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  • Guided Meditation - 30 Minute Guided Meditation for Stopping Procrastination Increasing Focus & Ending Distractions - cover

    Guided Meditation - 30 Minute...

    Mindfulness Training

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    Increase your focus, stop procrastinating, and eliminate distractions today! 
    With this guided meditation, you can retrain your brain to get the work done once and for all! 
    You've tried everything. Whether it's a business project, school homework, or anything that requires your brain to focus on the task at hand, you've all but given up. The problem isn't your brain. The problem is that you haven't trained your brain. With the use of guided meditation, you can train your brain to calm down and focus on one point, taking this practice straight into the work that needs to get done. 
    With this guided meditation, you can practice at home or on the go, sharpening your focus at any time of the day. 
    This meditation script will help you:Stop Procrastinating on important work and assignmentsIncrease Your Focus by 10xStop Falling into the Wormhole of Procrastination 
    Stop missing deadlines. Stop failing at work. Buy your copy today!
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  • Effective Toddler Discipline For Every Age and Stage - How To Discipline Your Kids with No-Drama Disciplines A Guide To Positive Parenting & Toddler Learning For Raising Wonderful Kids - cover

    Effective Toddler Discipline For...

    Marie Cline

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    Trying to figure out the best way to discipline your toddler who is always screaming, kicking, shouting, and throwing all those temper tantrums is no easy feat. Toddlers change every day, and most parents have a hard time knowing the best discipline techniques that can help their children grow into kinder and intelligent teenagers. 
    Well, here’s a book written to show you the most effective, age-appropriate toddlers discipline techniques for teaching your child proper behavior and responsibility for a successful future even if you are a first-time parent. 
    Packed with practical and insightful toddler care tips, this book will help you understand your child’s behavioral difficulties and provide you with a roadmap to raising a healthy and happy toddler. It will help you grow closer to your child using tried and tested discipline techniques. 
    Within the chapters of this book, you’ll discover how to discipline a child without yelling and the 20 commandments of toddler discipline every parent needs to know. This self-help guide will also show you how to develop independence in your toddlers and raise champion kids who can grow to become respected adults. 
    Get this book for yourself and get more information for your transformation to a well-balanced and informed parent. 
    Click on the "buy" button now!
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  • Revolutionary Woman - Break the Rules Live Your Purpose and Find Your Happy - cover

    Revolutionary Woman - Break the...

    Shereen Thor

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    There was once a time in Ancient Egypt where women ruled like Kings and enjoyed more equal rights than modern women today. Revolutionary Woman reminds us of that time and calls for an all-out revolt. It explains how we came to be a world of women who chronically please others in favor of validation rather than honoring our divine sovereignty. With personal stories, history lessons, research, and humor — this book will light a fire under your ass, make you laugh, and help you create the life you truly deserve.
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  • Strategies & Tips for Remote Work: Setting Goals Organizing Yourself and Maximizing Productivity in the New Workplace - cover

    Strategies & Tips for Remote...

    Mitchilline Lucas

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    Working from home is all about having the right mindset. It’s about shifting the way you think about work, and it’s about training yourself to be able to operate with an incredible focus. 
    Without someone looking over your shoulder or structuring your day, it’s all too easy to fall into bad habits. 
    It's important to gain the correct mindset that will help you to tackle this unique challenge in the best way possible. 
    This step-by-step guide will show you how to successfully work from home, become more productive, get more done, all without going crazy. 
    Here are what you will learn in this guide: 
    • How to create accountability and stakes to motivate yourself to work 
    • How to tackle tasks and structure your workflow for maximum productivity 
    • How to introduce positive habits that keep you happy, healthy, and focused 
    • How to optimize your health, wellbeing, and other self-care tips 
    • How to use amazing apps that let you do more and save a HUGE amount of time 
    • How to create a perfect home office. What makes a productive office, what you 
     should avoid, and what you should implement 
    • How to start each day feeling charged and ready to go 
    • How to take maximum advantage of the work from home lifestyle in order to 
     spend more time doing what you love 
    • How to overcome writer's block. We all know it's a struggle trying to write or create. 
    • How to organize your workspace for productivity 
    • How to deal with isolation and loneliness working from home
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  • Lifetime Love 2-in-1 Connection Collection - Finding Your Soulmate + Long Distance Love - The #1 Lovers Collection For Finding Love And Making Love Work Long Distance - cover

    Lifetime Love 2-in-1 Connection...

    Christopher Conway

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    Finding Your Soulmate + Bonus Audiobook (Long Distance Love) 
    If you spend money on books that preach that you can manifest love by merely "thinking" better thoughts, according to eharmony, you have a 1 in 562 chance of finding love. In 'Finding Your Soulmate,' I give you the blueprint to find your soulmate.At last, you will have a step-by-step plan to follow daily to find loveYour life will be full of dating options because several people will compete for your loveNo longer will you go to bed at night stressed about lonely weekends or holidaysYou can start making early plans to bring in New Years with your soulmate...and much more 
    BONUS #1: You get a Bonus audiobook 'Long Distance Love.' 
    What if you meet your soulmate online via Facebook? Instagram? eHarmony? Match?... and, that person lives hundreds or thousands of miles away? You can still make this love work. In the Bonus audiobook, you learn:How to keep love moving in the ideal direction even if you both live in different cities or countriesWays to navigate arguments back to calm waters using technologyThe proper way to use sex to keep things fun even if your partner isn't near youOver-looked methods for building trust that make both of you feel secure, despite the long-distanceFun date ideas to keep your partner thinking about you when you're not thereA gameplan to transition to a same-city relationship in a year or two 
    BONUS #2: Included FREE will be PDF Versions of both audiobooks.  
    If you're tired of sleeping alone, get this 2-in-1 audiobook bundle today.
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  • Healing the Terrorist Within - cover

    Healing the Terrorist Within

    Jon Mundy

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    Do you have an inner terrorist? Do you feel terrorized and know that it's you who have invited this terrorist to sit at your table and pull up a chair? Terror in the world we see will end when we no longer allow ourselves to be terrorized by the ego.
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