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The Gremlin's Grampa - cover

The Gremlin's Grampa

Robert L. Fish


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A quartet of killings threaten to derail Lieutenant James Reardon’s relationship—and end his life Jan has been dating James Reardon long enough to know that she wants to be with him forever, but she will not marry him as long as he’s a cop. She has spent too many nights lying awake, afraid that this will be the case that gets him killed, and she cannot make that her whole life. But she and Reardon both know that death is the only thing that could make him take off his badge—and for this hard-boiled San Francisco detective, death may come sooner than he thinks.   It starts with a stabbing in the Embarcadero. A particularly sleazy bartender has gotten knifed in the gut, and he is dead before the cops arrive. Three more killings follow, and each time the victim is one of the city’s worst criminals. Is it a vendetta, or a vigilante? Reardon will risk his life to find out.

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    Once Hunted (A Riley Paige...

    Blake Pierce

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    “A masterpiece of thriller and mystery! The author did a magnificent job developing characters with a psychological side that is so well described that we feel inside their minds, follow their fears and cheer for their success. The plot is very intelligent and will keep you entertained throughout the book. Full of twists, this book will keep you awake until the turn of the last page.” 
    --Books and Movie Reviews, Roberto Mattos (re Once Gone) 
    ONCE HUNTED is book #5 in the bestselling Riley Paige mystery series, which begins with the #1 bestseller ONCE GONE (Book #1)—a free download with over 600 five star reviews! 
    A prison break from a maximum security prison. Frantic calls from the FBI. Special Agent Riley Paige’s worst nightmare has come true: a serial killer she put away years ago is loose. 
    And his main target is her.
    Riley is used to being the one hunting, but for the first time, she finds herself—and her family—to be the ones being hunted. As the killer stalks her, he also begins a new rampage of kills, and Riley must stop him before it is too late—for the other victims, and for herself.
    But this is no ordinary killer. He is too smart, and their game of cat-and-mouse too twisted, and he somehow manages to elude her and always stay one step ahead. Desperate to stop him, Riley realizes there is only one way: she must delve back into the past, into this killer’s twisted mind, his old cases, and re-learn what drives him. The only way to stop him, she realizes, is to face the darkness she thought she had left behind.
    A dark psychological thriller with heart-pounding suspense, ONCE HUNTED is book #5 in a riveting new series—with a beloved new character—that will leave you turning pages late into the night. 
    Book #6 in the Riley Paige series will be available soon.
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  • La Dolce Vita - Battaglia Mafia Series #7 - cover

    La Dolce Vita - Battaglia Mafia...

    Sienna Mynx

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    Someone powerful will fall.  
    Someone greedy will die. 
    Someone guilty will lose it all. 
    Destiny has sealed their fate as husband and wife, but nothing has changed the Don. No evil will ever come between him and Mirabella again. Or so he thinks. Don Giovanni Battaglia has sacrificed all he intends to for la famiglia. The only obsession he has now is to preserve the love of his Bella Donna and protect his little brown, blue-eyed babies from his world. A vow he swore the Mafia could never divide. While she screams in the night from nightmares inflicted on her during her kidnapping and torture, he whispers new promises in her ear of la dolce vita. And his guilt driven by grief to cure her of the madness in her mind turns his inner demons on them both. They were to have a new beginning. The good life. But secrets both inside and outside of la camorra soon prove that love of family, love of la camorra, love of each other, may not be enough... 
    Don Armando Mancini, Giovanni’s sworn enemy since they were kids, now possesses evidence of Lorenzo’s betrayal. Will he use his power to destroy the Don or does he have an even deeper desire inside? Isabella believes the final trap is set to avenge her father’s death and kill the Don. But her arrogance and years of manipulations finally catch up to her. Lorenzo Battaglia’s lie and betrayals close in on him, and his pregnant wife will do anything to protect them both. Mirabella wishes to take her family to America. Share her painful past. In doing so she and her sister uncover secrets so deeply buried in their family, they can either destroy or free them both. Blood will spill, love will be the ultimate casualty as hate and revenge consume the Battaglias. The good life is what they all want. But staying alive, staying in love, staying a family, may not be the life they deserve.
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  • Silent Secrets - The Faith Series #4 - cover

    Silent Secrets - The Faith...

    Nikki Bolvair

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    My name is Faith. 
    My name is Faith Iris  - What the hell? 
    Life was perfect…. Until everything went downhill. 
    Flashbacks, dates with the McGuire brothers and death anniversaries have Faith fighting to keep her emotions in check and fighting to just keep it together. 
    When an argument turns ugly at the Children's Home Faith works at she is required to give a statement.  
    What happens when she finds out that protocol requires parental permission before interrogation or statements? That it is the law. One that Detective Yasmin had neglected to uphold.  
    Tyler, Kayden and Lincoln have all expressed their desire to keep Faith in their lives, but now, all they want is for her to be safe…. surprisingly, so does someone else.  
    It's going to take some courage, and possibly a miracle to get her out of this mess she’s in, but when she does, will she be ready for what is waiting for her on the other side? 
    The Truth. 
    "Please state your name for the courts…." 
    "Faith Iris... Manto."
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  • Midnight Alpha (ALPHA 4) - ALPHA #4 - cover

