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How to Stop Feeding the Beast - cover

How to Stop Feeding the Beast

Robert C. Worstell

Publisher: Midwest Journal Press

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Want to Quit Sacrificing Your Book Income?
Would you like to start making a decent living from your writing instead?
This is the story of how any author can get their life back. Just stop "Feeding the Beast." The one that has been consuming their livelihood, novel by novel.
As our story begins:
The great beast Zon has been playing favorites again. It's preying on naïve and innocent writers. The ones who dare enter its chamber with offerings of their works.
With a single withering glance, a rapid pounce, the gnashing of teeth, your author-dream is dead. The hope of a livable passive income from vast numbers of readers buying your masterpiece is spit out. It joins the massive, growing bone pile at the beast's feet.
We all should have taken warning when we had to pass through miles of depressing ebook graveyards that line the entrance to its chambers.
The long lines moved fast, though. The beast must receive its food. One observer from years ago saw that the beast consumed two books per minute, every hour of every day, year in and year out. The beast never sleeps, stays always hungry.
Regardless, we stayed the course. Hearing the clanking chains, smelling the rank musk of decay, we steeled ourselves and swallowed our fears, at last to stand before it. You raised up your offering, just to see it snatched and shoved into the massive maws of Zon the Beast. Your hopes then quick-crushed along with the bones of your darling. All these now lay down in the murky depths of the Unknown Tomes.
While leaving the chamber, you see a special line for those precious few who the beast recognizes and fawns over. Their offerings prized as tasty morsels. And yet the wary eyes of those offering testify that they recognize the beast can revolt anytime it wants. It can deny them their riches as they depart, even ban them from ever coming to feed it again.
Yet they do each leave with their burden of precious metals, jewels, and crystals. 
Those in the line, both coming and leaving, all want to hope that one day, they too will can quit their wage-slave labor at the J.O.B. mines. They even buy the undertaker's trinkets as they leave, so that a talisman may protect their next effort.
We know there are other ways. We all heard the stories of those whose books somehow lived to tell their own tales. Those authors had somehow learned to feed the beast the diet it wants and earned their rewards. It's not just the prattle of the undertakers we learn this from. Many authors wrote their own success stories of wresting riches from the beast.
Those exceptional authors alone can feed the beast with impunity, and leave the chamber as their routine, taking all the riches they can carry.
Out of the thousands of hopeful authors who enter the chamber, almost all leave with nothing but dashed hopes. Only four out of ten thousand will leave with only enough to sustain them until they can again return to give offerings to the beast. Only two out of those will leave with heaped riches, a staggering load to bear.
Where in the real world are the undertakers selling their talisman that “guarantee bestseller status” to those who buy their over-priced trinkets?
You know in the depths of your heart that you aren't required to leave with nothing. Certainly life can be more rewarding. This is not a necessary ending.
Your challenge on this quest is to seek these rich authors to find their real secrets. Don't believe the false secrets that the undertakers preach to the multitudes as Gospel. Your challenge is to test everything you read, hear, watch, or experience. The truth is out there. It may be hard to catch and hold—if you can figure out how to trap it at all.
You are here because there's a book inside you that is crying for release. But you dare not give life to it, only to see it killed on the altar of the beast. Yet still it cries out...
Your choice awaits. Riches may flood your arms. Or leave you holding only a glad memory – of the book-that-once-was.
There is a way to avoid this, to publish your book regardless of Zon or other publishing beasts that require feeding.
Are you up for the challenge?
Get Your Copy Now.

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