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Escape to Self: Realise Accept & Pursue What You Desire - cover

Escape to Self: Realise Accept & Pursue What You Desire

Rosie Bell

Publisher: Rosie Bell

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What do you desire? And I don't mean where would you like to vacation this year or what would you like to have for dinner. What do you truly desire, what is essential for you to thrive?  
For so many, the definition of success and fulfilment is the one dictated by society, a one-size-fits-all dream. We perform for phantom spectators, exerting our precious energy to dance to the beat of someone else's drum without checking our own internal temperature. This very moment, you might be fighting for something you actually have little appetite for.  
This lifestyle design book is written for anyone who feels stuck. It's an invitation to realise, accept and pursue your desires so you may escape to a life that's truly yours, free of social expectation or conformity. It is a prime read for anyone who longs to define their own life, doing away with traditional roles and what we are "supposed to" be striving for. It seeks to demonstrate that there very much is a box of collective desires and that living within it is not where we are best situated.  
Escape to Self is an ode to personal freedom that provides words and chapters for you to lean on as you embrace your own truth and pinpoint what it takes for you to feel proud of and take pleasure in your life. Pleasure is the food of the soul, and nothing is more pleasurable than being able to say you lived your life the way you needed to.

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    Over 69 percent of people feel trapped in their same old redundant routine. Are you one of them?
    Do you wake up to your alarm in the mornings, get ready for work as usual, and feel like something in your life is missing? Something with significance?Are you tired of doing the things you typically do, expecting a new outcome each time, only to be disappointed when you make absolutely no personal progress or growth whatsoever?Do you want to create a new life for yourself -- one filled with genuine happiness and a love for both yourself and what you do?Dissatisfaction is all too common nowadays. People are depressed, miserable, and hate their daily routine, feeling as if their life's purpose doesn't exist.For the most part, a major contributing factor is that you stay in your comfort zone and don't try to grow as an individual. Another part is that your mind is too fixated onThe best thing you can do for yourself in times of doubt, sadness, and unfulfillment is to focus your thoughts inward and try 
    ★★ In Self Discovery Journal, you will discover: ★★
    ♦ 365 thought-provoking questions to help you better understand yourself and open the door of opportunity for change in both mindset and lifestyle♦ How to become happy and satisfied in the life you're living, as well as how to make your dream life turn into reality♦ The never-ending life cycle many people get sucked into, and how to dig yourself out of this torturous rabbit hole♦ The key to maintaining a successful life, even if your goals constantly develop into something entirely new♦ The #1 stumbling block that hinders personal growth, and how to push past its detrimental effects on your future♦ A step-by-step manual designed to steer you in the right direction towards finding your life's purpose and achieving a fulfilled life♦ How figuring out your personality type can help you decide what kind of life would suit you best, and how to do itThe well-known saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” simply doesn’t apply here. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in your mid-twenties or your late fifties - it’s never too late for anyone to make the change they wish to see within their own self-discovery.Not only can you take this journey at your own pace and in the comfort and privacy of your own home, but there also aren’t any seminars, programs, or life coaches involved, so you can rest assured knowing there will be no extra costs draining your funds.Even if you’ve given self-discovery a try before, finding yourself ending the program with the same mindset as when you began, it is something worth fighting for and trying again and again until it finally clicks. After all, it isn’t about the destination, but the journey itself that it took to get there.The clock is ticking! Every second you spend on something that isn’t working towards finding your true self is another second wasted in misery.
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  • The Great Indian Railways - A Cultural Biography - cover

    The Great Indian Railways - A...

