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  • Aliens and Secret Technology—A Theory of the Hidden Truth - cover

    Aliens and Secret Technology—A...

    Martin K. Ettington

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    This book is an overview of both the history of aliens and UFOS, as well as a review of hidden aerospace and propulsive technologies. 
    Where did these technologies come from? And how have they developed in the intervening years? 
    What are some of the Alien races which exist? Do we have a secret space force and are their secret bases on the moon? 
    Also, I try to answer some questions of how likely some of these claims are—because some things having to do with UFOs and aliens are much more documented than others. 
    There are also details of many alien related and secret programs that most readers may have never heard of. The most interesting ones are summarized here.
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  • BODY LANGUAGE & EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE - Discover The Thoughts And Feelings Of Those Around You & Improve Your Social Skills and Boosting Your EQ - cover


    Richard Grinder

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    Understand the power of body language and emotional intelligence! 
    Would you like to be able to read people just by looking at their Body Language? 
    Do you want to improve your social skills and your EQ? 
    Much of the understanding of body language has been lost over time, but now this book is meant to help you recover what has been lost. Also improve your social skills and improve EQ through the study of emotional intelligence. 
    Thanks to this guide, you will be able to recognize the various methods applied. 
    This will lead you to have a competitive advantage in business, personal relationships and in all fields of your interest. 
    You will experience the strategies you need to achieve specific results in business and life, set and achieve goals, build relationships with others; you'll find yourself thinking in new ways and applying the techniques to your challenges and opportunities for greater satisfaction. 
    The guide has a different approach from the others; the reader is guided through a specific path, designed to facilitate rapid learning, with exercises and practical examples that are very effective for accelerated learning. 
    Here is only a small part of what you get with this book: 
    • What body language really is 
    • Self-consciousness and the role it plays 
    • The importance of positive body language 
    • The 8 top secrets that your body is telling about you 
    • What emotional intelligence is and why your EQ is so important 
    • How to boost your EQ and self-confidence 
    • Banishing negative emotions 
    • Being a better friend, worker or lover 
    • And much more!
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  • Effective Communication for Divorced Families - 7 Ways to Communicate Effectively in a Divorced or Separated Family - cover

    Effective Communication for...

    Frank Dixon

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    What If a Few Simple Communication Skills Could Improve Relationships in Your Separated Family? 
    Do you feel overwhelmed trying to communicate properly in your separated or divorced family? 
    We all know how complicated it can be... 
    ...constantly having to deal with difficult conversations, mixed emotions, heated discussions and a lot of frustration. 
    Fortunately, there is a solution to all of this, which you will find inside this book. 
    In Effective Communication for Divorced Families, you’ll discover… 
    ✓ The Secret to Mastering Divorced Family Communication 
    ✓ A Few Simple Strategies to Immediately Improve Your Family Relationship 
    ✓ How to Use Effective Family Therapy Without Having to See a Therapist 
    ✓ 7 Secret Tips to Communicate Effectively, Even If Your Spouse or Kids Won’t Listen 
    ✓ How to Communicate With a Child Who’s Frustrated With the Family Situation 
    and much more... 
    The strategies inside this book will help you to… 
    ★ Feel More Happiness and Freedom in Your Daily Life 
    ★ Maintain Good Relationships With All Family Members Despite Disagreements 
    ★ Make Your Children’s Childhood Much BetterSo... CLICK ON THE "BUY NOW" BUTTON ABOVE and start growing your communication skills for better family relationships in a divorced or separated family!
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  • Discovering the Mysteries of Ancient America - Lost History and Legends Unearthed and Explored - cover

    Discovering the Mysteries of...

    Frank Joseph

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    The nursery rhyme begins, In fourteen hundred and ninety two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue. Less well-known is the line that follows: to learn if the old  maps were true. How can there be old maps of a land no one knew existed? Were others here before Columbus? What were their reasons for coming and what unexplained artifacts did they leave behind? The oceans were highways to America rather than barriers, and when  discoverers put ashore, they were greeted by unusual inhabitants.In Discovering the Mysteries of Ancient America, the author of The Atlantis Encyclopedia turns his sextant towards this hemisphere. Here is a collection of the most controversial articles selected from seventy issues of the infamous Ancient American magazine. They range from the discovery of Roman relics in Arizona and California's Chinese treasure, to Viking rune-stones in Minnesota  and Oklahoma and the mysterious religions of ancient Americans. Many questions will be raised including: What role did extraterrestrials have in the lives of ancient civilizations? What ancient pyramids and towers tell us about the people who built them? Are they some sort of portals to another dimension? What prehistoric technologies have been discovered, and what can they tell us about early settlers, their religious beliefs, and possible other-worldy visitors? Did El Dorado exist, and what of the legendary Fountain of Youth? Was Atlantis in Cuba? What are Americas lost races and what happened to them?Discovering the Mysteries of Ancient America brings to the fore the once-hidden  true past of Americas earliest civilizations.
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  • Health Communism - A Surplus Manifesto - cover

