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On English Poetry - Being an Irregular Approach to the Psychology of This Art from Evidence Mainly Subjective - cover

On English Poetry - Being an Irregular Approach to the Psychology of This Art from Evidence Mainly Subjective

Robert Graves

Publisher: Good Press

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Robert Graves' 'On English Poetry' is a comprehensive exploration of the essence of English poetry, spanning from its origins to modern times. Graves delves into the intricacies of poetic form, language, and symbolism, providing a deep analysis of renowned English poets such as Shakespeare, Milton, and Wordsworth. His writing style is erudite and scholarly, offering readers a profound understanding of the literary context that shaped English poetry. Throughout the book, Graves masterfully weaves together historical insights with critical interpretations, making it a valuable resource for students and enthusiasts of English literature. As a prominent poet and scholar himself, Graves brings a unique perspective to the discussion, offering fresh insights and interpretations of classic English poems. His passion for the subject shines through his meticulous research and thoughtful analysis, making 'On English Poetry' a compelling read for anyone interested in the evolution of English poetic tradition.
Available since: 11/29/2019.
Print length: 77 pages.

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    The Memoirs of Ernst Röhm

    Ernst Röhm

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    The Nazi Party leader behind Hitler’s violent rise to power offers a candid chronicle of his life and the early days of National Socialism in Germany.   Ernst Röhm was one of the key architects behind the rise of the Nazi Party. From 1919 until 1923, following the defeat of Germany in the First World War, Röhm served in the Freikorps and then National Socialist German Workers’ Party—the Nazi Party. He served as the party’s patron, promoter, and watchdog. With Adolf Hitler, Röhm cofounded the SA, the thuggish workforce behind Nazi political activity. Many believe that Hitler’s rise to power would not have happened without Röhm’s organizational skill, authority, and influence.   Though Röhm took part in the Beer Hall Putsch in 1923, he became disillusioned with the Nazi Party and resigned in 1925. Röhm wrote his memoirs in 1928—entitled A Traitor’s Story—the year he both resumed working for the Nazis and left to serve in the Bolivian army. In his candid recounting of his experiences, he wrote “Hitler and I were linked by ties of sincere friendship.” Little did Röhm know that their “friendship” would end with Hitler ordering his execution during the Night of the Long Knives.
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  • When the Killer Man Comes - Eliminating Terrorists As a Special Operations Sniper - cover

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    Paul Martinez, George Galdorisi

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    The thrilling combat memoir by special operations sniper Paul Martinez, who spent seven years in Special Operations and was a sniper assigned to 3rd Ranger Battalion. 
    America has one force with the single mission of direct action to capture or kill the enemy. That force is the 75th Ranger Regiment. Staff Sergeant Paul Martinez was a Ranger Sniper with the 75th Rangers during the desperate fighting in Afghanistan in 2011 when the United States made the decision to try to withdraw from Afghanistan. 
    It was never going to be easy. There were still a large number of senior Taliban and al Qaeda leaders and other terrorists in secure locations throughout that country. If the United States withdrew from Afghanistan with these terrorists and their networks still intact, they could quickly take over the country and undo all the gains that we made. 
    These terrorists needed to be eliminated, and there was only one force to do it-the Rangers. The mission was to capture or kill as many of these terrorists as possible. Paul Martinez was one of the deadliest snipers assigned to this unit, dubbed "Team Merrill," after the Marauders of World War II fame. Martinez and his fellow Rangers faced near-impossible odds taking on an enemy who knew they were coming and who employed every conceivable tactic to kill these Rangers. 
    In When the Killer Man Comes, Martinez tells the harrowing true story of how he and his team hunted America's enemies in an operation that would have repercussions that are still felt today. 
    This program includes a foreword written and read by Nicholas Irving.
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  • Headhunter - 5-73 CAV and Their Fight for Iraq's Diyala River Valley - cover

