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The Art and Business of Travel Writing: Pitch Pen and Get Paid - cover

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The Art and Business of Travel Writing: Pitch Pen and Get Paid

Rosie Bell

Publisher: Rosie Bell

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Have you always wanted to be a travel writer, but unsure of what it involves or how to break into the industry? 
Wondered how to write great travel stories that captivate and inspire readers to answer the call of elsewhere? 
Would you like to learn about the business side of travel writing, finding your first clients, press trips and sending pitches? 
International travel writer and editor Rosie Bell provides the definitive guide to this gilded profession. Travel writing is an eclectic mix of business and the creative. It's a prized and often-misunderstood profession and this book is here to help you unpick it. 
In this book, you will learn: 
- The perks and perils of the job 
- The difference between travel bloggers and travel journalists 
- How much money you can make 
- How to find story ideas and unique angles 
- How to write pitches and sell yourself 
- Freelancing finances and administration 
- Magazines, newspapers and publishers you can write for 
- How to monetize a travel blog 
- What press trips are all about and how to organize one 
- The anatomy of a great travel story 
- Why it's been called the greatest job in the world 
Travel writing is essentially getting paid twice; in priceless moments and the price that's set for your work. Read this book to find out the steps you need to take to build a successful and profitable career writing and travelling the world.

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