    Midnight Alpha (ALPHA 4) - ALPHA #4

    Carole Mortimer

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    Midnight Alpha is the fourth, and full-length novel in USA Today Bestselling author Carole Mortimer’s SCORCHING HOT new ALPHA series. Sizzling contemporary romance with an added dash of danger. 
    Stories of dark and compelling ALPHA men, who are used to taking what they want when they want it, and the strong and determined women who have no intention of being taken. Unless it’s on their own terms... 
    Gregori Markovic recently became the head of the Russian family that rules London’s criminal underworld. Aged in his mid-thirties some considered him too young for the position. Not any more, he has already been tried and tested, and more than proved himself worthy. 
    Gaia Miller is looking for the man responsible for the death of her sister, and she doesn’t mind putting herself in danger if it means finding that man. Going to work at Utopia, one of the exclusive nightclubs and casinos owned by Gregori Markovic, gives her the perfect opportunity to find him and ensure that he pays for his crime. 
    Even if that man should turn out to be Gregori Markovic himself. 
    Cold and remote, Gregori finds the ice he keeps about his emotions begins to melt from his very first momentous meeting with Gaia Miller, as he is drawn to her warmth and passion in a way he never has been with any other woman. 
    Suspicious of Gregori Markovic’s involvement in her sister’s death, Gaia hadn’t expected him to be quite as devastatingly handsome or so powerfully imposing. Or to find herself irresistibly drawn to the sharp edge of danger that surrounds him. 
    As different as night and day, and with so many secrets standing between them, the two nevertheless can’t seem to stay away from each other, or to resist every opportunity to explore the depths of that attraction. Wherever that passion might take them. 
    But Gregori has already made enemies, one powerful enemy in particular. A man who will stop at nothing to make Gregori suffer in the same way he’s suffered, by taking someone from him that he cares about. He sees Gregori’s deepening involvement with Gaia Miller as the perfect way to exact that revenge. 
    Author Note—the novellas and full-length novels in the ALPHA series have sexier situations and stronger language than my other books.
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  • The Levee - A Novel of Baton Rouge - cover

    The Levee - A Novel of Baton Rouge

    Malcolm Shuman

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    A true-crime writer returns home to solve the mystery that haunted his boyhoodAfter witnessing an execution, true-crime writer Colin Douglas starts having nightmares of himself as a boy, alone by the levee, trapped in the mud of the Mississippi River. Each night, the dreams grow worse, becoming horrid recreations of the day his childhood died.In 1959, Colin and three friends went camping on the levee, across from the tumbledown old Windsong plantation. When one of the boys disappeared, Colin went searching for him, and was approaching the old estate when he saw what appeared to be a ghost. The next day, he learned a woman had been murdered in the area—an unsolved crime that has haunted him ever since. Decades later, he attempts to solve this forgotten cold case, raking up something even dirtier than the muddy bottom of the Mississippi.
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  • The Burglar Who Thought He Was Bogart - Bernie Rhodenbarr #7 - cover

    The Burglar Who Thought He Was...

    Lawrence Block

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    Bookseller Bernie Rhodenbarr's in love—with an exotic Eastern European beauty who shares his obsession with Humphrey Bogart movies. He's in heaven, munching popcorn with his new amour every night at a Bogart Film Festival—until their Casablanca-esque idyll is cut short by his other secret passion: burglary.When he's hired to pilfer a portfolio of valuable documents from a Park Avenue apartment, Bernie can hardly refuse. But the occupant's early return forces Bernie to flee empty-handed—and he soon finds himself implicated in a murder. Before you can say "who stole the strawberries?" he's hunting for a killer, up to his neck in the outrageous intrigues of a tiny Balkan nation . . . and menaced by more sinister fat men and unsavory toadies than the great Bogie himself butted heads with in pursuit of that darn bird!“Wonderfully detailed and inspired writing…Bernie Rhodenbarr doesn’t have to try for hipness, because hip is in the very air he breathes…He is cute without being cuddly, he is witty without looking like he’s striving for it, and he is rakish without possessing a single mean streak in his lithe and sinuous body. His plots are cunning and inventive…and his language—I suppose we should say Lawrence Block’s language—is dry and droll and elegant, like how Dashiell Hammett would write if he were still doing the Thin Man books today.” —The Guardian   “With a writer like Block, a master plotter, trying to figure out the guilty party can definitely keep you turning the pages.” —Toronto Star   “Wonderful…hilarious dialogue and characters you wish you could invite over for supper. Block is a hoot, plain and simple. [Block’s] written dialogue has the honesty of a conversation overheard on a bus…Bernie Rhodenbarr is a lot-of-laughs burglar. Recommended reading…Age has not dimmed Rhodenbarr’s considerable charms. The wit runs fast and plot twists are quick as a cat burglar.” —USA Today   “Block always seems to be having the time of his life in this series about a nimble-witted New York City antiquarian book dealer and still once-in-a-while…burglar. If you like Donald Westlake’s capers, you’ll love Bernie. Mystery writers with the comic touch are rare, and Block is one of the best.” —Washington Post Book World   “Lawrence Block is as much a pro at writing mysteries as Rhodenbarr is at stealing. Beyond the mechanics of building a mystery, however, Block hasn’t lost the mischievous gleam in his writing eye that leads readers through the twists and turns of a satisfying plot.” —Wisconsin State Journal
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