    Health Communism - A Surplus...

    Beatrice Adler-Bolton, Artie...

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    A searing analysis of health and illness under capitalism from hosts of the hit podcast Death PanelWritten by cohosts of the hit Death Panel podcast and longtime disability justice and healthcare activists Beatrice Adler-Bolton and Artie, Health Communism first examines how capital has instrumentalized health, disability, madness, and illness to create a class seen as "surplus," regarded as a fiscal and social burden. Demarcating the healthy from the surplus, the worker from the "unfit" to work, the authors argue, serves not only to undermine solidarity but to mark whole populations for extraction by the industries that have emerged to manage and contain this "surplus" population. Health Communism then looks to the grave threat capital poses to global public health, and at the rare movements around the world that have successfully challenged the extractive economy of health.Ultimately, Adler-Bolton and Vierkant argue, we will not succeed in defeating capitalism until we sever health from capital. To do this will require a radical new politics of solidarity that centers the surplus, built on an understanding that we must not base the value of human life on one's willingness or ability to be productive within the current political economy. Capital, it turns out, only fears health.
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  • Move Beyond your Addiction to a Life that is much Better - cover

    Move Beyond your Addiction to a...

    Andrew Richardson

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    This breakthrough programme is for those who are trapped in addiction and living in self disgust and despair and know that they need something that can lead to real change.In this programme, you will understand that your addiction is not an illness and neither is it a lifetime condition. It is an ingrained habit fed and strengthened by the pathways in your brain and the life you are leading. And why it is that your willpower alone will never be enough.You will be realising why you are not aiming to recover from your addiction. Instead you want to move forward to a life which is better and healthier.Your addiction will slowly cease to be the overwhelming problem it is now – because the pathways in your brain will be changing and your life will be moving forward.Three steps to Moving Beyond your AddictionStep 1 You need to Understand - to build hope and to see a clear path. There is a lot of ignorance to dispel and wisdom to acquire that will make so much sense to you.Step 2 You need Emotions Shifted – the triggers, the motivations and how you feel about yourself. Step 3 You need to Practice in your daily life - setting new pathways in your brain and getting your life on track.There are seven audios in the Moving Beyond Addiction programme:Part 1 Understanding and Diagnosis AudiosUD1 What is going on?What is an addiction and how does it takes hold and then can be so difficult to shift? And why do you have to take it slowly – to understand that every journey begins with a first step.UD2 DiagnosesWhere are you on the route to regaining (or indeed properly gaining) control for the first time? And how did you get to where you are now? And what could be the small steps you could begin to take now? What are your triggers and how do they work?Begin with UD1 for perhaps a week and then move on to UD2. You will probably then wish to listen to both UD1 and UD2 until both have really sunk in.  You will be beginning to be more optimistic and positive and be seeing and indeed doing some small things differently.Part 2 Reprogramming AudiosRP1 Building MotivationThe Red and Green doors mean building motivation, away from disaster and towards the light. What can you now say about your journey to the red door and the possibilities that take you to somewhere better?RP2 Changing the TriggersYou are seeing the future (as you aspire it to be but also as it could be if there is no change) – red and green doors. And then you will be dealing with triggers, finding your strengths and identifying the false addiction friend.Begin with RP1 and only incorporate RP2 after at least a week of regular RP1 listening. And then having begun to listen to both many times, you will be acting differently and making changes to your life and beginning to get control.Extras AudiosThese three Extra audios are self explanatory. You will dip into them as necessary.E1 Review and RefocusingSummarising and putting it all together so you can review and refocus.E2 Depression and TraumaUnderstanding the role these can play in your addiction and what to do about it.E3 Relaxation & EmpowermentTo increase your confidence and to relax you
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