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    Selected in 2005 by the Army to be the first airborne reconnaissance squadron, 5th Squadron, 73rd Cavalry Regiment, better known as 5-73 CAV, was formed from 3rd Battalion, 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment. The members of the squadron were hand-selected by the squadron command team, Lieutenant Colonel Poppas and Command Sergeant Major Edgar. With just more than 400 paratroopers, they were half the size of a full-strength battalion and the smallest unit in the Panther Brigade.The squadron deployed to eastern Diyala in August, 2006. Despite their size, they were tasked with an enormous mission and were given the largest area of operations within the brigade. Appropriately for a unit known by the call sign of its CO—Headhunter—5-73 would go on to pursue various terrorist factions including Al Qaeda in Iraq. They got results, and 5-73 was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation for launching the Turki Bowl campaign from November 2006 to January 2007 against insurgent groups in Diyala Province. However the toll would be heavy—the squadron lost twenty-two paratroopers during the deployment.Headhunter is a unique account of the War on Terror. It's a soldier's story, told by those very paratroopers who gallantly fought to tame Diyala.
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  • Creative Writing: 8-in-1 Guide to Master Fiction Storytelling Screenwriting Copywriting Editing Self-Publishing Creative Non-Fiction & Content Writing - cover

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    7 Easy Steps to Master Fiction Writing, Novel Writing, Writing a Book & Short Story Writing. 
    7 Easy Steps to Master Storytelling, Story Boarding, Writing Stories, Storyteller & Story Structure. 
    7 Easy Steps to Master Screenwriting, Scriptwriting, Writing a Movie & Television Writing. 
    7 Easy Steps to Master Copywriting, Marketing Content, Business Writing & Freelance Writing. 
    7 Easy Steps to Master Writing Editing, Proofreading, Copy Editing, Spelling, Grammar & Punctuation. 
    7 Easy Steps to Master Self-Publishing, eBook Creation, Ghostwriting, Book Marketing & Publishing. 
    7 Easy Steps to Master Creative Non-Fiction, Memoir Writing, Travel Writing & Essay Writing. 
    7 Easy Steps to Master Content Writing, Article Writing, Web Content Marketing & Blog Writing. 
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  • Summary: The Psychology of Money - Timeless Lessons on Wealth Greed and Happiness by Morgan Housel: Key Takeaways Summary & Analysis Included - cover

    Summary: The Psychology of Money...

    Brook Bryant

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    In "The Psychology of Money: Timeless Lessons on Wealth, Greed, and Happiness," celebrated author Morgan Housel presents a captivating and insightful examination of the complex dynamics between our minds and the realm of money. With profound wisdom and engaging storytelling, Housel delves deep into the psychological underpinnings of our financial behaviors, unraveling the timeless lessons that can guide us towards true wealth and fulfillment. 
    Through a captivating blend of research, real-life anecdotes, and historical examples, Housel explores the fascinating intricacies of human behavior and its impact on our financial outcomes. He challenges conventional wisdom and dispels common myths, offering fresh perspectives on topics such as risk, investing, and the pursuit of happiness. By peering into the lives of both the famous and the ordinary, he uncovers the key psychological drivers behind their financial decisions and outcomes.
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  • Somewhere in the Unknown World - A Collective Refugee Memoir - cover

    Somewhere in the Unknown World -...

    Kao Kalia Yang

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    From “an exceptional storyteller,” Somewhere in the Unknown World is a collection of powerful stories of refugees who have found new lives in Minnesota’s Twin Cities, told by the award-winning author of The Latehomecomer and The Song Poet.All over this country, there are refugees. But beyond the headlines, few know who they are, how they live, or what they have lost. Although Minnesota is not known for its diversity, the state has welcomed more refugees per capita than any other, from Syria to Bosnia, Thailand to Liberia. Now, with nativism on the rise, Kao Kalia Yang—herself a Hmong refugee—has gathered stories of the stateless who today call the Twin Cities home.Here are people who found the strength and courage to rebuild after leaving all they hold dear. Awo and her mother, who escaped from Somalia, reunite with her father on the phone every Saturday, across the span of continents and decades. Tommy, born in Minneapolis to refugees from Cambodia, cannot escape the war that his parents carry inside. As Afghani flees the reach of the Taliban, he seeks at every stop what he calls a certificate of his humanity. Mr. Truong brings pho from Vietnam to Frogtown in St. Paul, reviving a crumbling block as well as his own family.In Yang’s exquisite, necessary telling, these fourteen stories for refugee journeys restore history and humanity to America's strangers and redeem its long tradition of welcome. A Macmillan Audio production from Metropolitan Books
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