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Leadership Lessons from a UPS Driver - Delivering a Culture of We Not Me - cover

Leadership Lessons from a UPS Driver - Delivering a Culture of We Not Me

Ron Wallace

Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers

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United Parcel Service (UPS) is a household name that customers and investors alike hold in high regard. Who hasn't been delighted by a right-on-time delivery, one of the 18 million UPS makes every day? Founded over a hundred years ago, UPS has moved steadily up the Fortune 500 while so many other corporations have disappeared. What's the company's secret? Just ask a driver!Ron Wallace was a UPS delivery driver for six years before he began rising through the ranks, ultimately becoming president of UPS International. In other companies, that might be extraordinary, but at UPS it's par for the course. UPS has a unique corporate culture. It's like a family. Package loaders call executives by their first names and vice versa. The company almost always promotes from within. Lifetime employment is common. Most employees own UPS stock. Wallace credits the company's success—and his own—to its culture of “we, not me.” As he puts it, working at UPS gave him a PhD in teamwork. Instead of writing a typical business memoir that celebrates the leader as celebrity, Wallace shares vivid stories that focus on the people he worked with, the challenges they overcame, and the simple principles and practices that make up the UPS way. He exhorts his readers to grow their people, not just their business plans. The leadership style described in this book is simple and direct—and it works. The straightforward and easy-to-understand lessons provide a blueprint for an individual or company to build on past successes and adapt to future challenges. This is a must-read for anyone aspiring to become a great leader.

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    This e-book explains a ketogenic diet plan regimen of weight reduction, which will be of excellent worth to those which their physical bodies developed to reduce their weight. This e-book highlights the essential ideological background on the ketogenic diet plan program for weight shed. Folks on a regular basis need to identify exactly what the best diet plan routine plan. And what they need to do to lose fat quicker. 
    Ketogenic diet regimen plan is one where there are no curbs. Without carbohydrates the physical body resorts to lose fatty tissue as the crucial energy resource. Given that this is taking place in the physical body might use, conserving physical body fat for power, we might end up leaner. While that is feasible, we must look at exactly what can take place. 
    For beginners your power will certainly be drained. Without carbohydrates, your figure will absolutely not identify just what power source to turn to for a couple of days, so you could experience sensations of powerlessness while you enlighten or till your physical body winds up being changed by utilizing fat. 
    The following picture that you need to comprehend regarding making use of a ketogenic diet regimen to prepare for weight administration or physical bodybuilding is that you must take in a lot more healthy protein compared to regular. Considering that you don't have automobiles, and also carbs are healthy protein sparing, you need to take in much healthier protein so you do not drop muscle mass cells. Make certain that you are eating at least 6 meals daily with replacement parts of healthy and balanced protein coming every meal. Eat cheesecake and velvety poultry salad in addition to decrease weight. For some this could feel like a need diet regimen plan programs happen, but likewise for others, eating by doing this is a medical demand. 
    The Ketogenic Diet plan is a diet program that has on a regular basis utilized for clinical to manage the youngsters with epilepsy, nonetheless, it is also a regimented diet regimen routine program that aids in fatty tissue burning. The diet plan program approach is a high fat, high healthy as well as well balanced healthy protein in addition to rather reduced carb program. The function of this firmly prepared eating technique is to place the body in a state of ketosis to ensure that it is made use of ketones for its significant source of power instead of sugar. Ketones are the sequels of fat being ruined. 
    Typically, our physical bodies operate glucose. Sugar could possibly merely be kept for 1 Day till it is used up. When all the sugar is taken in, your physical body, after that depends on are kept physical body fat as its resource of power. The Ketogenic Diet regimen plan routine keeps the figure in this rotten state of melting fat for power. Some aspects still unknown, this ketogenic state stays clear of seizures in children with epilepsy, hence it is commonly made use of as an alternate treatment for seizure-controlling medication.
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    The Perfect Diet To Prevent Hair Loss.
    Stop Excessive Falling Of Hair – Regrow Your Hair Naturally.
    How to Stop Losing Hair After Giving Birth - 7 Effective Ways.
    Hair Loss Total Prevention.
    Foods That Prevent Hair Loss.
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    Do you want to regain your romance or love life?  Have you found that your hardness has changed and now you’re embarrassed to initiate loving making?  Have you had erection problems which have caused you to lose confidence in yourself and now you feel embarrassment or shame? 
    Do You Know Why It Happened? 
    Be aware that your hardness problem is not likely psychological, very few men have this problem.  The cause of your hardness is linked to your physical makeup, the foods you eat, the drugs you use, the illnesses you have, and the exercise you don’t do. 
    What Can You Do About This? 
    Losing your love making ability does not happen all of a sudden, it happens slowly over time.  You can turn it around, but you have to be motivated to do it.  There are many reasons for your inability to get hard.  But with the information provide in this e-book you will discover the nutritional and natural ways to get you hardness back. 
    What Will You Have Do? 
    There are certain areas that you need to concentration on.  You will need to get your body into an alkaline condition, you will have to eat the right nutrition, you will need to improve your cardiovascular system, you will have to use the right nutrients to increase your nitric oxide release and you will have to do some special exercises. This e-book will give you all this information in an easy to understand way. There are only a few of the things that you will discover in this e-book.  You will be give a program to follow so that you can be successful in getting a strong erection. 
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    This is a special program that is designed to create great overall health.  The information in the e-book will help you improve your cardiovascular system, so that you no longer have to worry about whether you will be able perform sexually. It’s critical to have overall excellent health so that you will have “all systems are go” when you are ready to have sex. 
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    Now you have a chance to change your manhood.  You can become a great man again.  If you need help to get hard erections, then this e-book is what you need.  You will discover how to become a real man again.  No need for you to waste your time on things that don’t work.  Your lover can only wait so long, so don’t make them wait longer than necessary.  Click on the buy button on the right and start regaining strong erections very soon.
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    The Tantra Connection - Healing...

