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  • The Vaccine-Friendly Plan - Dr Paul's Safe and Effective Approach to Immunity and Health-from Pregnancy Through Your Child's Teen Years - cover

    The Vaccine-Friendly Plan - Dr...

    Paul Thomas MD, Jennifer...

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    In The Vaccine-Friendly Plan, Paul Thomas, MD, presents his proven approach to building immunity: a new protocol that limits a child's exposure to aluminum, mercury, and other neurotoxins while building overall good health. Based on the results from his pediatric practice of more than eleven thousand children, as well as data from other credible and scientifically minded medical doctors, Dr. Paul's vaccine-friendly protocol gives listeners:recommendations for a healthy pregnancy and childbirthvital information about what to expect at every well child visit from birth through adolescencea slower, evidence-based vaccine schedule that calls for only one aluminum-containing shot at a timeimportant questions to ask about your child's first few weeks, first years, and beyondThe Vaccine-Friendly Plan presents a new standard for pediatric care, giving parents peace of mind in raising happy, healthy children.
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  • Black Gypsy - My Self-Discovery on an Adventure across France Egypt Bahrain Thailand and Laos - cover

    Black Gypsy - My Self-Discovery...

    Shawna Sharee

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    Have you ever dreamed of quitting your job, traveling the world, and falling in love in a foreign land? 
    Narrated by the author, Black Gypsy is the true story of Shawna Sharee, a 30-something inner-city black girl that did just that... 
    After quitting her entire life following an ultimate betrayal, she makes her way traveling across 3 continents and 6 countries spanning 7 months.  
    This sometimes funny, sometimes spiritual, sometimes gritty, but always inspiring memoir is an urban fairytale and worldwide adventure filled with real life characters around every corner. Along her travel journey she finds herself, love, and a way to make sense of everything that has led her right where she is meant to be.  
    Will her unexpected new found love and romance in an enchanted place make up for her heartbreak? 
    Prepare to be inspired to make your own dreams a reality as you are there for every twist and turn during this dynamic audio edition of this beloved personal memoir that is filled with Black Girl Magic. 
    It is Eat Pray Love, The Alchemist, and a Sister Souljah novel all in one. 
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  • Dream Symbols and Interpretation: Unlocking the Power of Your Dreams through Symbolism Mysticism and Divination for Beginners - cover

    Dream Symbols and...

    Silvia Hill

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    Unlock the power of your dreams through their symbolism and the practices of mysticism and divination. 
    Do you want to find out what your dreams mean? 
    Do you want to add dreamwork to your spiritual practices? 
    Do you want to learn the symbolism and mystical language of dreams? 
    If the answer to the questions above is a resounding yes, this book is the one for you. 
    In this audiobook, you’ll:Discover the intricate process of dreaming and all the physiological and scientific reasons behind it.Explore the different types of dreams people experience and their characteristics.Learn the symbolic language of dreams, including personal, collective, and archetypal meanings.Understand how to decode common dreamscapes and experiences.Explore common themes, like arguments, being chased, falling, drowning, dying/death, teeth falling out, or even visits from people who have died, and more.Develop your own toolkit of interpretation methods by learning the rich and complex world of dream symbolism using popular techniques.Gain the incredibly useful ability of dream recall.Learn how to identify and understand recurring dream patterns so you can begin to understand your subconscious.Understand what lucid dreams are and how they differ from regular dreams.Master the ancient art of oneiromancy or dream divination. 
    Through comprehensive insights into dream-related concepts and beginner-friendly practical techniques, this audiobook will teach you everything you need to know about dream symbolism and interpretation. 
    Click on the “add to cart” button now and take the first steps on the amazing journey of dreamwork.
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  • Overcome Bereavement - A Guided Meditation to Help You Overcome Feelings of Grief Heartache and Loss - cover

    Overcome Bereavement - A Guided...