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    Following an experimental railway track at Chintadripet, in 1835, the battle for India's first railroad was fought bitterly between John Chapman's Great Indian Peninsular Railway and Rowland MacDonald Stephenson's East India Railway Company, which was merged with Dwarkanauth Tagore's Great Western of Bengal Railway. Even at the height of the Mutiny of 1857, Bahadur Shah Zafar promised Indian owned railway tracks for native merchants if Badshahi rule was restored in Delhi. From Jules Verne to Rudyard Kipling to Mark Twain to Rabindranath Tagore to Nirad C. Chaudhuri to R.K. Narayan and Ruskin Bond-the aura of Indian trains and railway stations have enchanted many writers and poets. With iconic cinematography from The Apu Trilogy, Aradhana, Sonar Kella, Sholay, Gandhi, Dil Se, Parineeta, Barfi, Gangs of Wasseypur, and numerous others, Indian cinema has paved the way for mythical railroads in the national psyche. The Great Indian Railways takes us on a historic adventure through many junctions of India's hidden railway legends, for the first time in a book replete with anecdotes from imperial politics, European and Indian accounts, the battlefronts of the Indian nationalist movement, Indian cinema, songs, advertisements, and much more, in an ever-expanding cultural biography of the Great Indian Railways. Dubbed as 'one of a kind' this awe-inspiring saga is 'compulsive reading.' 
    'In this fascinating cultural history, Arup K Chatterjee charts the extraordinary journey of the Indian Railways, from the laying of the very first sleeper to the first post-Independence bogey. It evokes our collective accumulation of those innumerable memories of platform chai and rail-gaadi stories, bringing alive through myriad voices and tales the biography of one of India's defining public institutions.' 
    – Shashi Tharoor, Author, M.P., Lok Sabha 
    'The Great Indian Railways is a fascinating and well-researched cultural biography of the Indian Railways-those intricate arteries of the soul of India, as have been experienced, written, filmed, and dreamed. We cannot all travel by rail to know India, as Gandhiji did, but we can and should read this book!' 
    – Tabish Khair, Author, Professor
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    How To Become An Expert At Sudoku

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    These Are Some Of The Tips You Will Find In The Book :
    * Sudoku Game: A Worldwide Trend That Tends To Stay Forever
    * Sudokus – The National Craze!
    * Puzzle The Whole World With Sudoku Daily
    * History And Development Of Sudoku
    * Sudoku – A Game Of Logic Or More?
    * Be A Sudoku Solver And Exercise Your Brains
    * The Math Behind Sudoku
    * Rules in Playing Sudoku
    * Samurai Sudoku: A Different Challenge
    * The Easiest Way To Play The Easy Sudoku
    * Sudoku Solutions – Some Helpful Tips For Beginners
    * Sudoku Puzzle Tips
    * How To Play And Solve Sudoku
    * Tricks And Tips For Sudoku Puzzle
    * Sudoku Tips And Killer Moves
    * Easy And Difficult Ways In Solving Sudoku
    * 7 Careful Steps On How To Solve Sudoku
    * How To Make A Winning Sudoku Strategy
    * Searching For The Lone Number
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  • Rod’S Sudoku Tutorial - cover

    Rod’S Sudoku Tutorial

    Rodney L. Wagner

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    Sudoku is fun, challenging, and sometimes frustratingly difficultand those things make it tremendously addictive.
    Rodney L. Wagner, a retired businessman, pastor, and teacher knows that firsthand as hes completed thousands of puzzles of all ranges of difficulty.
    In this tutorial, he explains what Sudoku is and explains why it is so funbut more importantly, he reveals helpful techniques on solving puzzles that are particularly vexing. He knows the technqiues work, because hes used them to solve thousands of puzzles, inlcuding hard puzzles and extreme puzzles.
    Each technqiue includes a narrative and step-by-step instructions on how to use it depending on the situation. Youll even find real examples so you can see how to implement the techniques.
    Whether you are a novice or have moderate experience but want to improve your puzzle-solving skills, youll discover helpful hints on mastering even the most difficult of puzzles in Rods Sudoku Tutorial.
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  • Solve Extreme Sudoku - Strategies for Easy to Hard Puzzles - cover

    Solve Extreme Sudoku -...

    Robert Emmert, Scott Gandert

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    After a short discussion of Sudoku and presentation of tools in Section 1, this book gives a review of standard techniques or strategies to solve these puzzles in Section 2. Section 3 will treat advanced solution techniques that will allow the most difficult puzzles to be solved. The primary focus of the book is on this section, and the reader should find these techniques easy to apply to achieve success. 
    Section 4 gives 14 exercises that will allow the reader to practice the techniques given in section 3. These exercises, with solutions, provide additional instructions on the application of section 3 techniques. 
    Section 5 gives 16 puzzles to solve, with answers. The first 4 puzzles are for warm up and are labeled Evil. The 12 puzzles that follow the Evil puzzles are very difficult and are labeled Extreme. This section could be considered a graduation exercise.
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  • 20 Sudoku Game Tips That Guarantee Success - cover

    20 Sudoku Game Tips That...

    Robert Marquez

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    Even your four-year old child who is eager to learn games can play sudoku for kids. In the UK, the Sudoku fever has captured the minds of the people even the kids. The sudoku game has changed the way other people look at how the game is played. In the coming years, it is expected that more and more people will learn the basics of the game and be able to make use of it in practical situations. Discover everything you need to know by grabbing a copy of this ebook today.
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