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Forceful Leadership and Enabling Leadership: You Can Do Both - cover

Forceful Leadership and Enabling Leadership: You Can Do Both

Roberta Kaplan

Publisher: Center for Creative Leadership Press

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Leaders need to be forceful--to assert themselves and their capabilities and to push others to perform. Leaders also need to be enabling--to tap into and bring out the capabilities of others. The problem is that many executives see forceful leadership and enabling leadership as mutually exclusive, or strongly prefer one or the other, and therefore lack the versatility to be truly effective. This publication explains how executives can overcome the emotional barriers to expanding their skill sets in one direction or the other.

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  • Guide to Management Accounting CCC for managers 2020 Edition - cover

    Guide to Management Accounting...

    Shigeaki Takai

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    Cash is King
    After the unprecedented financial crisis Lehman shock on September 15, 2008 and the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011, WHO has announced the new coronavirus was equivalent to a pandemic (a global epidemic) on March 11, 2020.
    The era of VUCA (since the 2010s)
    VUCA is an acronym made from Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity, and represents the modern chaotic economic environment. In other words, it means "unpredictable state". In addition, global warming and environmental issues are the most important and urgent issues for ESG and SDSs.
    Under these circumstances, what is most needed is the ability to respond to change by making use of the wisdom from past failed experiences and successful experiences.
    In order to build a corporate structure that can respond to changes, it is necessary to manage the points of change with a narrower pitch than target management.
    To that end, it is an urgent task to align common operation cycles on a weekly basis, chain conventional management indicators (financial indicators and non-financial indicators), and carry out cockpit management with the idea of ​​a balanced scorecard.
    This book explains CCC by comparing it with Japan, the US, and Europe using the latest 3 yeras (12 quarters) financial results figures (end of March 2020) that can be grasped at the time of publication. This is a must-have book for business owners as a guide to improving asset efficiency.
    Chapter 1 
    Now, why cash management is paying attention? 
    (1) Profit is an opinion, Cash is a fact
    (2) Increasing surplus bankruptcy
    (3) Increasing Accounting Fraud
    Chapter 2 
    Management Accounting and Financial Accounting
    Chapter 3 
    CCC positioning and comparison between Japan and the United States
    (1) Key financial indicators
    (2) Positioning of CCC
    (3) CCC comparison between Japan and US
    (4) Sporting goods industry in US, Europe and Japan
    (5) Six major chemical companies in Japan
    (6) Electronic components Industry in Japan
    (7) Pharmaceutical Industry in Japan
    (8) International comparison by industry
    Chapter 4
    Relationship between PSI management and CCC
    (1) The basic knowledge of PSI
    (2) What is PSI management?
    (3) Correlation between PSI and CCC (cashing speed)
    (4) Notes on PSI management
    Chapter 5 
    Measures to Improve CCC
    (1) The case of Nidec Motor
    (2) The case of Shionogi
    (3) The case of HP, Inventory driven costs (IDC)
    (4) Japanese companies pursuing Inventory freshness / time-axis management
    (5) Japanese companies pursuing weekly operation
    (6) Lehman shock (2008) through 2012 (after 311 Earthquake and Thai Flood)
    Chapter 6 
    Management Methods, Promotion Structure and Required Systems and its usage
    (1) Cash cycle and lead time
    (2) Stock out rate
    (3) Channel inventory turns
    (4) Inventory responsibility, Inventory Dollar Control and Unit Control
    (5) Inventory Diagnosis Clinic
    (6) Blind spots of accounts receivable management
    (7) Effective management methods
    (8) Effective system and its usage
    Chapter 7 
    Key issues in Japanese commercial practices and accounting system
    (1) Month-end closing and next month-end payment   
    (2) Monthly accounting system
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  • Don't Send a Resume - And Other Contrarian Rules to Help Land a Great Job - cover

    Don't Send a Resume - And Other...

    Jeffrey J. Fox

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    Counterintuitive commandments for hungry job-seekers from the bestselling author of How to Become CEO and How to Become a Rainmaker 
    Anyone who thinks getting a good job is easy in this booming economy should think again. Greater prosperity has made the work force smarter and more competitive than ever. The real plum jobs are out there, but they're harder to get than ever. Now, bestselling author and innovative thinker Jeffrey J. Fox, who has helped thousands of listeners rise to the top of any organization, steps up to the plate once again with this no-nonsense collection of surprising and daring rules for landing the right job. 
    Easy to listen to, inspiring, and often counterintuitive, these concise directives reflect the values of creative thinking and persistence that have made Fox one of America's most emulated businessmen. He has had proven success with all his rules, such as:• don't ask for directions• make a big splash...not a bunch of little ripples• don't talk in an interview 
    Fox also offers a Job Getting Blueprint, a Job Seeker's Glossary, several first interview questions, as well as the basic form and variations for a "boomerang letter." His rules not only help today's job seekers devise a winning strategy, but also show them how to prepare for and make the best impression in an interview. This wisdom-packed program gives listeners the edge on the competition, and helps prepare them for the challenges and rewards of landing not just a good job, but a great one.
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  • The Restaurant Manager's Success Chronicles Insider Secrets and Techniques Food Service Managers Use Every Day to Make Millions - cover

    The Restaurant Manager's Success...