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    Having started the new millennium we are in the midst of imminent changes. This era was foreseen five millennia ago, and described in tantric scriptures as the transition from the Age of Darkness to the Age of Truth. The main intention of this book is to heighten the readers understanding of this transformation and to assist in this time of change we are going through, individually as well as in society.
         Tantra considers the spiritual component of sexuality as it presents a balanced approach to life. Like Tantra this text is designed to enhance and support individual spiritual growth  in unity within a healing body. Holistic health is an ever-present undercurrent, since the work intertwines the conscious use of energy in the body with knowledge gleaned from ancient Tantra. Some parallels, between ancient East Indian Tantra and the highly developed cosmology of the pre-columbian Mayan culture, are also identified.
          The work is based on personal experiences. These have led the author to an energetic under-standing of Tantra. Describing the use of certain meditations, different modes of energy-cleansing and cultivated sexuality, it attempts to reinforce the readers courage and self-confidence. The goal is to master life, eventually becoming a whole human being  a microcosm within the macrocosm.
         In this context, the work seeks to clarify  from the focal point of energy and social programming  the adversities and opportunities that couples face as soon as either partner begins the journey to Self.
         It concludes, by pointing to a possible future vision  enabled by our consciousness and the actions we can take to bring on deepened awareness.
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    Good health is something we all aspire to, but its so much more than just being free of disease. A perfectly functioning body, tranquil mind, and vibrant spirit working together harmoniously create the joy and happiness that put the good in good health and the worth into a life worth living.
    Our Inner Ocean describes ancient and new holistic modalities of practitioner-applied bodywork and revitalizing self-care practices. These illuminate our human potential and awaken our ability to attain and maintain perfect health and well-being. These modalities act as a springboard from which to dive into our inner oceanthe realm of wisdom within that is entered by making the body, breath, and energy our allies. This mystical space of awareness, intuition, peace, and love can become the resting place of the spirit, subtly working its magic on ourselves and others.
    Bodywork has long been recognized as a way to help people feel better physically, but the magic of touch can also help us tap in to the wisdom of the body, discover the power of the energy that permeates it, and evoke its innate healing ability. Self-care practices such as yoga, qi gong, breathwork, and meditation help us become our own healers. When we pass through these portals into the inner ocean, we can reduce stress and pain, release blockages, prevent and resolve dysfunctions, and ignite our spiritual nature. And in doing so, we make the world a better place.
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  • From Sleep Deprivation to Sleep Tight With 12 Effective Yoga Poses - cover

    From Sleep Deprivation to Sleep...

    Suchi Gupta

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    Would you like to wake up every day feeling wonderful, completely relaxed and energized after a good night's sleep?
    Would you like to know the best sleep direction and best position to sleep better?
    No staring at the ceiling waiting for sleep, checking the time every now and then...tossing in the bed and thinking 'why I can’t sleep'...
    Sleep your way to being more lively, happier, clear, energetic, focused and efficient
    	so that you get more done in less time, reach your goals faster
    	have faster growth in office or business, a healthier life and better relationships
    	An overall more fulfilling life!!!
    And all this without spending money, in the comfort of your home, no more appointments with doctor sleep! All you do is getting yourself this book and that’s it – as far as spending money is concerned.
    No prior experience or knowledge is required for these easy "just do it" yoga poses for sleep.
    Only natural sleep aids that don't harm the body - no sleeping pills - so a healthier and happier body!
    It’s all my own personal experience! So, I know it works!
    And along with sleep yoga poses (with pictures of each pose) you get these bonuses:
    	4 Acupressure techniques to handle sleep disorders
    	3 Breathing methods to help you sleep
    	40 Tips for 'no sleep' woes
    	15 Stress buster Ideas
    	Interesting bed time foods that help you sleep
    	Aromatherapy for lack of sleep
    You do not need to download these bonuses separately. All the bonuses are included in this book itself.
    All it takes is 15 minutes every day to really sleep well with completely naturally. How? That’s what I show in this 'how to get to sleep' book.
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