    Glenn Harrold

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    This guided meditation has been carefully scripted to help listeners deal with the pain of loss and bereavement. When you lose someone close to you, it is very important to process the grief and sadness you feel. I would suggest you do not use this recording straight after losing someone, as the primary emotions are too raw. Preferably wait a few weeks and then begin listening when you are ready to process your feelings and deal with your loss.
    You can listen to overcome bereavement years after losing someone, as it will always help you come to terms with your loss and deal with any unprocessed feelings. The main aim of this guided meditation recording is to help you to deal with feelings of grief, bereavement, heartache and loss, and to let go of any unresolved guilt or regret.
    When you process grief completely, you can move forward and live life to the full, while holding that person in your heart. This recording can also help you clear any karma with the person who has moved on and work on forgiveness. Relationships are not always perfect, and sometimes you can be left with unprocessed feelings after a loved one passes. All feelings need to be processed to enable you to move on, and this recording will give you the tools to do that.
    I dedicate this recording to my Mum, who passed on 07.06.07.
    Glenn's highly acclaimed meditation techniques guiding you into a deep state of mental and physical relaxation.
    A 33-minute awake ending track for daytime use and a 36-minute sleep ending to use before bed.
    Background sound effects recorded at certain frequencies and in specific keys to enhance the deep trance effect.
    Hypnotic echoed affirmations, which pan from ear to ear across the stereo range - a deeply relaxing, unique effect.
    Sound effects and powerful subliminal suggestions - all compounding the overall effect.
    Relaxing meditation techniques combined with state of the art digital recording technology.
    Post hypnotic affirmations include:
    I love you unconditionally.
    I release any feelings of guilt or regret.
    I heal every part of our relationship now.
    I love you forever.
    I feel a deep sense of peace now.
    A Diviniti audio production.
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  • Got What It Takes? - Successful People Reveal How They Made It to the Top - cover

    Got What It Takes? - Successful...

    Bill Boggs

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    Beyond talent, what factors have determined and defined the careers of well-known individuals? Training? Risk-taking? Luck? Emmy Award®-winning interviewer Bill Boggs shares success secrets he uncovered in candid conversations with 44 leaders in entertainment and the arts, sports, fashion, the business world, and more, including: Mark Burnett, Craig Newmark (, Matt Lauer, Anna Quindlen, Renée Zellweger, Sir Richard Branson, Bobby Flay, Brooke Shields, Diane von Furstenberg, Norman Lear, Donald Trump, and Joe Torre, among others. They reveal crucial influences, how they deal with adversity and stress, and the choices they made that helped them to prevail in their careers and in their lives. This is an inside view of what makes the most successful people tick and a lessons-in-life career guide from accomplished stars at the top of their game.
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  • Applied Psychology read By Russ Williams - cover

    Applied Psychology read By Russ...

    Warren Hilton

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    Applied Psychology, Psychology and Achievement is the First of a Series of Twelve Volumes on the Applications of Psychology to the Problems of Personal and Business Efficiency. Within Applied Psychology, Psychology and Achievement Hilton addresses the factors in achieving success by utilizing the powers each of us has within us. Subjects addressed include Attainment of Mind Control in which he guides the reader through methods to better utilize his own thoughts, Relationship of Mind Activity to Body activity where he shows how our physical body follows where the mind leads, The Supremacy of Consciousness you latent powers and purpose are exposed. Warren Hilton was the author of: Initiative Psychic Energy, Power of Mental Imagery, The Trained Memory, Applied Psychology (12 volumes). He was the founder of the society of Applied Psychology. 
    Russ Williams is an award winning broadcaster, journalist and published author.  
    He has worked in Radio and TV for over 30 years and has been a voice over artist for numerous shows and many television commercials and Blue chip companies.  
    Russ currently presents Smooth Radio's breakfast show and LBC's football programme 'Scores'. 
    Applied Psychology, Psychology and Achievement is the First of a Series of Twelve Volumes on the Applications of Psychology to the Problems of Personal and Business.
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