    Angela C Adams

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    Restaurants are one of the most frequently started businesses, yet they have one of the highest failure rates. A study from the Ohio State University reports the restaurant failure rate is between 57 percent and 61 percent after only three years. Do not be a statistic on the wrong side; plan for success. There are many books and courses on restaurant operation; this is the only book that will provide you with insider secrets. We asked the successful restaurant owners and operators who make their living on the restaurant floor and they talked. This book will give you real-life examples of how successful restaurant operators avoid the pitfalls and thrive. The information is so useful that you can read a page and put the idea into action today! Learn the most efficient ways to bring customers in and have them return, how to up-sell, cost control ideas, oversights to avoid, and how to steer clear of disappointment. We have interviewed, e-mailed, and communicated with some of today's most successful restaurateurs. This book not only chronicles their achievements, but is a compilation of their secrets and proven successful ideas. If you are interested in learning hundreds of hints, tricks, and secrets on how to make money (or more money) with your restaurant, then this book is for you. Instruction is great, but advice from experts is even better, and the experts chronicled in this book are earning millions. This new book will provide you with a jam-packed assortment of innovative ideas that you can put to use today. This book gives you the proven strategies, innovative ideas, and actual case studies to help you sell more with less time and effort.
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  • Rucksack Guide - Mountaineering in Remote Areas of the World - cover

    Rucksack Guide - Mountaineering...

    Alun Richardson

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    Rucksack Guide - Mountaineering in Remote Areas of the World 
    is your essential handbook for planning and undertaking mountaineering 
    expeditions around the world. It offers concise guidance and support 
    for whatever situations you might find yourself in, including: 
    where to go: tips on gaining sponsorship, permits and the best times to visit 
    dangerous animals: dealing with creatures that bite, sting or suck your blood 
    environmental issues: minimising your impact on the environment 
    safety: essential procedures to ensure the safety of yourself, your party and others on the mountain 
    emergencies: guidance on what to do in extreme situations. 
    The book is colour-coded for easy reference and all information is 
    presented in lists and tables, making it simple to understand in 
    testing conditions. 
    The Rucksack Guide series is taken from Mountaineering: The essential skills for mountain walkers and climbers, the definitive handbook for hill walkers, climbers and mountaineers.
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  • Stop Competing on Price - What every salesperson entrepreneur and business professional needs to know to differentiate their product or service and make price irrelevant - cover

    Stop Competing on Price - What...

    David Gómez

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    Stop Competing on Price is a differentiation manual to sell with dignity at fair prices. To extract the value your business generates. Many companies don't differentiate; and even if they do, fail at communicating it effectively. When a client doesn't perceive a difference, will decide based on price. In this book you will learn how to design and communicate your difference to stop competing on price. This is a book about differentiation. On how to transform an average business into a remarkable one. The problem is not to have a higher price, but not helping the client understand why. Don't be afraid of your competitors' price, but not being able to explain yours.
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  • Hire and Keep the Best People - 21 Practical & Proven Techniques You Can Use Immediately! - cover

    Hire and Keep the Best People -...

    Brian Tracy

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    speakers and author of the bestselling books Maximum Achievement and The 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success
    Offers 21 proven strategies that will give you a competitive edge in selecting and keeping excellent people
    Concise, handy, quick to read and easy to apply
    From corner cubicle to corporate suite, managers today say their biggest concern is the competition for talent. The critical constraint on the growth and success of any business is the ability to attract and keep excellent people. Unfortunately, very few managers have been thoroughly trained in the process of personnel selection. And they hardly have time to sign up for a course: they are confronted with an immediate need for personnel know-how.
    In his latest book, Brian Tracy draws on over 20 years of training managers in the art of employee selection to pinpoint the 21 most important, proven principles of employee recruitment and retention. In a single, brief, easy-to-read volume, Tracy summarizes the essential information every manager must know to attract the most capable, committed employees and to make sure they continue to be active contributors to the company for years to come.
    For each of these 21 techniques, Tracy discusses the underlying principle and offers an Action Exercise that enables readers to apply the technique immediately and see the results for themselves. Filled with proven, practical knowledge, Hire and Keep the Best People distills years of hard-won wisdom into a quick and easy set of techniques, offering managers effective steps they can take today to find, select, hire, orient, train, and retain the best people for their business.
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