - cover

    The Place

    Wayne Kyle Spitzer

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    (looks around nervously) 
    He looks for SWEDEN again, and again sees only the tops of the bushes, roaring in the wind. A beat later there is another crack! Another splash! ABE whips around. He sees, a few feet out, what at first appears to be a human arm reaching up from a gurgling eddy—deaden spidery fingers groping. He focuses his eyes upon it: the pressure stops cold as we see it is merely a gnarled branch. ABE exhales. Then, as driftwood is proving scarce on the island, he breaks off some willow stems and tries to fish the branch closer. The current dislodges it as he looks on and it floats down stream, bobbing and turning on the waves. ABE watches it go; it looks rather like a hand again; gesturing to him, summon-ing. A real hand suddenly lands on his shoulder. He spins around. It is SWEDEN; he is shining a Coleman lantern directly into his eyes. 
    It's gone now. There was a sound. Like…. 
    ABE squints in the glare, which obscures SWEDEN'S face. 
    (breathes hard, listens) 
    It's this awful wind. It roars such 
    that I didn't even hear you approach!  
    SWEDEN hands ABE a flashlight. 
    Where were they? 
    In the stern. Under the ballast. 
    I wish this wind would go down…. 
    SWEDEN doesn't say anything. There's clearly something very wrong. 
    We're not alone here. 
    ACT 2, SCENE 12 
    SWEDEN is standing with his back to us, facing the river. ABE approaches—he has taken the long way around the willows. SWEDEN turns slowly; the men look at each other. It is nearly dark. 
    SWEDEN steps aside as the camera dollies past him and in on A CORPSE, a real one. It is caught up in the roots of the willows, several feet from the crumbling bank, chest-deep in the water, vertically positioned, bobbing up and down in a violent whirlpool. The corpse is wearing an Army-green or dark blue nylon parka, slick from the river, with a sopping fur-lined hood. The hood droops, obscuring the face from the top of the mouth up, the mouth which is stretched, contorted, whose chin is far too long. The whole body is stiff like a statue, its flesh an ashen gray-blue. Its hands are twisted and groping, like tree branches—willow branches. One is frozen with Rigor Mortis in such a way that it appears to be reaching out, its fingers gnarled, misshapen; they are too-long, really, to seem entirely human. The bony, branch-like index finger seems almost to be pointing, indicting the sky.      
    My God, Sweden…. 
    (turns to his friend) 
    What happened here?
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    A much-admired patron of the arts and something of a ‘ladies’ man, the Duke of Arkholme, a very rich and celebrated aristocrat, is as passionate about music as he is bored by the attentions of predatory Society ladies. He decides to launch at his own expense a competition to encourage talented new composers, but he finds that the entrants he has to listen to are insipid and uninspiring.So when he hears the sparkling brilliant music he has been searching for being played on his own piano in a room next to his bedroom in his own home in the middle of the night, he is bewitched. Even more so when the pianist proves to be a pale, elfin, auburn-haired beauty called Vanola. She forces the Duke at gunpoint to listen longer to her music and she relates the story of her Hungarian father and his failure to attract any interest in his superb and innovative compositions in England.He is also horrified to be told by Vanola that his employees are corrupt and taking bribes from entrants to his auditions, so that the real talent, such as her father’s, is excluded. Realising that she is half-starved and that her father is at death’s door, he is determined to make amends, despite her implacable contempt for him for employing crooked Managers. Soon the Duke realises that he has fallen in love – but too late. Vanola’s father is dead and in her grief and fury she has fled to who knows where and it seems that he has lost her and his one chance of happiness forever.
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    A mysterious fire at a Somerset manor house leads to a complex and intriguing case for Bristol detective David Vogel. When Sir John Fairbrother, head of one of the world’s biggest private banks, burns to death, along with his nurse, in a catastrophic fire at his Somerset manor house, Detective Inspector David Vogel finds himself dealing with a complex and mystifying sequence of events. If arson was involved, as Vogel believes, the obvious suspect is Sir John’s chauffeur/gardener, George Grey … but is he guilty?Determined to get to the bottom of the mystery and bring those responsible for the fire and two further suspicious deaths to justice, Vogel uncovers a tangled web of intrigue which exceeds anything he at first imagined.
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  • Earth: Elemental Reverse Harem Quartet - Elemental Reverse Harem Quartet #1 - cover

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    Helen J Perry

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    One vampire. Five witches.  
    One young woman alone in the world who doesn't know about her own power.  
    Five men who've promised to protect her. 
    Hot and dangerous from the get-go. 
    Of all the weird things that happened to me, dying had to be the worst. 
    Later, it turned out I wasn't dead after all, and that came as a real shock.  
    The bare-chested witches and the undead Romanian vampire are all that stand between me and the demons who want to kill me. 
    Oh, yes, and salt and magic, if you can believe that. 
    And that was just the start of the craziness.  
    And did I mention the men's bare chests? 
    These guys seem to have a problem with clothes. 
    Not that I'm complaining. 
    Sorry, I ramble and digress when the threat of impending death gets too much. 
    Anyway, three of the guys seem to have the hots for each other and it's bound to end in tears, but that's another story. I'll find out more and let you know IF I survive the night. 
    EARTH is book one in a sizzling four-book paranormal romance series set in London.  
    It features:  
    Witches, magic, and vampires. 
    A kick-ass woman at the heart of the story. 
    Bisexual characters in a reverse harem romance. 
    More explicit MMF scenes than you can wave a witch's wand at. 
    Knife crime and fruit smoothies. 
    Hackney in East London.   
    A cliffhanger.  
    Approximately 51,000 words.
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